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  • As a network community administrator, I've sampled MANY "newsgroup", "chat" and "discussion" type server software packages. Even some of the VERY expensive ones. NOTHING compares to DBabble. It is THE software choice in it's field without question.

    Support is BEYOND belief. I recently upgraded my DBabble software to a beta test release. I found that it was crashing my server. I contacted Matt over at Netwinsite about it. This was a SUNDAY EVENING. Within 10 minutes he responded to my message - had me e-mail my dbabblesvr.ini file, error.log file, and Dr. Watson log files. Within 2 hours he had not only analyzed and SOLVED my problem, but he e-mailed back with a link to an upgrade to get my server running smoothly again.

    I wish all fields had this type of service. Imagine calling your car dealer with a slight problem and they send a tech out to your house who SOLVES the problem within 2 hours. Unbelievably great software. Unbelievable support.

    Thank you, Netwin - I'll STRONGLY recommend your software to anyone who asks. Ron Donofero -

  • Teletopia Mobile Communications (a cellular operator) now uses Dbabble to manage mission critical projects internally - and more importantly - to handle any and all communication between Teletopia and external companies in charge of implementation of various systems.

    Using Dbabble, people involved in projects can submit questions into various dedicated forums, to which only they have access. They can access the forums using both standard news-readers, the web-interface and the dedicated client. Some even use mail-forwarding as means of communication, meaning that all forms of communication can be accommodated.

    When trouble tickets are posted, the right person or persons will get involved and investigate the problem, ask questions and answer questions. Once completed, the entire thread is moved to another searchable forum for project history purposes. This way certain dedicated forums never clutter up, and project leaders can easily follow the progress of outstanding issues.

    We thus highly recommend Dbabble not only for its general messaging and discussion forum capabilities (which can be found many places), but more importantly, also as an invaluable tool for mission critical project communication to manage work- and information flow.

    Robert Hercz, President & CEO, Teletopia Mobile Communications AS

  • I thought that dnews and dmail were quick and easy installs. Then comes Dbabble....

    We were looking for something to integrate into our portal and replace a non supported IRC server. We did not need IRC so much as we needed more universal groupware type chat. We downloaded Dbabble, ran the install and in a matter of 5 min had it up and running authenticating to Novell Edir (nds) given 5 more minutes it was configured in our portal ( and was set for Single Sign On. So not only was it a big plus that we could use our Edirectory usernames and password to authenticate, but being able to run it through our portal with ZERO effort and have it do SSO was amazing.

    Since we already had DNEWS using the ldapauth module, we simple entered in the path for the ldapauth .exe file I thought to myself that I must have to change some more config files and do some tweaking, but I figured what the heck, lets try to login. Boom it worked.

    Thanks for producing solid products, out of all of the products we run, I would have to say that the netwinsite products are the ones that require the least babysitting and are the easiest to configure and manage.

    John Carter, Senior Network Systems Programmer, Indiana Purdue University Ft. Wayne

  • At, a small 'not for profit' ISP located in Northern California, we have implemented DBabble as the Web Chat and Instant Messaging solution for our subscribers. Cellmail has been a user of DBabble since version 1.1 and has seen the product clearly grow to meet our subscriber demands. The team of Netwin has clearly been focused on meeting the needs of both the very large international wireless operators and those of the smaller ISP's and enterprises. I can not thank the Netwin staff enough for all the support they have given me over the years. Thank you Netwin! Kevin Greene

  • I run, the largest Settlers Game (Ubisoft/Bluebyte) community worldwide. About a year ago I was looking for a closed chat server application for our more than 2000 gamers. I tried almost anything I could possibly find, until by mere chance I stumbled over DBabble. This proved to be an extraordinary application for it's easy of installation, reliability and general day-to-day usage. Moreover the price was more than affordable. I am now translating it to German and Malay to facilitate even better handling by a multilingual crowd. I am a very satisfied customer and can only recommend DBabble to all who need an outstanding messaging application for internet or intranet. Pt. Nurlaili Legimin, Malaysia
  • is an international support organization which supports NetObjects Fusion. I have wanted to have the ability to interact one on one with our members for quite some time. After searching and searching for a way to interact with customers in different mediums; either via the web, a live chat window or a nntp newsgroup I finally decided to give dbabble a go. To say the least I am glad I did.

    Not only is the support at dbabble above par, dbabble itself is the single greatest resource we have for interacting with customers. When you offer 24 x 7 international support you need a tool that is reliable and ready when you are, and your customers are. Dbabble is the perfect tool to help us support our thousands of members around the world. Thanks Dbabble.. Mike Kujawa -