SurgeNews News Server

Warning this product is no longer being developed, you are welcome to purchase it and use it 'as is'.



Key Features

  • New high performance fully threaded design.
  • Millions of items. Database capable of handling millions of items per group, and storing a years news on a single server without suffering degradation as the quantity of data increases.
  • Full feed - share a full news feed over several serves. Use anything from 1 to 20 servers to spread the load over the most cost effective hardware and cope with any sized user load. (more info)
  • Pull feed - where bodies are only fetched when messages are read by real users saving huge quantities of bandwidth. Pull from multiple upstream sites! (more info)
  • Built in efficient clean and tailorable WebNews interface. Includes automatic image thumbnail generator and reconstructs multi part items. (more info)
  • Charge/Control users the way you want to. Control user limits by ip or user, and by day or month usage limits, or by bandwidth. Widearea user limits so limits can apply over a farm of news servers.
  • Proxy mode. Use SurgeNews/Proxy to front end your system and connect users to multiple back end news servers each serving a subset of news, thus spreading the load between multiple cheap systems rather than trying to build one enormous news server. Proxy mode also includes caching to decrease back end server load. (more info) (Note back end's can also be split evenly instead of by group (more info))
  • Spam Proof. Spammers routinely harvest your users email addresses from newsgroups. SurgeNews includes a unique technology to replace email addresses in headers with ever changing addresses. It then acts as a mail server firewall and only allows responses to the actual news messages to go through to the real email addresses (and only for a fixed time period) (more info)
  • Simple to install. You can be reading news in minutes and the web management interface will give you full control of all the features - no tricky config files to struggle with!.
  • NOTE: NOT A DNEWS UPGRADE - this is a separate product, it should not be installed over an existing dnews installation! Guide to choosing dnews/surgenews.


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Upgrading from DNews to SurgeNews

  • SurgeNews is a newer product, it has the following advantages.
    • It's fully threaded.
    • It can cope with larger news groups and larger spool areas.
    • It supports a 'proxy' mode for sharing load/groups between several servers.
    • It can do multiple channel header based sucking.
    • It has a built in web admin interface.
    • It has a built in webnews interface.
    • It's easier to install and use.
  • On the other hand
    • It doesn't have all the features of dnews.
    • It is not compatible with dnews config settings or dnews database files (you can't trivially upgrade/downgrade)
  • We recommend people use SurgeNews for 'new' installations or when upgrading hardware, but generally if dnews is working fine for you, then upgrading would probably be a lot of effort/risk with no obvious benefit.