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SurgeMail - Simply one of the best; scalable secure carrier class email server

SurgeMail is the fastest, most robust and secure, full-featured email server on the market today supporting all the protocols and standards.

SurgeMail is an advanced secure easy to manage and install high performance email server. It supports any number of users or domains, virus scanning, spam filtering, integrated webmail access, integrated WAP support, and fast browser based administration tools. And all relevant RFC protocols POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, LDAP, HTTP, TLS/SSL.

With its features, support and price it is more powerful and cost effective than any other solution .

Download a free full working TRIAL version NOW!

In 10 minutes you can have the same professional email system used by the large corporations, ISP's and Telcos.

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WebMail - Provide remote web access to any existing mail system

WebMail - The worlds leading WebMail solution delivering Integrated Web and WAP access. NetWin's Web Mail provides users with the ability to access their email via a browser using a "Hotmail-like" interface, or via their Wireless WAP enabled device.

WebMail is available as a stand-alone product that runs on any platform and can connect to any existing POP/SMTP/IMAP server. (If you want this product combined with the best mail server possible then select SurgeMail above which includes a fully featured version of WebMail)

Download and Install NOW, have a web interface finished by morning tea!

New XHTML Basic Templates for phones and PDA's

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DNews - Usenet News Server - Maximum performance, simple installation, brilliant management tools.

The DNews News Server is an advanced news server system. In minutes you can provide users with fast access to Internet (USENET) news groups. Installing your own local news server software also gives you complete control to create your own private or public discussion forums for enhanced communications across the organization and Internet.

It's unique sucking feed mechanism allows you to run news groups without using all your bandwidth for groups no one reads.

DNews News Server is installed in thousands of organizations worldwide, ranging from large Internet Service Providers and Fortune 500 companies with millions of users, to medium-sized and small ISPs and organizations. Many of the specialist news providers use DNews as their server of choice as the best performing and most cost effective solution on any hardware platform.

"Overall, no other news server combines the ease of use, blazing performance, flexibility, cross-platform support, scalability, and wide range of features found in DNEWS." - ServerWatch Review. DNews News server receives highest 5 star software rating  and a Showcase Award

Free fully functional trial, Download the server now!

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SurgeFTP - High speed secure SSL/TLS FTP server

SurgeFTP Server - An FTP server which gives you top performance, reliability, reporting tools and most importantly ease of management. And full SSL/TLS security means your users passwords and data are no longer flying all over the internet for everyone to see!

Download a FREE Trial now!

"ALL the programmers, support people, accounting people, well the entire company is OUTSTANDING - If you are or were a US Marine you will know what that means ! I have NEVER had the responsiveness that Net Win provides ! The technical support is the best I have ever worked with. They do NOT give up, they help you all the way ! Even before the purchase ! Form this stand point alone, everyone who operates an ISP and provides custom FTP, EMAIL, and CHAT services NEEDS these products !
Jon Unglert - CEO - Ix Technologies, Inc & ISM Group, Inc."

DBabble - Instant Messaging for the office, ISP or community group

DBabble is a Chat and Discussion Server, which allows users to send instant messages, have private conversations, and create and participate in private or public chat rooms and discussions. Users communicate with the server using either a web browser, or a client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

The server can optionally be set up so that users can also interact with other users on remote servers, and participate in remote chat rooms and discussions. Discussions can optionally be linked to external usenet (NNTP) groups. You can either download the fully functional but time limited server, or try it out yourself on our public server at

Download a FREE TRIAL from the DBabble Home Page

"NetWinSite DBabble software is superb-- exactly what we need at Sun and Netscape. It is perfect for corporate discussion groups and messaging."

Joel Parker Henderson - Sun Microsystems

SurgeLDAP - A simple to administer and install LDAP server

SurgeLDAP lets you setup an ldap database in minutes, it has an intuitive web administration tool so you can quickly create your database and then import data into it as well if required.

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