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Tellurian Networks

Wow! surgemail ROCKS!!! :) I have setup SurgeMail as a bastion host for 5 of our primary domains. We tried every other mail server out there trying to find something that works and that could keep up with our mail throughput. I'm BLOWN AWAY by just how good SurgeMail is! It is processing hundreds of thousands of messages per day and scanning every one for viruses with RAV and giving each one a SmiteCRC spamdetect score. The dual PIII 1Ghz server is only using 1-5% CPU with spikes to 20-30% and only 150MB out of 2GB!!! Amazing. If you are looking for a reliable and FAST mail server, BUY SURGEMAIL!

-- Robert Boyle - Tellurian Networks - The Ultimate Internet Connection --

We have converted from an older Mail server, Post.Office. We settled on SurgeMail for
several reasons:

The support is great. When you consider how little the SurgeMail product costs, it is especially amazing. With what other product can you talk to the programming team directly? Even during the trial period, before purchasing the product.

The product is surprising in its well thought out detail, and the ability to customise it. A serious email system administrator will appreciate the amount of control over the configuration, look and features of the product that is offered.

The WebMail interface is also very impressive, looking much like a standard email client. It is easy to train the users on it.

And oh yes, the part where they promise to make the product work for you? It is true...after reporting some problems and suggestions for improvement, a new build was prepared for us. Humbling.

You generally get what you pay for with software. I can honestly say that with SurgeMail, I got more value than I paid for.

-- Byron Knapp - Owner, featuring over 300 custom Cold Fusion sites --

As a provider with hundreds of mail domains, we have had an ongoing battle with spam in all its forms. NetWin have always been there to listen to our needs and has often added features to SurgeMail to help us streamline our mail services. We have had a tough time finding a mail server that meets all our needs in an easy to install, and even easier to manage system.

Its anti-spam features are some of the most advanced I have ever had the pleasure of working with, while the user configurable "Friends" system puts spam protection firmly in the hands of the users. If you are looking for a true carrier class mail system which will handle anything you throw at it, and beg for more, look no further than SurgeMail.

There are too many features to mention, just download the demo and take a look, you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

-- Michael Dunne - CairnsNet --

Advanced Web Systems

Advanced web systems is a full-service website design and hosting company which caters to small and medium-sized businesses. founded in 1995, we decided in 2000 to start providing domain registration, dns services and email for our customers, giving them everything they needed in order to be successful on the web while dealing with one provider.

When we made this decision, we did an extensive evaluation and decided that dmail was the tool we wanted. what initially impressed us with dmail continues to impress us with surgemail - its quality, stability, minimal use of resource and, above all, the absolutely superb quality of support and development's response to new feature requests - all of this enhanced by the involvement of a very dedicated user community. We now have close to 1,000 users of surgemail and webmail using all sorts of clients form outlook to blackberrys to ipods.

Having been professionally involved in the information technology arena since the early mainframe days, and having spent a good portion of my career in software architecture and development, I can say without a doubt that surgemail and its companion products are what software SHOULD be.

David Camm
Advanced Web Systems

After using SurgeMail and benefiting from its steady evolution for nearly 10 months, I thought it was time I take a moment to share my appreciation of your product, and your team, with you.

My first experience with NetWin was the implementation of your DNews product. With nearly three years of absolutely rock solid performance from DNews, when it came time to begin evaluating mail server products to replace the two we were then using, we came to SurgeMail with high expectations.

A number of commercial and Open Source products were evaluated. The well known and popular Open Source products we evaluated (Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, Qmail and Courier) are all excellent MTAs. They are, however, just that, MTAs. We were looking for a complete, integrated, system that directly supports the relevant protocols, provided a web based mail client, and offered a clean management interface for both administrators and customers alike.

The selection of SurgeMail was an easy one, even in its earlier stage of development. In my judgment, there was no competing commercial product that matched SurgeMail in the areas of flexibility, features, licensing cost, and my admittedly high expectation of stability based on our DNews experience.

I am very pleased to say that our choice was a good one. SurgeMail has met my expectation of stability. Its feature set has steadily evolved, making it increasingly easy to meet the ever growing demands of our customers. That makes us look good, and we appreciate that.

Where NetWin truly deserves high praise is customer service. As the owner of both a small software development company and a small boutique hosting business, I have had my share of both good and bad experiences with software vendors. Properly supporting a mail server product is, I believe, particularly challenging for a vendor. In almost three years as a customer of NetWin, I can't recall a single negative support experience. As a general rule, that's unheard of in the software business. Your service goes well beyond merely not being negative, though. You folks are both attentive and responsive to your customers needs. You have demonstrated time and again that you understand that your products are mission critical for your customers by quickly attending to problems. We appreciate that, too.

It is obvious that the quality of your people drives the quality of your products. In my case, I have come to trust both, and that's unique in my nearly 20 years in this business.

Mark Geisinger,
President Resolute Solutions Corp.

Link-Connect(r) Services Ltd

We have been running surgemail for quite some years now and it's the best server out there by a mile. So far we have 6 installed servers and have been responsible for recommending and installing more for

JD Duncan Toshiba

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say THANKS for a great product!

I like having my own email server for my family (2 adults and 5 teenagers). I was using a Linux based conglomeration of stuff for my mail server and was always having to futz with it to make it work.

When I tried Surgemail I had it up and running within 10 minutes and have been using it for a month now with no issues. I am using the free 5-user version at this time but will be upgrading as soon as I can afford it.

Please keep up the good work and thanks again!

JD Duncan,
Senior Systems Engineer, Toshiba America Information Systems.

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