SurgeWeb Change history

For documentation on changes related to the rest of surgemail see: SurgeMail Change History. If you find a bug please report it to

The specials builds are full production builds, but very latest "bleeding edge" and are uploaded individually as needed. Usually this means at least linux and windows builds are very latest in the version list below. Feel free to email us to get the specials build for a particular platform updated.

Mon 1 November 2021: Release build 7.6h-2 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

- Fix: (non surgeweb) Surgemail trend graph improvements. Log Windows memory counters >2GB without integer overflow, log surgemail process memory for unix :-)
Thu 30 September 2021: Beta build 7.6f-1

Tue 2 August 2021: Beta build 7.6b-1
- New: Cloud attachments - the sending of (large) attachments via web links (needs surgemail.ini g_att_enable)
- New: Surgeweb read only support to SabreDav carddav based addressbooks, surgeweb based carddav addressbook creation if it does not exist
- Fix: Surgeweb uses the "base account" for all alias and host alias based logins to surgeweb (base_account_calendar "false" to restore old behaviour)
- Fix: Variety of fixes and improvements surrounding caldav calendaring invite handling
- Fix: Weird behaviours if settings could not be stored to mailstore folder via xfile (eg if g_xfile_allow was set wrong)
- New: Show the account quota usage as part of the clean interface
- New: Add an additional way to bring up the existing compose picker using a round plus icon in the compose field
- Fix: If an image was the very first part of an email with image and text parts inlined the image was not getting shown
- Fix: Warning added to signature editing that this is a user.cgi action and you will need to login to surgeweb again after modification
- New: Warning on login if the account is over 95% of its quota
- New: Show the account quota usage as part of the clean interface
- New: Add an additional way to bring up the existing compose picker using a round plus icon in the compose field
- Fix: If an image was the very first part of an email with image and text parts inlined the image was not getting shown
Mon 15 February 2021: Release build 7.5c-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Tue 2 February 2021: Beta build 7.5c-1

Fri 15 Jan 2021: Specials build 7.5b-29
- New: Tellmail command added to clear surgeweb cache files eg "tellmail clear_cache m*" or "tellmail clear_cache *" (note this will terminiate the sessions of all logged in surgweb users)
Mon 12 October 2020: Beta build 7.5a-1
- New: Ability to friends whitelist email addresses or wildcarded domains straight from surgeweb using the the Spam folder context menu or recipient context menu.
Wed 26 August 2020: Beta build 7.4q-1

Fri 10 July 2020: Specials build 7.4p-18
- Fix: Pasting of images in surgeweb was resulting in duplicated images the first of which would be broken when the email actually got sent.
- Fix: Custom sort order for inbox was failing to draw red line in correct place during drag and drop under some configurations of newlook UI.
- Fix: Also hide the shared folder icon in the folder list - other folder icons had already been removed some versions back with "cleaner look and feel"
- New: Support In-Reply-To header in outbound messages so desination clients can better maintain conversation threading.
- Fix: Updates of inbox message comment when editing comments was not updating the display correctly (broken in version 7.0d-4!).
- Fix: New chrome has selection highlighting very bold, now surgeweb explicitly sets it to less bold.
Mon 15 June 2020: Release build 7.4o (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Mon 1 June 2020: Beta build 7.4o-1
- Fix: Long clickable links in plain text emails were sometimes getting truncated for display resulting in "broken links"
Wed 13 May 2020: Release build 7.4m-1

Wed 29 April 2020: Beta build 7.4m-1

Wed 15 April 2020: Specials build 7.4l-3
- Fix: Widescreen layouts were double encoding the recipient field resulting in say Marijn's being displayed as Marijn\'s.
- Fix: Tweak failed webrequest wording and make "serverside processing slow or halted" warning nonmodal.
Mon 9 March 2020: Beta build 7.4k-1

Sat 22 February 2020: Specials build 7.4j-2
- Fix: Most recent contact or group edit was not getting shown! (bug introduced 7.3p-4)
Fri 21 February 2020: Beta build 7.4i-1
- Fix: If newlook standard UI was set to list only, newlook clean was not showing the message either!
- Fix: When dealing with the "newlook UIs" and multiple accounts, would sometimes show "Invalid email content: please report to support along with the raw email message in question", a bug that caused this is now fixed.
Fri 24 January 2020: Beta build 7.4g-1
- Fix: Surgeweb snippet generation code was sometimes causing a crash
Thu 23 January 2020: Specials build 7.4f-6
- Fix: Message drag and drop was not working for "clean" interface if the "standard" interface was set to tallscreen or list.
Tue 21 January 2020: Release build 7.4e-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Mon 23 December 2019: Beta build 7.4e-1

Thu 7 November 2019: Specials build 7.4d-2
- Fix: Can now upgrade to newlook one domain at a time using the surgeweb config_*.dat setting "newlook_disable true" at a global or domain level to leave matched domains without any g_modern_surgeweb influence. Note still need to set surgemail.ini g_modern_surgeweb true to globally enable the use of newlook.
- Fix: Disabled existing surgeweb html and css customisation if newlook is enabled as it totally messed up login screen and which ui you logged in to. Will be adding some form of streamlined heavy duty customisation method but still need to decide exactly in what form.
Mon 4 November 2019: Beta build 7.4c-1
Well... after an "update blackout" during development, lets try and summarise what has happened in the last year. Lots of changes have been made to surgeweb. Most of this is now live in the latest builds, some changes remain experimental and have not been decided on whether and in what form they should actually be released. Here is a rough list of major changes with most recent at the top. Please provide feedback on these changes if you have them. Both positive and negative is useful!  Marijn

