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Installing and Upgrading SurgeNews


To install or upgrade, download the latest version from our FTP site and run it. It is a self extracting archive which will automatically detect your existing settings and upgrade or install as appropriate. See the appropriate download link on the page

If you are already running a News server it is essential that you stop it and uninstall it before starting SurgeNews. Both will not run at once, unless they are run on different ports. You may wish to do this temporarily while you pull the news from an old system.


To install or upgrade download the latest version from our FTP site, uncompress and untar the files, then run the installer script.

  FTP> cd pub/surgenews
  FTP> ls 
  FTP> bin
  FTP> get surgenews_XXX_linux.tar.Z
  FTP> quit
  uncompress surgenews_XXX_linux.tar.Z (or gunzip on linux)
  tar -xvf surgenews_XXX_linux.tar
  cd mtemp

If you ever need to manually start the server:

On NT, type in: net start surgenews
On 95/98, type in: /windows/surgenews
On Unix, /usr/local/news/

Uninstalling SurgeNews


The uninstall is available through the Start Menu - SurgeNews - Uninstall SurgeNews.  If for some reason this is not available you can also run "surgenews -uninstall" from the command line in the directory that surgenews is installed.


Run "./surgenews -uninstall" in the directory in which surgenews was installed. (default is /usr/local/news)