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Virtual Domains - a guide 

Unlike web servers, there are two basic types of virtual domains for a news server:

SurgeNews supports both of these methods or even combinations of them and any number of virtual domains.

How to create a virtual domain

Simply click on 'domains' 'add' in the web admin tool.  Then fill out the details.  

Adding IP numbers to your operating system

It is fairly easy to add multiple IP numbers for a single machine, up to 255 per interface is fairly straightforward. 1024 is usually possible with minor patches. The exact method varies. On NT, just specify extra numbers in the networking control panel. For UNIX, see for more information. 

As an example, on Linux you would do the following: 

su - root 
ifconfig eth0:2 999.59.4.31 up

to add a second IP number 999.59.4.31. The number :2 can be anything between :1 and :255