- Fix: Lots of surgeweb bugfixes and tweaks, not individually documented.
- New: Also lots of core surgemail changes as described.
- New: New look surgeweb login page: Alternative login page look based on administrator and end user customisable fullframe photographs. This gets enabled as part of the g_modern_surgeweb setting below, and allows admins to customise the login screen defaults to be based on one or more fullframe photographs. To customise, place the custom images in surgemail/surgeweb/background or alternatively surgemail/surgeweb/{}/background. Further control of this feature using the newlook_bg_* settings as noted in comments in surgeweb/tpl/config_system.dat.
- New: New look surgeweb UI:  The old ajax interface has been extended to operate in multiple modes using the Themes feature. Without "g_modern_surgeweb true" the whole surgeweb interface operates as close as possible to the way it used to and there should be minimal impact on existing sites. With surgemail.ini "g_modern_surgeweb true" enabled this gives the UI the modes: Standard, Modern and "Old UI". Note this is a "breaking change" as many of the original customisation methods will no longer apply to the newlook modern or standard versions of the UI.
* Clean is a very much cleaner UI look, structurally different, and intentionally simplified. Note this means some of surgeweb's traditional functionality is intentionally not available. * Standard is the original ajax / standard surgeweb UI but with a series of intentional UI changes that which change aspects of the surgeweb ui to operating how I believe they now should ideally operate. * Old UI is the same as not having g_modern_surgeweb enabled, and allows individual users to decide to continue to use the old ui if they so desire.
- New: Lots of minor design changes to Clean and Standard UI's above to be more touch computing friendly. - Experiment: Alternative colour schemes that allow a single picked colour to completely define the UI in terms of all it's colours and gradients rather than having the dozens of colours / gradients statically defined in the css. This includes, Predefined "nice" colour combinations, live animated colour transitions based on a variety of criteria and, and even a dark mode. This colorscheme feaure remains unreleased as we could not agree on the definition of "nicer than the current colour schemes". - Experiment: Subtle animations in message display. Decided not to release into production at this stage as it proved intrusive and annoying to the use of the standard UI. Limited animation is part of the "Clean UI" above. - New: Themes: A new customisation system has been implemented that allows alternative looks / colour schemes or even completely different UI structures to be live switched clientside. This is controlled from the "Theme" main menu item. This is the biggest architectural change ever in surgeweb.
- New: Link navigation ability, only if using g_modern_surgeweb with Standard or Clean, folder is shown in browser url. May be directly edited, and allows navigation between folders Fwd / Back, and deeplinking direct to a particular folder if "remember me" feature is in use.
- New (7.3p-28): Single key message list focussing - by from address ('-' key) / by subject (shift'-' key) - ie instant relevent message only display, typically to allow similar messages to all be processed in one go.
Late 2018: Blackout started of this updates page while finalising new surgeweb developments
- New: Destop popups notifications can now be clicked to bring the surgeweb browser window to the foreground and make the notification go away.
- Fix: Under certain conditions the addition of an calender event attendee was no longer sending out invite straight away when first adding a new attendee
- New: Allow calendar invites to be accepted on surgeweb additional accounts
- New: In surgeweb calendar invites can now be accepted / declined if not directly addressed to email address in question. Allows mailing list based calendar invites and forwarding of calendar invites.
Fri 20 July 2018: Release build 7.3i2 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Tue 12 June 2018: Specials build 7.3j-4
- Fix: Under sporadic conditions (weird message formatting) with surgeweb body snippets enabled, the message would fail to display in the surgeweb message list
Sat 6 June 2018: Specials build 7.3j-3
- Fix: Under rare conditions (popup compose pane, when surgevault settings have changed in surgemail.ini) the surgevault lock icon may have been incorrectly shown or hidden.
- Fix: Date visually displayed in calendar invites was wrong by 1 month and 1 day. Date actually encoded in the invite ics file was correct.
- Fix: Message send (reply/fwd/etc) switched to being from different "additional account" was significantly broken. If the folder the message started in did not exist in target account send would fail completely with error "Account folder index was not loaded". If folder did exist, send worked but marking original message as replied / move to done etc would not get actioned.
- Fix: Strange behaviour fix related to special folders "not working sometimes". eg notably '=' key shortcut "move to done" stops working, but would affect variety of other behaviour too. Happened after full page refresh that was not an official login. eg refresh after settings change, but F5 refresh was ok and behaviour fine again after relogin. (bug introduced approx 6.2c ie over 5 years ago!)
- Fix: Options - Preferences - Extras tab is now initially visible by default and hides if it finds there are no extra user.cgi settings available, previously it was hidden and made visible when user.cgi settings were found, resulting in weird flicker.
- Fix: Surgeweb popup menus no longer worked in recent versions of iOS (they disappeared straight away). Now they are usable again.
- New: When done with message "keep selection unchanged" selection handling option added. Means message you just replied to or forwarded remains selected if this option is set.
Fri 1 June 2018: Beta build 7.3i2-2
- Fix: Paste images inline (from copy paste buffer) was not working for messages being edited in a popup window (inline / tabbed was already working)
- Fix: Make keyboard based filter menus for message move and message copy not match on the subfolders of '-System Recycling-'. (ie automatically created backup copies)
Mon 7 May 2018: Beta build 7.3h-1
- Fix: Tweak alternative charterset key handling (eg "right alt-S" for polish keyboard s-tilda) so it does not trigger control key keyboard shortcuts
- New: Minor interface look tweaks, primarily slight flattening of ui removing excessive rounded glossiness (disable using config_*.dat setting "newlook_extend false").
Tue 9 March 2018: Beta build 7.3g-1
- New: (non surgeweb) Upgraded all modern platform distributions to openssl 1.1.0g
- Fix: Add access to user.cgi "Auto folder cleanup" to surgeweb options-preferences-extras
- Fix: Double save button on options-preferences-advanced page (recently accidentally added)
Tue 30 January 2018: Specials build 7.3f-31

Wed 24 January 2018: Specials build 7.3f-28

Sat 16 December 2017: Specials build 7.3f-23
- Fix: Address formatting fix to make sure "mailsploit" spoofed addresses get correctly displayed in surgeweb.
- Fix: Straight after surgeweb login, surgeweb setting changes were sporadically "not taking" due to race condition between web requests.
Wed 15 November 2017: Specials build 7.3f-17
- New: url field in caldav calendar entries can now be set and edited with surgeweb. Tested to be compatible with setting / reading from iOS calendar.
Wed 8 November 2017: Specials build 7.3f-16
- Fix: Hide Delivery log / Spam control links when not in email mode (ie when using calendar, contacts etc)
- Fix: Saving calender event using surgeweb with multiline note resulted in error "415 Unsupported Media Type", now works.
- Fix: If an entry in a surgeweb contact group has no email address defined surgeweb will not try and send it to an empty address when sending to a group.
- Fix: Selection handling and pressing removal cross was a bit weird (not working at all sometimes) in the contacts - groups UI.
- Fix: If preview is set to none in screen layout preferences, keyboard navigation actions were marking messages as read when they should not have been.
- New: Two factor authentication support in surgeweb to match the recent surgemail implementation
- New: MUCH more efficient image processing handling for all jpg resizing operations in surgeweb (does not apply to gif/png). Means memory footprint for attachment image icon generation is up to 64x lower, and images up to 64 times as large are now supported. Means super annoying "image is too big to scale" gets shown less on received messages, and send image resizing can be done on photos taken with modern phones!
- New: Lots of surgeweb source code and template changes to support upcoming features to be documented here as they are ready for use. In theory should all still be disabled etc, but may have broken (small or obscure) surgeweb features.
- Fix: If some of "" did not exist for surgeweb login to say "surgemail/surgeweb/", surgeweb would not pull _user.dat from xfile, thus returning core surgeweb settings to default when deleting all of surgemail/surgeweb/work directory, or after first ever login after moving to migrated or mirror server.
Thu 6 October 2017: Release build 7.3e2-2 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Fri 15 Sep 2017: Beta build 7.3e2-2
- Fix: Added several fixes already in 7.3f
Wed 6 Sep 2017: Beta build 7.3e-1

Fri 1 Sep 2017: Specials build 7.3d-33
- Fix: Under certain conditions processing actions in the spam folder would not appear to "not take" for up to 20 seconds.
Sat 26 Aug 2017: Specials build 7.3d-31
- New: Calender alert popups now have associated alert sound. If mail sounds are disabled in "Message sound notifications" setting, the calendar alert sounds are disabled too.
- Fix: If a "first alert" and "second alert" were both defined on a calendar event only the second alert was getting triggered, now both get triggered
- Fix: Make "alert at the time of event" calendar alerts work in surgeweb
Tue 22 Aug 2017: Specials build 7.3d-30
- New: Ask for desktop popup notification permission when setting first gets enabled, rather than at time of first notification.
- Fix: Adding images to signatures works again (broken with new features in 7.2m-7)
- Fix: Improved scrollbar display in the redesigned settings pages
- Fix: Password change policy was no longer bringing up the password screen on login (broken with new features in 7.3d-29) 
- New: Calender email notifications also contain the event notes as part of the email body
- Fix: Fix for addresses with =?UTF-8? encoded text that was not actually UTF8 compliant, resulting in surgeweb redbox error about contacts.
Fri 11 Aug 2017: Specials build 7.3d-29
- New: Now uses HTML5 for audio rather than a Flash file (removing all remaining dependency of surgeweb on Adobe Flash)
- New: By popular demand, first pass "low impact" restructuring of surgeweb settings system. Yellow styling removed in favour of white / gray colour scheme (to restore original styling use config*.dat setting of "plain_pref_colors_disable true"). User.cgi "popup windows" now display inline in the Options pane (to restore popups use config*.dat setting of "consolidated_prefs_disable true"). Surgeweb options save button moved to individual options tabs - to be more inline with the granular user.cgi save button scheme. Further "more structural" changes to settings pages will be reviewed in future once other aspects of surgeweb have had a makeover.
- Fix: Decoding improvements in body snippet decoding, meaning it works for more message types and encoding types
- Fix: Major speed improvement in body snippet handling. Depending on message type, processing speed is up to 10x faster than it was which means the body snippets feature can be sensibly used without excessive UI slowdown.
Tue 25 July 2017: Specials build 7.3d-22
- Fix: Surgeweb's "usercgi in a dialog" features were displaying blank in split frontend - backend server configurations since recent web policy lockdown additions (version 7.2j-19+), to correct use version 7.3d-22+. (Or for versions 7.2j-19 to 7.3d-22 the setting [g_web_policy_disable "true"] can be set on BOTH frontend and backend servers)
Thu 13 July 2017: Specials build 7.3d-20
- Fix: Calendar alerts feature resulted in errors if no calendaring was enabled
Thu 13 July 2017: Specials build 7.3d-19
- New: In calendar week view the red "Now" line position automatically updates as time passes
- New: Option to enable calendar alerts, either as desktop notifications or as emails to the inbox
- New: Option for browser desktop notification of new email
- Fix: Tweaked surgeweb generated caldav ICS format to be compatible with more calendaring clients
Thu 7 July 2017: Release build 7.3c3-3 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Mon 19 June 2017: Beta build 7.3c3-3
- Fix: sporadic nwauth bug, recently broken
Sun 11 June 2017: Specials build 7.3d-4
- Fix: Interaction between communications protocol tweaks and surgeweb's setting to disable compression resulting in failed surgeweb login (introduced 7.3c2-2) In the highly unusual case you you are using surgeweb "use_compression false", do not use build 7.3c2-2, instead use 7.3d-4+.
- Fix: Further fix to communications protocol tweaks which resulted in redbox error rather than green status code when drag and dropping a message from Spam folder to any other folder.
- Fix: Improvements to recent message list endless scrolling feature wrt selection handling.
Sat 10 June 2017: Beta build 7.3c2-2
- Fix: Further fix to communications protocol tweaks which resulted in redbox error rather than green status code when drag and dropping a message from Spam folder to any other folder.
Wed 7 June 2017: Beta build 7.3c-1
- Fix: Sporadic CPU loop issue in the contacts export code. Bug has always existed.
- Fix: Improvements to communication protocol tweak in build 7.2m-7, should now have much better display of actual errors with error codes etc rather than just "Communications failed" fallback error.
Wed 31 May 2017: Beta build 7.3a-1

