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This Product has been discontinued, try SurgePlus instead.

Update Information on WebShareIt

The following table contains information on the latest versions of WebShareIt. The table is in reverse order with the latest versions at the top. New versions may appear in the webshareit/beta directory prior to full release. If there is not a current build of the latest version for your operating system please let us know by sending email to

Version Date

New Features and Bugs Fixed

1.0f 31 Janauary 2002 Bug Fixes:
  • Would not allow the upload of an empty file.
  • Large files were uploaded with corruption (was broken in 1.0c and later).
  • "Mail from" and "rcpt to" smtp commands were being sent incorrectly.
  • Email notifying friends of a share did not contain full url if full_action was set to false, now it does.
  • Template change to allow downloading of files with single quote in them.
Added settings:
  • max_diskspace_dflt - controls amount users diskspace, if no value has been set in the users own data file this global default is used.
  • max_download_dflt - controls amount of data that can be downloaded from a user in a 24 hour periodusers download, if no value has been set in the users own data file this global default is used.
  • auth_prefix - prefix prepended to user authentication.
  • auth_suffix - suffix appended to user authentication.
Other changes:
  • Pre-load config file read added for specific settings to allow temporary and logging files creation in correct directories.
  • Vhosts are now loaded based on domain in url, unless vhost form member is recieved.
  • Initial beta release.