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Tellnews commands

Tellnews commands allow you detailed control of the server.

groupwild = A group name or wild card, e.g. rec.humor, or rec.humor.*

Command Description
crash_now Emulate competitors products
create_groups Create test news groups (debugging only never do this on a real server)
checkbuckets Check each bucket is the size expected etc
dropall Drop all news items (for testing only)
dump Create dump.log of current memory usage
expire start the nightly expire thread
expire_status Show status info regarding the current/last expire
exit | shutdown shutdown server
fts_rebuild Rebuild FTS subject index database, this can take a long tiime!
getold groupwild reset upto counters on upstream servers
getgroups get the list of groups from the upstream server now
killitem group nnn Delete a news item
listidx groupname list the index entries for the group
newgroup x.y.z Create a news group
rebuild_index rebuild indexes based on bucket index files
rebuild_bucket nn rebuild the index for the specified bucket, follow with a rebuild_index
Rebuild each buckets index, it then does an rebuild_index -very slow
rebuild_buckets_live Rebuild each buckets index, do a rebuild_index when this has finished
rebuild_hist Rebuild history index from buckets (may take a few hours)
rmgroup "x.y.*" Delete a news group or several
setread groupwild set some groups as 'read' so they are fetched.
setunread groupwild set some groups as 'unread' so they are not pulled.
showread groupwild list groups which are read by users
showbucket Show information about a single bucket
showbucket List index contents of an actual bucket index
showbody x.y nnn Show the body of a message
showarticle x.y nnn Show a message header and body
showgroup List the items in a news group
showbuckets List information about each bucket file
showread groupwild Show last read time of groups
showuse groupname Show usage figures for a single news group
showupto groupname Show the upto counter on upstream feed
showhead group item Show the header of a news item in a group
showidx group n show a single index entry for a group number
showblocks group show the blocks pointing to index for a group
showbody group item show the body of a message
showarticle group item show the complete article
sortall Sort all buckets that should be sorted (slow, not recommended)
update start an update of any 'read' group