Sat 27 May 2017: Specials build 7.2m-11
- Fix: Fix to unnamed attachments fix in 7.2m-8 which was showing too many unnamed parts
Tue 23 May 2017: Specials build 7.2m-8
- Fix: Un-named attachments were getting hidden, now get displayed with attempt at decent file extension based on mime type.
Mon 22 May 2017: Specials build 7.2m-7
- New: Endless scrolling in the message list for folders that have more than 100 messages (BETA: enable using config*.dat setting of "endless_scroll true")
- New: More capable communications protocol between surgeweb clientside and serverside. Notably this fixes the limit of approx 1kb for message ids field when manipulating lots of messages ie sometimes the action would not work.
- New: Allow ||machine_name|| in "login_post_comment" or "footer" surgeweb variables to identify which host of a mirrorred pair you are connected to
- Fix: Updated openssl to latest version: 1.0.2k 26 Jan 2017
- New: Calendaring event attendee handling. When editing / creating events in surgeweb email based invites can be sent out, replies processed, and Accepted/Maybe/Declined status is shown with event information in the calendar. (requires surgemail.ini g_surgeweb_ics "true")
- New: New flatter and more consistent across browsers button look (to restore old look use surgeweb config_*.dat setting "force_button_look_disable true")
- Fix: Calendar ics email based updates to existing events was not working correctly if multiple calendars were defined and the wrong one was selected for event creation
- Fix: User.cgi pages within surgeweb (eg spam handling etc) was failing for usernames containing "&" character
Thu 27 April 2017: Beta build 7.2k-1
- Fix: For the surgeweb setting "https_required login_only" minor aspects of the surgeweb interface were not behaving correctly (enforced fully ssl based connections not affected)
- Fix: If SabreDAV requests fail, show suitable error (eg "SabreDAV REPORT failed: 500 Internal Server Error"), previously would just show no events
- Fix: Bad calendar events (missing date information as added by iOS7) now get ignored serverside rather than getting sent to browser and messing up display
- Fix: Calendar status spinner would sometimes stay around too long if the calendar web request did not complete normally
- Fix: Calendar month view sometimes showed redbox javascript error and failed to display events when other views were working ok
- New: Web policy lockdown additions (version 7.2j-19), to disable in case of issues us (g_web_policy_disable "true")
Tue 21 February 2017: Beta build 7.2i-1
- Fix: Further tweaks to improve when/how "navigate away from page" warning gets displayed
Wed 8 February 2017: Beta build 7.2g-1
- New: See  SurgeMail Change History for list of surgemail changes.
Tue 3 January 2017: Release build 7.2e-2 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Wed 14 December 2016: Beta build 7.2e-2
- Fix: Script stripping code left additional '<' character in as plain text under some circumstances.
- Fix: Really long urls were getting broken (eg in Pinterest notifications)
- Fix: Downloading attachments when a message was open in a tab resulted in "navigate away from page" warning. (introduced version 7.1e-1)
- New: Doctype updated to modern html5 doctype specification.
- Fix: When marking messages as "not spam" sometimes the subject would temporarily be changed to "_subject_clean_failed_".
Wed 14 September 2016: Release build 7.2a-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Fri 9 September 2016: Specials build 7.2d-5

Wed 27 July 2016: Specials build 7.2b-9
- Fix: Surgeweb did not work with imap foldernames that had multiple "syllables" of utf8 special characters with syllables of non utf8 characters (or white space) in between the utf8 syllables.
Wed 20 July 2016: Specials build 7.2b-7
- Fix: Forwarding messages with MPR content would break the MPR link so have previously visible images as a not obviously visible MPR attachments (bug introduced several years ago!)
- Fix: Surgeweb popup window fix under MS Edge browser (message view / edit popup "out of tab" was not working and contact print popup was not working)
Tue 5 July 2016: Specials build 7.2b-6
- Fix: Drag and drop of messages from message list to folders was not working in IE11 (was already working in IE10 and lower)
- Fix: Support additional special characters in attachment filenames (notably "#" but other characters probably affected too)
- Fix: Show folder size correctly in surgeweb folder management page for folders >2GB.
Wed 1 June 2016: Beta build 7.2a-1
- Fix: Updated openssl to latest version: 1.0.2h 3 May 2016
- New: (beta) Surgeweb support for the processing of inbound calendar invites. When receiving ics file allows you with single click ACCEPT / DECLINE / MAYBE response. Ability to add INVITE / MODIFY / CANCEL ics requests directly to caldav calendar using surgeweb. Globally enable this feature with surgemail.ini setting "g_surgeweb_ics true".  Ability to disable again per domain / user etc using surgeweb config*.dat settings "cal_reply_disable true" or "cal_modify_disable true".
- Fix: Process calendar request and response emails (ie containing just text/calendar content) as downloadable ics attachments, rather than directly displaying the raw calendar request content.
Mon 18 April 2016: Specials build 7.1f-46
- New: Fix preventing iOS and Safari from logging in again using back button / history after logout. Implemented using login page web request redirection, and not enabled by default. Enable using "login_nohistory_enable true" in a surgeweb config_*.dat file.
- New: Setting that prevents the creation of new imap labels using surgeweb "label_universal_nocreate true" (place in config*.dat or _user.dat) Imap labels created with other mail clients can still be assigned using surgeweb even with this in place.
- Fix: Some technically slightly malformed messages that used to display correctly were displaying as invalidly base64 decoded "gobbledygook". Now fixed. (introduced as part of improvements in 7.0d-4).
- Fix: Increased web reqest timebout for actions that may run a very long time (notably "manage folders - refresh folders" and "body search"), default used to be 3 minutes, now is 30 minutes.
Thu 25 February 2016: Specials build 7.1f-37
- Fix: Surgeweb display issues with messages with several thousand recipients.
Tue 16 February 2016: Specials build 7.1f-32
- Fix: Fixed 501 calendaring error using osx calendar to create a new calendar in sabredav (introduced by extra security measures in 6.9d-45, resolved 7.1f-32)
Mon 15 February 2016: Specials build 7.1f-31
- Fix: When replying (as opposed to compose or forward), your own embedded images / image links would sometimes be replaced with the text "[ Image ]". This included signature content, pasted images, the use of add inline image button.  Now should be more reliable at keeping all your own image content intact whilst still stripping all image content from the original message.
- Fix: When displaying messages with multipart related embedded image attachments and other attachments (eg pdf files), the additional attachments would sometimes not be getting shown.
- Fix: Avoid attachments upload trying to use html5 under IE10 (where it was not working)
- Fix: OpenSSL updated to most recent version (OpenSSL 1.0.2f  28 Jan 2016)
Tue 2 February 2016: Specials build 7.1f-18
- Fix: Sporadic spell checker crash fixed.
Mon 18 January 2016: Specials build 7.1f-15
- Fix: Make "Search" search snippet body text if the snippet body text is enabled, previously snippet body text was only searched for the "Quick search".
Thu 24 December 2015: Specials build 7.1f-9
- Fix: Surgeweb caldav calendaring "invitees field" no longer fails to display / deletes old values upon editing the calendar event. Note as has always been the case there is no functionality built in to actually manage sending invites
Mon 23 November 2015: Specials build 7.1f-2
- Fix: For non Flash based attachment uploads, the filenames were not correctly encoded which meant that some attachment uploads would fail based on the characters used in the filename.
Wed 18 November 2015: Beta build 7.1e-1
- Fix: Made "back" navigate away from page warning get activated in more circumstances.
- Fix: Fixed 501 calendaring error on osx calendar connecting to sabredav (introduced by extra security measures in 6.9d-45, resolved 71.d-5)
Sat 14 November 2015: Beta build 7.1c-1

