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Pull Module.

The 'Pull Module' is used for fetching items from another news server. SurgeNews reads the items just like a news client. Special features include:

Typical Use:

Where you wish to provide your users with the full list of news groups and the speed you can only get from a high performance server but cannot afford a full news feed or the storage that it would require the pull module is ideal, it allows you to efficiently use your external bandwidth, while also giving your users reliable and fast access to a local server. By matching your charging mechanism to your costs you can ensure that even if users do read lots of binary items, the charges will cover your upstream costs. And when multiple users download the same item or read the same group the upstream bandwidth is saved.

You can also use a combination approach, where the non binary groups come in via a normal news feed so they are always locally available, but the binary groups are pulled 'on demand'

NetWin provide special news feed options for use with this mechanism. But it can be used with any upstream news server. (Our servers are generally faster than some generic servers. This can be significant if you are fetching a lot of groups)

Setting syntax:

See global.htm#g_pull