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DNewsUsenet and local group news server software


The DNews News Server is advanced news server software that makes it easy for you to provide users with fast access to Internet (Usenet) news groups. Installing your own local news server software also gives you complete control to create your own private or public discussion forums for enhanced communications across the organization and Internet.

Advanced technology allows the DNews News Server Software to easily outperform traditional news server software.

The DNews News Server softwares advanced design allows the server to out-perform other news server software. DNews News Server software provides a huge array of features and unequalled ease-of-use, reliability and scalability, making it the ideal News Server Solution for any organization.

The DNews News Server is installed in thousands of organizations world-wide, ranging from large Internet Service Providers and Fortune 500 companies with millions of users, to medium-sized and small ISPs and organizations.

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