Tue 27 October 2015: Beta build 7.1a-1
- Fix: (Non surgeweb) Sporadic, but large menory leak resolved, see surgemail changes.
Tue 23 September 2015: Specials build 7.0f-4
- Fix: Sporadic signature editing crash
- Fix: Surgeweb caldav event deletion and calendar colouring modification works again (possible other calendar functionality was broken too, bug introduced with improved security code in surgemail 6.9d-45)
Tue 15 September 2015: Beta build 7.0e-1
- Fix: If set to use html5_uploader, forwarding of existing attachments / forward attach features were broken by the fallback mechanism introduced in 7.0d-8 - oops! - works again now.
Tue 15 September 2015: Release build 7.0c2-2 (Patched release build)
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Patched release build with "7.0d-6 Fixed bug with multiple recipients and quota exceeded on one account resulting in repeated deliveries."
Fri 11 September 2015: Specials build 7.0d-8
- Fix: Attempt to make html5 attachment uploader automatically fall back to flash or form based uploader if html5 uploader is not available (IE in compatibility mode or older browser)
- Fix: File handle leak in the strip attachments feature.
Mon 7 September 2015: Release build 7.0c-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Tue 1 September 2015: Specials build 7.0d-5
- Fix: File drag and drop from Chrome OSX file tray at the bottom of the browser window now works to add attachments, upload messages etc (was already working under windows)
Mon 31 Aug 2015: Specials build 7.0d-4
- New: Enable attachments for iOS (now that iOS supports image attachments and the html5 uploader works on iOS).
- New: Ability to strip attachments from messages to keep mail but save on disk usage.
- Fix: Weird formatting (invalid as per RFC) in some attachments failed to decode properly. Now works anyway.
Tue 25 Aug 2015: Beta build 7.0c-1

Sun 16 Aug 2015: Specials build 7.0a-1
- Note: Quite a lot of important surgemail fixes recently, as per SurgeMail Change History.
Wed 24 June 2015: Specials build 6.9d-30
- New: Html5 multifile attachment uploader. This is now the default instead of Flash based multifile attachment uploader.
- Fix: Issue resolved that sometimes prevented signature details from mirrorring.
- Fix: Several obscure memory leaks resolved.
Tue 24 March 2015: Release build 6.9c-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Wed 18 March 2015: Beta build 6.9c-1
- Fix: Another sporadic crashing bug in surgeweb resolved which has "existed forever". This time in email display and sending code.
Thu 5 March 2015: Beta build 6.9a-1
- Fix: Several fixes to surgeweb index handling responsible for sporadic memory leak, surgeweb index corruption and crashes. note: the resolved issue has always existed in surgeweb!
Wed 28 January 2015: Specials build 6.8h-14
- Fix: "Search whole folder" search now work on the Trash folder. Note: Trash has always been, and remains excluded from multifolder searches.
Wed 24 December 2014: Beta build 6.8g-1

Mon 24 November 2014: Beta build 6.8e-1

Sun 23 November 2014: Specials build 6.8d-12
- New: Two settings to restrict access to surgeweb by country. deny_by_country: completely prevent surgeweb logins from these countries, same syntax as surgemail's G_DENY_COUNTRY, may be set in config_global.dat or config_domain.dat (eg "deny_by_country ru,jp"). restrict_to_country:  restrict access to only these countries - supports wildcards and may be set per user in _user.dat, or any config_*.dat file. eg "restrict_to_country nz,us" or "restrict_to_country *,!ru,!jp". Note, both these surgeweb settings also require the surgemail setting "g_country_ip TRUE" to enable the ip to country conversion code.
Thu 20 November 2014: Specials build 6.8d-8
- New: Ability to limit ip ranges surgeweb can be accessed from. Configure using config_*.dat setting of "access_by_ip *,!" takes ranges etc like other surgemail settings.
Thu 13 November 2014: Specials build 6.8d-6
- Fix: If user is using "remember me" feature and password is changed serverside, the user now lands on the surgeweb login page. Previously resulted in an error message that could only be cleared by resetting cookies in browser.
Tue 4 November 2014: Beta build 6.8c-1
- Fix: Tweak to make sure pasted html text displays correctly if the html tag quoting contains unusual mix of single / double quotes
Thu 23 October 2014: Beta build 6.8a-1

Thu 16 Oct 2014: Specials build 6.7f-2
- New: (non surgeweb) Setting to disable SSLv3: g_ssl_disable_sslv3
Fri 10 October 2014: Beta build 6.7e-1

Fri 10 October 2014: Release build 6.7c-1  (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Wed 24 September 2014: Beta build 6.7c-1

- New: Momentum scrolling (iOS) for most items (message display, folder list, message list, contact list)
- New: Minor tweak to increase size of display on mobile sized screens. Disable using config_*.dat setting of "adaptive_viewport_disable true"
- Fix: Allow notes to be edited with plain text editor (always used on iOS), so now notes can be edited under iOS rather than showing a red error
Tue 9 Sep 2014: Specials build 6.7b-41

Thu 21 Aug 2014: Specials build 6.7b-30
- New: Disable the basic html template using the config_*.dat setting of "basic_disable true"
Mon 7 July 2014: Specials build 6.7b-13
- New: Language translation added to the CalDav calendaring client part of surgeweb (uses the standard surgeweb multilanguage features).
- New: Optimise available screen realestate by automatically hiding footer if browser window height is smaller than this - typically laptop or mobile. Configured using config_*.dat setting "footer_shrink 900" ( default value is 850, disable by setting to 0)
Tue 24 June 2014: Specials build 6.7b-10
- Fix: If user navigated away from calendar (eg back to mail) before web request completed that actually downloaded the calendar events, a red exception warning was getting displayed
- Fix: Grayed out pending messages, when rapidly actioning messages by keyboard and background new mail check was done with new mail arrival, any messages with still pending action requests (delete/done) not yet fully complete would be redisplayed briefly in gray.
- Fix: When rapid actioning by keyboard and message was done/deleted, and before the web request actually completed the up arrow was pressed to select previous message and that was actioned too, the cursor would annoyingly drop to the bottom of the message list.
Thu 12 June 2014: Beta build 6.7a-1
- Fix: When non default named trash folder was used (eg "Deleted Items"), and the 'moved to Trash' link was pressed after message deletion a red javascript error was getting displayed
- Fix: When selecting Later folder and folder list caching was enabled a red javascript error was getting displayed
Sat 7 June 2014: Release build 6.5a3-3 (patched)
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Update the production release download to latest OpenSSL version 1.0.1h (affects following platforms: Windows / linux32 / Linux 64 / Solaris 10 intel)
Sat 7 June 2014: Specials build 6.6d-29
- Fix: (non surgeweb) The platforms of SurgeMail build against latest OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.1h
Thu 5 June 2014: Specials build 6.6d-28
- Fix: Fixed widescreen layout not to have recipient text overlapping with date if the message list column is too narrow (FF only issue)
Fri 30 May 2014: Specials build 6.6d-25
- New: Further fix to remove loging page browser warning under latest version of IE
Fri 30 May 2014: Specials build 6.6d-24
- New: Pin by labels now works on surgeweb header based labels too (previously it was only working on imap universal labels).
Fri 23 May 2014: Specials build 6.6d-22
- New: Config_*.dat setting "quota_check_disable true", prevents surgeweb doing quota checks with imap server. Particularly useful if running in surgewall mode against an imap server that does not support quota commands.
- Fix: If "pin by labels" was ticked, and no labels to pin were specified in "lables - manage" no labelled messages were pinned to the top of the list (ie pin by labels "seemed to not work"), now messages with any imap label get pinned to the top of the list.
Wed 21 May 2014: Specials build 6.6d-20
- Fix: If you did a reply_all resulting in populated cc addressing and "compose - options - retain options" was ticked without cc being displayed, the populated cc addresses remained hidden thus hiding some of the messages recipients.
Tue 9 May 2014: Specials build 6.6d-15
- Fix: Surgeweb's "Move and filter permanently" was not working if multiple entries or specific ip address were defined in g_webmail_port.
Tue 29 April 2014: Specials build 6.6d-10
- Fix: Menus were hiding on mouseup on latest versions of chrome
- Fix: On compose / reply IE was sometimes showing the error "TypeError: 'ew.document.body' is null or not an object". I was not able to repeat the issue but have made some further changes that should prevent this in the future.
Thu 10 April 2014: Release build 6.5a2-2 (patched)
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Update the production release download to latest OpenSSL version 1.0.1g (affects following platforms: Windows / linux32 / Linux 64 / Solaris 10 intel)
Wed 9 April 2014: Beta build 6.6c-1
- Fix: (non surgeweb) The platforms of SurgeMail build against latest OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.1g
Wed 12 March 2014: Specials build 6.6b-7
- New: Support for image copy paste in compose editor for browsers that support this - Chrome and Firefox (not IE or Safari). This is particularly useful for pasting hotkey captured screen regions straight into emails.
- Fix: Template processing error fixed that sporadically resulted in surgeweb failing to load at login time
Thu 6 March 2014: Beta build 6.6a-1
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Beta build to incorporate recent 6.5b surgemail changes
Tue 4 March 2014: Specials build 6.5b-66
- Fix: Improved display of messages with missing mime headers on individual message parts (non RFC compliant!)
Mon 27 January 2014: Specials build 6.5b-55

