Below is a list of some of the features in DBabble.
  1. Translate to any language, customize every piece of English text, or use one of our supplied translations for Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, and Danish.
  2. Chat rooms that can be optionally moderated (a moderator must accept messages before anyone can see them) and/or private (restricted to specified users)
  3. Discussion groups (forums) that can be optionally moderated (a moderator must accept messages before anyone can see them) and/or private (restricted to specified users)
  4. Users have choice of using a web browser interface and downloadable Windows client interface.
  5. Server administration can be performed from with the web interface or Windows client.
  6. Reliable message delivery and reliable online status of other users. Many instant message systems have unreliable message delivery, where their aim is to just deliver the message most of the time. For example a temporary network problem could cause a message to be lost without the original sender or the intended recipient knowing. DBabble messages never go missing. They will not disappear from the sender's screen until it has been successfully delivered to all recipients, which is usually just a fraction of a second.
  7. Server side user groups for sending instant messages to groups of users. At message sending time, can choose to just send to all users, just online users, just idle users, just offline users, or any combination of these.
  8. A single server can support user databases containing millions of users, with thousands of users online simultaneously. See DBabble server performance for more details.
  9. Customize the Windows client to have any name other than DBabble, use whatever background image, font, and color scheme you want and change every piece of text visible to users.
  10. Hide features you don't use so that your users are not overwhelmed with too many features. Option to allow users to show the hidden features if they want to.
  11. Private conversation feature, where users can see text as the other user is typing it - even in the web browser interface.
  12. Both Windows client and web browser interface can be used from behind any firewall or proxy server that allows web browser only access.
  13. Automatically log in to your existing ICQ, MSN, AOL, or Yahoo account whenever you are using DBabble and communicate with and see when contacts in these protocols are online. Since this is handled by the DBabble server, even web browser users or users behind firewalls that would normally prevent access to these protocols can still use them. The server administrator can optionally disable this feature
  14. SSL encryption of all server to client communication
  15. Optional public key encryption of instant messages, so that even the server administrator or anyone who guesses your login password can't see the contents of messages being sent.
  16. User's must be authenticated to send messages so that messages can't be faked as coming from someone else.
  17. Optional digital signing of instant messages, so that the recipient knows the message really came from the sender (neither the server administrator or someone guesses the sender's login password can fake being someone else using digital signatures)
  18. User's can be authenticated by just specifying your existing POP email server to check passwords with, or use DBabble's internal authentication system, or use one of our authentication modules for Window NT, active directory, unix, MYSQL, ODBC, LDAP. Or even write your own plug-in authentication module.
  19. All messages, preferences, and contacts stored on server, so that you can fully access your DBabble account (including message history) from any machine you connect from.
  20. Optionally flag chat rooms as encrypted. This means that anything said in that chat room is automatically encrypted by the sender so that only those people listed in the 'users present' list can read the message. Messages are also digitally signed to prevent users pretending to be someone else. When leaving a chat room, the user's client automatically generates an encrypted transcript that only they can read.
  21. Optional rating system in discussion groups (forums). Users can assign a rating (from 1 to 5) to each article they read. Users can also filter to only display articles with average ratings above a particular value.
  22. Set up system-wide hot keys (that will work while using any application) to perform actions in DBabble. For example, sending a new message to a particular user or viewing last received message.
  23. Check your existing email account for new messages. Either just be notified, or receive the entire email message within the DBabble interface.
  24. Send messages to email accounts from within the DBabble interface.
  25. The DBabble server can optionally act as an SMTP server for the purposes of receiving incoming email that will be sent to users as instant messages.
  26. Send text messages to mobile phones.
  27. Be notified when particular friends/contacts come online or go offline.
  28. Right click on files in Windows Explorer and select the DBabble option to send them to friends.
  29. An optional stay on top (or docked to side of desktop) window that displays friends so you can always see who is online.
  30. Send instant messages from the command line prompt or script files.
  31. Quick and easy to use search features are built in to the interface in many locations. For example, you can search for particular words in old instant messages, find users, find discussion groups, find chat rooms, find instant messaging user groups, find particular members of groups, find a particular preference
  32. Administrator can set up the server so that all members of user groups will automatically appear in the friends/contacts lists of all other members of the user group.
  33. User group members can be managed from within the DBabble interface, or you can specify user group membership from your external authentication database, or even import a list from a text file.
  34. The default values for user preferences can be set by the server administrator, and the server administrator can even change them for existing users while they are using DBabble.
  35. DBabble can act as an NNTP news group server. Link discussion groups (forums) to existing NNTP news groups on other servers, or make your own discussion groups visible to the NNTP protocol.
  36. Use DBabble to provide online support to your customers. You can set up DBabble to provide links in your existing web pages (that change whether or not you are online). Clicking the link opens a private conversation window with you in your DBabble client. Alternatively, the Window can automatically pop up when the user visits your web page, and you are only notified when the user starts typing a question to you.
  37. Optionally link your DBabble server with other servers so that your users can communicate with users on other DBabble servers.
  38. Optional advertisement feature. Specify a list of images and associated web pages that show up in the Windows client.
  39. The DBabble server can run on Windows or unix platforms.
  40. Customize every web page that users can see using the web browser interface so that they look like your existing web site.
  41. Set up your own license agreement that users must agree to before they install the Windows client. Or even remove the client license agreement entirely.
  42. Free email support and upgrades for a year after you purchase. The Windows client is free to as many users as you want.
  43. A variety of options on how to be notified when new messages arrive. Either immediately popup the Window, a flashing system tray icon, a small popup window above the system clock, or a very noticeable ripple pattern in the corner of the screen. Or any combination of these.
  44. A very customizable interface. There are many user preferences to change the layout of the interface to best suit the way in which each person uses DBabble.
  45. Option to automatically hide (or move to a separate sub-menu) friends/contacts that have not been contacted recently so that you only see the status of friends/contacts you usually communicate with. The feature is very useful when you have hundreds of users on your friends/contacts list.
  46. Option to automatically delete/move to trash old messages after x days. Another option to automatically delete messages from trash after x days.
  47. See the online status of friends while reading a receiving message or composing a reply. If the friend becomes idle, then their idle time (e.g. 1 minute and 33 seconds ago) displayed to you is continually updated while they are idle.
  48. Options to forward received message to an email address (or mobile phone) while you are offline. This can optionally be applied to high priority messages only.
  49. Easy to upgrade the server to a newer version. After upgrading the server, Windows client users are automatically notified a new version is available (With a link to a list of new features), and they can just click yes to upgrade their client.
  50. Set up your server to show an embedded web page within the DBabble Windows client interface - either within the main window or at the top of chat room windows. Useful for showing web pages or links to web pages commonly used within your company.
  51. Lots of other minor features not listed here
To try out any of these features, visit our sample server running at or download a fully functional 1 month trial version from DBabble download page. Other Links: