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SurgeNews Change History

Current release: Version 2.0a-12 Date: 1 Jan 2008

2007 Summary settings added.

Syntax Description
g_crosspost_max int Limits cross posts for all incoming items
g_expire_replicate bool This attempts to expire local items if they dont exist on the host we got the header feed from. It judges which is the primary host for a group based on the percent of items it holds, so if the upstream server holds less than half of the items it doesn't use it to expire
g_expire_range bool This can tidy up groups with big 'gaps' in the numbering
g_feed_delay int Delay ALL outgoing feeds this many seconds. Please note this delays all outgoing feeds, it is not intended for normal use but for specialised machines sending a delayed feed across an expensive network link
g_feed_once bool Only send cross posts to one outgoing feed. This allows you to split an incoming feed without duplicating crossposts to backends, it is a global setting so applies to all feeds
g_feed_noback bool Just drop messages if we can't send them right away
g_groups_block string Block messages even cross posted to these groups. This can help to stop in appropriate cross posts from porno news groups.
g_no_proxy_user bool If set then doesn't add X-Proxy-User: header. This is useful to hide the identity of your users from upstream machines.
g_post_replace_date bool Replace date header for local posts. This prevents local users abusing the date header
g_pull_tryall bool Try all pull hosts even if xbody header found and failed. Searches harder to find the body of a message
g_ssl_per_domain bool Create/use an SSL certificate for each domain

Several bugs were also addressed during the period.

SurgeNews 2.0a-4 October 2005

SurgeNews 2.0a-2 June 2005

SurgeNews 2.0a-1 June 2005

SurgeNews 1.0a-14 Feb 2005

SurgeNews 1.0a-13 Feb 2005

SurgeNews 1.0a 02-July-2004

SurgeNews 0.1 28-July-2003