Tue 24 December 2013: Specials build 6.5b-48
- Fix: Tidied up blogs / surgeplus "not yet fully integrated" warning comments in surgeweb.
Tue 26 November 2013: Specials build 6.5b-39
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Admin interface reports sort order was sometimes wrong (most significantly affected windows version)
Mon 25 November 2013: Specials build 6.5b-38
- Fix: Surgeweb enabling of smart_encryption features on multiple domains on one url.
- Fix: "Deferred message returned to Inbox" was sometimes getting displayed when it should not have been.
Thu 21 November 2013: Specials build 6.5b-36
- Fix: Setting to disable end users from editing their calendar sharing and deleting whole calendars at once through surgeweb: "cal_noplay true" (for use in config_*.dat or _user.dat)
- Fix: Plain text editor (as used by iOS devices) was broken recently for certain signature configurations
Thu 14 November 2013: Specials build 6.5b-30
- Fix: No longer show browser warning for native IE11.
Wed 30 October 2013: Specials build 6.5b-23
- Fix: Allow surgeweb to identify unnamed caldav calendar requests as attachments
Tue 17 October 2013: Release build 6.5a-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Fri 11 October 2013: Specials build 6.5b-9
- Fix: Several minor tweaks.
Tue 17 September 2013: Specials build 6.5b-6
- New: Ability to set whether signatures are to be used "text" or "html" mode. When using the plain text mode, notably as used by iPad etc, it will automatically select the plain text signature in preference to the html signature.
- Fix: Sporadic surgeweb crashes resolved.
Mon 9 September 2013: Beta build 6.5a-1

Thu 5 September 2013: Specials build 6.4b-63
- Fix: If one has a host_alias the same as domain name (technically invalid configuration) surgeweb multiple accounts handles it without creating an "alias account"
- Fix: Sporadic surgeweb crash fixed
- Fix: Minor tweaks to attachments display that means some valid attachments that were not being displayed in surgeweb now get displayed
Mon 2 September 2013: Specials build 6.4b-61
- Fix: Sporadic crash in surgeweb body snippets handling (only when explicitly enabled by user or admin)
Fri 30 August 2013: Specials build 6.4b-55
- Fix: Improved HTML / UTF8 washing of emails
Wed 21 August 2013: Specials build 6.4b-52
- Fix: Some additional sanity checks while loading surgeweb indexes
- Fix: Allow surgeweb to login to imap with backslash characters in password.
Thu 1 August 2013: Specials build 6.4b-41

Thu 25 July 2013: Specials build 6.4b-40
- Fix: Display of messages with html base tag and fully qualified https links now displays the links properly (http links were already working before)
Fri 12 July 2013: Specials build 6.4b-35
- Fix: Yesterdays, external_login fix broke all surgeweb->user.cgi autologins, now resolved.
Thu 11 July 2013: Specials build 6.4b-34
- Fix: Sporadic crashing bug resolved
- Fix: Made the external_login.htm page hostname configurable using a config_*.dat variable external_login. Fixed external_login.htm issue where the ertror "browser does not support cookies" sometimes gets displayed if previously logged in with different valid credentials.
Tue 2 July 2013: Specials build 6.4b-29
- New: Surgeweb allow_images display rule for surgeweb users at global / domain / per group level defined in surgeweb config_*.dat as 'allow_images_match *,'
- New: Support for attachments that were named using continuation in the headers (as defined per RFC2231).
Wed 18 June 2013: Specials build 6.4b-19
- Fix: Avoid undeletable calendar with name "mine" getting created if user presses create on caldav calendar configure page without adding a name. Can now be deleted by user and no longer accidentally created.
Wed 18 June 2013: Specials build 6.4b-18
- New: Support for "mark read on message open" as opposed to the normal "mark read on message preview" (enable using config_*.dat or _user.dat manual setting of "markread_onopen true")
- Fix: Address autocompletion on html template set was misbehaving - broken some time back
- Fix: Make surgeweb multiple accounts alias features work nicely with surgemail "host_alias" domain aliases
- Fix: Allow the "surgemail" part of the calendar config help url to be configured (config_*.dat setting of help_to_sm)
- Fix: Make avast last updated display correctly under certain circumstances (non surgeweb)
Thu 13 June 2013: Specials build 6.4b-14
- Change: Important updates to legal archive features (non surgeweb)
- Fix: Popout message viewing windows no longer had scroll ability. (not sure when broken).
Tue 11 June 2013: Specials build 6.4b-13
- Fix: Auth / LDAP surgeweb addressbooks were domain settings that behaved like global settings. Can now correctly configure per domain. Tries to gracefully upgrade existing possibly working but technically broken installs wrt this feature.
Tue 11 June 2013: Release build 6.4a-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Mon 6 May 2013: Beta build 6.4a-1

