NetAuth (Free with DMail) - User Admin functions

A Web Based Email Management system for Email users, domain administrators and system administrators.   FREE with your DMail Mail Server License.

NetAuth allows users to create (if desired) and manage their own email accounts. Virtual domain administrators to manage accounts in their domain. System administrators to manage all accounts and create domain administrators. NetAuth is supplied free of charge with your DMail license.

CWMail - Web Interface

Its easy to give your users Web access to email from anywhere! Or set up a web based "HotMail" like mail service.
DMailWeb or CWMail are server side applications that can be added to your mail server to provide an instant web interface to provide all email users web access to their mail from any computer - anywhere. Or provide a full featured web based mail service.


Are you providing - Full Email for Mobile Phones and other wireless handheld devices?

WAPMail - WAP/WML Email System. CWMail and DMailWeb now have a companion product WAPMail Email for Mobile Phones and other hand held devices. Allow your users to send, check, reply and delete normal POP based email messages from WAP enabled cell phones.