Tue 29 April 2013: Specials build 6.3d-77
- New: "tellmail logout user@domain" explicitly logs out any active surgeweb sessions (although surgeweb sessions could not actually do anything anyway as soon as you changed the password - eg for compromised account)
Tue 9 April 2013: Specials build 6.3d-72
- New: Defer feature now has custom defer date picker.
- New: Made save to file available form main more actions menu
- Fix: Variety of actions (notably related to attachment downloads) was failing for folders with ampersand in folder name
- Fix: Contacts related crashes recently added
- Fix: Some features related to special folders would stop working after a full page reload interface refresh (eg after saving settings), broken a months or two ago
Thu 4 April 2013: Specials build 6.3d-69
- New: User option to show confirm dialog on purge links on spam and trash folders. Default is confirm on trash purge (permanently destructive) but no confirm on spam purge (just moves messages to trash). System default may be set using config_*.dat setting of say "pref_purge_confirm both" [valid: never | trash | both]
- Fix: Performance issues associated with recently added defer feature fixed
Wed 3 April 2013: Specials build 6.3d-67
- New: Subject annotation allowing arbitrary editing of the subject text for any existing message in any folder. This is effectively a simple free form labelling mechanism that will be visible in all mail clients, and allows fast indexed seaches using surgeweb. Fully free format but suggested one might use hashtag style labels eg "Original subject #important #other @john @jane" etc. Can be searched with logical AND / OR searches in Quick Search recently added.
- New: When a session is no longer valid the reason is noted in relogin dialog (ie due to g_surgeweb_idle_timeout or g_surgeweb_remember_timeout)
- Fix: Longstanding issue where surgeweb would sometimes invalidate sessions and thus "log people out" for no good reason. Unix only issue (confirmed on at least linux and osx intel, definitely not windows), once a day at most, only during the first 9 days of the month and only on an odd combination of timing conditions of server time and the original session login time.
- Fix: When defining imap labels via keyboard the selection cursor was getting reset to top of the list previously.
- Fix: The subject thread & conversation hstory links on messages was broken due to new features in last build
Mon 25 March 2013: Specials build 6.3d-62
- New: Allow manual install of caldav without direct internet access. Download, to surgemail directory. Create surgemail/php_force.dat and run the installer from admin interface.
- New: Quicksearch now supports the "not" and "or" and "and" logic operators. Using # or @ as first character automatically switches quick search to logic search in "and" mode - notably useful combined with hashtag content in freeform comment label below eg label="some text #urgent #other" search="#other #urg"
- New: Support for CSS @media tags in the css washing for surgeweb inline message display (which notably makes twitter emails display nicely)
- New: Ability to defer messages to later (today, tonight, tomorrow, weekend, next week, next month, someday). Deferred messages will be placed in Later folder and moved back to inbox (visibly marked and at the top of the list) as they come due. Already deferred messages can be organised as an ordered to work on list by adjusting the defer times in the Later folder. (globally disable defer feature using config*.dat setting of: defer_disable true)
- New: Ability to manually reorder the messages in your inbox, making it more useful as a tool to manage the things you should be focussing on now. (also controlled by defer_disable setting)
- New: Associate short freeform comment label with messages while they remain in the Inbox or Later folder. (also controlled by defer_disable setting)
- New: Context Pane on right in widescreen mode listing Pending messages (in Inbox or Later) and a conversation history (covering messages in Sent/Done folders) of the previous messages asociated with current message / recipient address gets displayed on right to provide message context and make more sensible use of available screenspace. Can be disabled in the user's advanced preferences. [Feature disabled for the moment untile some final implementation is completed (can be experimentally enabled using "context_disable false" in config_*.dat)]
- New: Complete redesign of the wide screen message list layout, resulting in cleaner display and more effective use of available display space (globally disable using config*.dat setting of: widenew_disable true)
- New: Ability to delete unwanted surgeweb labels, universal imap based labels remain undeletable. Fixed help link on labels management page.
- Change: Removed the automatic label creation and automatic folder creation from fancy menus as it was just too easy to create unwanted junk labels (which were impossible to remove) and unwanted folders (restore old behaviour using config*.dat setting of: pref_pickmenu_create true)
- Fix: Main toolbar formatting for widescreen mode under OSX browsers
- Fix: Made additional accounts play a bit nicer with alias accounts.
- Fix: Use of message body snippets sometimes made save draft fail.
- Fix: Additional account special folder "weird interaction". Notably if primary account was using Sent, then final additional account was added that did not have a Sent folder but did have a "Sent Items" folder say, surgeweb would start using "Sent" on primary account and switch to using "Sent Items" after first background mail check. Now all additional accounts always use the special folder names as specified by the primary account (as it was supposed to be doing already)
- Fix: If a message preview web request failed browser would cache the last successfully downloaded message content for the message in question, thus allowing one to easily action a message incorrectly thinking it was still the last one.
- Fix: Huge speed improvement in the display of large folders if an imap flags update got triggered, most notably doing a "Refresh folder" or when accessing a folder after another mail client has placed messages in the folder (eg the Sent folder)
- Fix: Make modal dialogs more resistant to still accidentally "actioning things" in the background.
Mon 18 February 2013: Specials build 6.3d-29
- New: Support the Redirect button to be optionally added in the menubar.
- New: At long last have made the surgeweb body snippet support generally available to users. Allows the first chunk of body content to be displayed in the message list, most useful in widescreen mode but can be displayed in vertical mode. Users can enable in advanced settings, and would need to reset surgeweb indexes to apply to already delivered messages. Can still be globally disabled using the surgeweb config_*.dat setting "snippets_disable true". When snippets are enabled possibly most usefully this snippet text is also fast searchable using the surgeweb interface. Note however: Folder list updates with many new messages are noticeably slower with this feature enabled.
- Fix: Rather nasty bug where verification stage of adding additional accounts would mess up the additional accoutn settings of the account you were adding if logged in direct to the added account using surgeweb.
- Fix: Further changes to message list display in widescreen mode as people complained about the last change. Now its more like iOS message display with a blue message unread indicater and no font changes but the font stays dark and sender / subject is still easy to distinguish.
Sat 9 February 2013: Specials build 6.3d-21
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Admin interface would be missing left frame (and thus be effectively unusable) with use of certain g_url_alias combinations. (broken 6.2d-7)
- Fix: Html text messages with inline attachments (as generated by some apple clients) would fail to display the additional html parts. (Previosly already worked for plain text messages)
- Fix: If disabling or deleting one of the additional accounts which was the currently displayed account error would be displayed (non IE only)
- Fix: Timing issue resolved that sometimes did / did not refresh message list display correctly when notes (or drafts) got discarded
- Fix: Made widescreen display message read / unread status bit easier to see.
Wed 19 December 2012: Release build 6.3c2-2 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Mon 17 December 2012: Specials build 6.3d-2
- Fix: Full stop at end of link in text messages not treated as part of link (now more inline with other mail clients)
- Fix: Resolved display of unusual error message by surgeweb sometimes of "RX: some text", where "some text" was getting generated by browser toolbars or other spurious browser helper applications
- Fix: Some scanners were sending scanned documents as pdfs in such a way that surgeweb failed to display the attachments
- Fix: Tidied up some of the surgeweb related content on the user.cgi pages
Fri 14 December 2012: Beta build 6.3c2-2
- Fix: (Non surgeweb) Some debugging code removed that was causing some problems
Wed 12 December 2012: Beta build 6.3c-1
- Fix: (Non surgeweb) Variety of further stability fixes resolved recently
Thu 22 November 2012: Beta build 6.3a-1
- Fix: Changing user password stopped surgeweb access to caldav from working
Wed 14 November 2012: Specials build 6.2d-16
- Fix: Bunch more of minor surgeweb interface behaviour and consistency tidyups
Tue 13 November 2012: Specials build 6.2d-14
- Fix: Recent stability issues should now be (hopefully) be fully resolved
Thu 8 November 2012: Specials build 6.2d-10
- Fix: (Non surgeweb) Nasty bug sporadically corrupting messages (introduced 6.2d-1)
Tue 6 November 2012: Specials build 6.2d-8
- Fix: Fixed second crashing bug (which has existed a long time but became more noticable as the result of additional code safety checks added yeterday)
Tue 6 November 2012: Specials build 6.2d-7
- Fix: Bunch of mostly minor interface consistency behaviour tidyups throughout ajax interface
- Fix: Surgeweb message header processing crashing bug fixed
- Fix: Pressing discard on a message actually on a message saved as a draft actually discards the saved draft as well as the message "up on screen"
Wed 31 October 2012: Specials build 6.2d-5
- New: Easy filtering of messages by from address to other folders. Rules can be added using more actions menu or shift dragging messages to folders. This moves all matching messages currenlty in inbox and adds user.cgi rule for all future deliveries. (can be disabled with config_*.dat setting of 'filters_disable true')
- Change: Folder management page folder order now matches the the folder list displayed elsewhere with the system folders interleaved with user folders.
- Fix: Control dragging a messgage (and it saying it was going to do a copy) actually did a move under certain conditions
- Fix: Improvements to the advanced folder actions (spam purge, send - done, send and click on link to sent folder) if using the non default specials folder matches eg by defauld say "Sent Messages" or "Sent Items" as opposed to "Sent"
Fri 26 October 2012: Specials build 6.2d-1
- Fix: Variety of small cosmetic tweaks
- Fix: Ability to edit surgeweb display name of imap labels created in thunderbird with odd utf8 characters (thunderbird's label name encoding is different from the encoding scheme surgeweb uses)
- Fix: In browsers other than IE the editor markup/html toggle button behaved oddly
- Fix: Auto reload interface if language is changed
- Fix: More language translation strings implemented
Fri 26 October 2012: Beta build 6.2c-1

Wed 24 October 2012: Specials build 6.2b-19

Thu 18 October 2012: Specials build 6.2b-14
- New: Label and Note buttons can now be hidden in the menubar using the customisation preferences
- Fix: Automatic interface reload on settings save was getting triggered more frequently than necessary
- Fix: Arrow key based scrolling up and down the contact list results in the updating of the displayed detail pane
- Fix: If on non mail app menu (eg contacts or calendars), closing options screens would leave interface in slightly inconsistent state displaying message list and app menu and left panel for what was being displayed before.
- Fix: Various language translation fixes
- Fix: Minor readability tweaks to widescreen display
- Fix: Surgeweb ajax interface now works for IE10 under windows 8.
Wed 2 October 2012: Specials build 6.2b-8

Wed 25 September 2012: Specials build 6.2b-3
- Fix: Surgeweb was displaying "unlimited quota" as "100% of 1KB" in red (introduced 6.1e-15)
Wed 13 September 2012: Beta build 6.2a-1
- New: Apply special behaviour to subfolders, eg showing recipient rather than sender for subfolders of Sent folder.
- Fix: Signature editing interface was misbehaving if you had more than 5 multipart related images in the same signature.
- Fix: Resolved issue (affecting all browsers) where for multipart related message content displayed "as attachments" could not be downloaded as a "download all" zip file.
- Fix: Surgeweb attachment downloads was not working for the ajax interface from some mobile browsers, now should work. Tested under iOS and android.
Wed 12 September 2012: Specials build 6.1e-34
- New: Allow pinning of important messagers to the top of the message list. Can be based on all "Starred items", or messages with one or more Universal Labels (eg. "Important,Today"). Enable / disable using "sort by" menu and edit pinning labels on labels management page.
- New: Automatic interface reload if preferences have been changed that require a page refresh to get actioned (notably language & screen layout)
- New: Clicking stars to flag / unflag messages applies to the whole selection if multiple items are selected.
- Change: Removed the automatic screen refresh if you had actioned >50 items of the 100 items in the message list, as it was mostly "annoying" rather than useful
- Fix: Surgeweb frontend/backend user.cgi autologin now works with just g_surgeweb_backend_server specified (previously only worked with per domain setting surgeweb_backend_server)
Sat 8 September 2012: Specials build 6.1e-25
- Fix: Several minor tweaks
Wed 5 September 2012: Specials build 6.1e-23
- New: (BETA) Caldav integrated "drag and drop" calendaring from surgeweb ajax interface (see key features). The calendaring interface is beta and there are still features I am working on to make it easier to use (eg datepicker when editing etc). If caldav is installed, surgeweb will display caldav calendar for all users. There is a setting on the surgeweb customisation page to set the global default to hidden. If globally disabled you can enable per account using "newcal_hide false" in _user.dat files. As it stands all critical bugs I know about have been resolved, it is very usable, and it is decently cross browser compatible (Very nice in latest IE9, Chrome, Safari, FF; ok in IE8; usable but displayed with old browser warning in IE7)
- Fix: Compose button (and rest of toolbar) was behaving oddly under IE7 only (recently introduced)
Wed 29 August 2012: Specials build 6.1e-15
- New: Surgemail (and surgeweb) standardised for quota handling in units of 1000 rather than 1024 ie 1mb=1000000 (means quota in admin interface can be set as 100000000 instead of 100mb and still match quota in surgeweb and mailbox full email)
- New: Allow specification of charset for old webmail contacts and distribution list imports, specified as surgeweb config*.dat setting of eg: "contact_import_charset ISO-8859-1" (should be set to match the display character set the old webmail interface was being used in for cleanest imports)
- Fix: Hide the "options - preferences - filtering log" link if spam and friends are disabled (as the behaviour used to be before recent spam related interface improvements)
- Fix: Support single quotes in signature name string
- Fix: "home" was being shown as "home page" in some of the contacts fields (introduced 6.1d-33)
- Fix: "There are no messages in this folder" sometimes incorrectly displayed (Pressing refresh or new mesasge arrival without having pressed a folder in this session - recently broken)
Tue 21 August 2012: Specials build 6.1e-9
- Fix: Two IE only javasript errors fixed
Thu 2 August 2012: Specials build 6.1d-41
- Fix: Long CC header crashing bug introduced in 6.1d-40
Tue 31 July 2012: Specials build 6.1d-40
- New: Delivery log and Spam control links added to the Folders pane. (can be removed via config*.dat setting of "no_spam_panel true")
- Fix: Cc headers (and Bcc headers of messages in sent folder) were not correctly decoding utf8 characters resulting in "?=iso..." in display strings.
- Fix: Split backend / frontend servers will now pickup the surgeweb interface language selection and apply it to the user.cgi page too
- Fix: Can remove context sensitive help suffixes using surgeweb config_*.dat setting of "help_context false"
Tue 20 July 2012: Specials build 6.1d-33
- Fix: Equals key stroke to move to done folder was not working in FF
- Fix: Lots more strings are now language translatable
- Fix: Additional checks on pref_sizer1 which was sporadically receiving negative values
- Fix: Issue where clicking messages was no longer opening them after having sent a message (only affected unusual screen layout combination)
Tue 3 July 2012: Specials build 6.1d-24
- Fix: Surgeweb was no longer working in IE7 after recent code changes. (other versiosn of IE & other browsers unaffected)
Mon 2 July 2012: Specials build 6.1d-23
- Fix: Display of simplified spam handling in the basic interface as well.
- Fix: If surgevault was disabled the lock was no longer getting hidden on popup windows.
- Fix: Increased the surgeplus web upload filesize limit from 100MB to 800MB per file.
Sat 30 June 2012: Specials build 6.1d-21
- New: Moving messages to Done or Trash folder automatically marks them as read if needed
- Fix: Fixes to the save handling of the "Note" messages
- Fix: Doing forward of multiple messages was only marking one as forwarded (same with the send-done on a forward was only moving the first message)
- Fix: Switching of identities with Ctl-Alt keys pressed was no longer preventing the mark-read actions.
Wed 22 June 2012: Release build 6.1c-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Wed 6 June 2012: Beta build 6.1c-1

- New: Standardisation / simplification in the presentation of the user.cgi / surgeweb spam configuration interface. Some changes to the recommended spam handling settings.
- Fix: Several stability fixes
- Fix: Google chrome would sometimes "stop doing its resize updates"
Thu 10 May 2012: Specials build 6.1a-1
- Fix: Faster display of the body of the contacts list when swithcing to contacts via app menu
- Fix: Folder switching with screen layout set to "Web" rather than "Application" mode was resulting on odd behaviour (result of recent new features)
Tue 1 May 2012: Specials build 6.0b-61
- Fix: Reply button on popup message windows broken with recently introduced features
Tue 1 May 2012: Specials build 6.0b-60
- Fix: Minor tweaks to the Notes handling
- Fix: Two minor fixes wrt caldav calendaring. (configuration via surgeweb for some configurations, behaviour if unix php timezone is not set)
- Fix: Pressing delete key during contacts editing was not working correctly since recent contact multiple selection changes
Thu 26 April 2012: Specials build 6.0b-59
- New: Surgeweb now adds the surgeweb reply coloring to the sent message when sending in html mode. Makes it look a whole lot more readable in microsoft clients in particular.
- Fix: Surgevault related fixes (surgevault lock displayed with surgevault set to hidden in surgeweb admin interface, and switching to surgevault with when deleting addresses - both introduced in recently)
- Fix: Replying to messages was not correctly adding images in signatures to the message
Tue 24 April 2012: Specials build 6.0b-56
- New: (non surgeweb) User.cgi domain admin logins now support multiple concurrent sessions
- Fix: Surgeweb CalDAV configuration interface now works with ip address specified in g_webmail_port or using surgeweb's https_required setting.
Tue 24 April 2012: Specials build 6.0b-55
- Fix: Improved the addition of "additional accounts" which had never been logged into directly using surgeweb. Notably was resulting in folder could not be loaded popup boxes in recent builds and and the warning "tcmd_load_msg_info no fld loaded 1" in slightly older builds.
Mon 23 April 2012: Specials build 6.0b-54
- New: Full multiple selection handling for manipulating contacts on contacts page (selection handling just like email mailbox message list). Mailbox code was generalised and reused so watch for anything I may have broken on the mailbox message list selection handling.
- New: Ability to save "Notes" in your email boxes - Useful for variety of things including: free format To Do lists, quick reference notes, inbox annotation, and general use instead of a Post-it note.
- New: Ability to modify messages in your Templates folder and save directly back to templates folder
- Fix: Much faster refreshing of the whole contact list (previously only hit at login time or deletion of contacts, now also hit when actioning multiple items)
- Fix: Can now delete contacts that have the "+" character as part of the email address (notably affected were auto added Facebook reply by email addresses)
- Fix: Reopening drafts (or notes) with attachments / creating message with attachments on compose (eg forward attach) was not correctly enabling the desktop drag and drop attachment integration
- Fix: Message list caching works fully across multiple accounts now too
- Fix: Mouse based autocomplete selection picking recently broken (IE8 only, IE9 & other browsers not affected)
Thu 18 April 2012: Release build 6.0a5-5 (main production release download links updated to this build)
- Fix: Windows distribution updated so avast should install now on the few machines where it was failing to install. (for already installed versiosn of surgemail you many need to delete or rename the surgemail/avast directory first).
Thu 5 April 2012: Specials build 6.0b-49
- Fix: Folder message list caching was broken in IE8 leading to odd folder switching behaviour.
Wed 4 April 2012: Specials build 6.0b-48
- Fix: Several minor fixes & tweaks to caldav calendaring (if caldav already installed you will need to press "update current install" using admin interface)
Wed 4 April 2012: Release build 6.0a5-5 (patched)
- Fix: OSX_intel build should now run on older Intel Core Duo macs again (in fact the osx intel build is back to being 32bit as there is little advantage for it to be 64 bit although there is a "FAT" combined 32 / 64 bit build next to the normal download if anyone does want to try it)
- Fix: Windows build is now "signed by NetWin"
- Fix: (non surgeweb) g_inbox_max related bug creating incorrect totals & empty messages ins spam / friends folders
- Fix: (non surgeweb) fix for smtp sending crashes
Sat 31 March 2012: Specials build 6.0b-45
- Fix: Message list caching was not updating properly for newly added messages to folders with more than 100 mesages (eg opening sent folder after sending a message)
Fri 30 March 2012: Specials build 6.0b-44
- New: (non surgeweb) Surgemail serverwide SSL SNI support providing the ability to host multiple domains with standard ssl certificates on the same ip address.
- New: Folder message list caching with list update as soon as a background update returns. Means switching between folders particularly with slow server or high latency network connection is more responsive. Rather nice side effect of this is that you effectively have a per folder cursor that gets remembered as you switch back and forth between folders. Clicking currently displayed folder in folder list still does normal full update. Enabled by default, users can disable in advanced preferences or set global default using config_*.dat of "pref_nocache2 true".
- Fix: Image customisation using surgeweb admin interface for additional vdomains on single url signon with customisation has never worked. It was incorrectly looking for images in surgemail/surgeweb/custom rather than surgemail/surgeweb/custom/
- Fix: Surgemail installer (Windows only) now "signed by NetWin" rather than being "unsigned".
Wed 21 March 2012: Specials build 6.0b-39
- New: CalDAV calendars now in BETA. Calendar sharing / creation / deletion accessible via surgeweb. Can be shared with "write access" / "read access" / "free busy" (further info on installation)
- New: Setting to disable the Flash uploader and always revert back to plain form based uploads
- Fix: Fixes to the contacts getting shown as coloured when adding addresses in the To / Cc / Bcc field
Fri 17 March 2012: Specials build 6.0b-35
- Fix: Address autocompletion was behaving oddly for html interface or with fancy address picker disabled in ajax interface (recently broken)
Fri 17 March 2012: Specials build 6.0b-34
- Fix: Nasty bug where surgeweb was failing to send and quietly eating most messages. Bug introduced last night in version 6.0b-32
Thu 16 March 2012: Specials build 6.0b-32
- Fix: Improved surgeweb compatibility talking direct to non surgemail backend smtp servers
- Fix: Prevent addresses that look like facebook etc dynamic for getting autoadded to the contacts list
Wed 7 March 2012: Specials build 6.0b-26
- New: Beta of surgemail hosted standalone CalDAV calendaring for mobile and desktop clients (using php based SabreDAV). Should be essentially functional (primarily tested using iOS clients), but do not deploy in production yet as data storage arrangement may be changed yet. Contact netwin if you are interested in beta testing this. Further features will be added here in the near future.
- Fix: Bug where single part messages were not getting correctly decoded for mime type. Notably visible as character set handling issue where single part plain text messages with native table based character sets were not correctly displayed as utf8. (introduced 5.3i-43)
- Fix: Crashing fix surrounding processing of really long urls in some emails
- Fix: Made switching between 32 bit and 64 bit binaries tidier in terms of surgeweb errors (notably affects 6.0a2-2 OSX intel build upgrading from older osx builds. But other 64 bit builds will regenerate users surgeweb indexes too with this fix)
Thu 1 March 2012: Release build 6.0a4-4 (patched)
- Fix: Further fixes in terms of upgrade of 64 bit builds. Fix only affects linux64, solaris8 & osx_intel builds and if you are already on 6.0a3-3 without problems there is no need to upgrade to 6.0a4-4.
Fri 24 February 2012: Release build 6.0a3-3 (patched)
- Fix: Spam filtering handling crashing fixes (already resolved on main branch)
- Fix: Made switching between 32 bit and 64 bit binaries tidier (further info noted above)
- Fix: Added "all_hints_disable true" setting (already part of the main branch)
Wed 22 February 2012: Specials build 6.0b-20
- New: Detected Adobe Flash version displayed as part of the info page under the green info icon.
- Fix: Crash in addressbook export.
Tue 14 February 2012: Specials build 6.0b-18
- New: Multipart related image support in the signatures to support "business card" type images as part of the signature.
- New: Emoticon icon support as multipart related inline images when composing a message
- New: Ability to add multipart related inline images when composing messages. Includes serverside rescale and crop facility as part of the upload dialog.
- New: Signature improvements - now supports multiple signatures, of unlimited size, with the ability to set the default for each additional account.
- Fix: Improved prefences saving, previously if a background request started earlier than and finished after a preferences save requests, the changed preferences could annoyingly be lost. (particularly noticibaly if making preferences changes straight after login while contact or messages were still getting downloaded).
Tue 14 February 2012: Release build 6.0a2-2 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Tue 24 January 2012: Specials build 6.0b-7

- New: Multiple account support within surgeweb. Many of you have been using this for a long time but this resolves most of the little gotches and oddities this feature still had. This allows you to have multiple local imap accounts within one surgeweb login (keeping them separate, but monitoring all for new mail, and able to reply from any account). Also allows you to specify the reply to header. Note: Intended and partially complete "single inbox" multiple identity support has been disabled for now until implementation is complete. Multiple account support can be completely disabled on the surgeweb customisation page if needed.
- New: Access to the Legal Archives though the use on an "Extras" tab in the preferences. Also provides access to other user.cgi functionality which was not yet available directly through surgeweb: notify, mailing lists, mail import, address aliases (only if those features are user_access enabled). Can also be disabled at surgeweb level with config_*.dat setting of "extras_disable all", extras tab features can be individually disabled using this same setting.
- New: User selectable automatic logout if surgeweb session is idle for too long (can be forced on using config_*.dat setting "autologout_enforced true" and configured using say "autologout_duration 30", "pref_autologout_type on"
- New: Hints system recently introduced can be completely disabled with the config_*.dat setting of "all_hints_disable true".
- Fix: Some image attachments were not getting seen as image attachments
Mon 17 January 2012: Beta build 6.0a2-2
- Fix: Surgevault related crash resolved
Tue 10 January 2012: Beta build 6.0a-1
- New: Message save to file naming improvements. Zip file name is based on folder and export date, contained message file named based on message date, message subject and message sender.
- New: Surgeweb hints and suggestions for the productive use of surgeweb. A small set of hints now get occasionally displayed to surgeweb users. The default list of system hints can be customised with up to 32 of your own hint messages, and individual system hints can be disabled if necessary.
- Fix: BCC field was getting truncated to 1KB (approx 35 recipients) when reading in message - eg viewing of a sent message, or re-editing draft, etc
Sat 7 January 2012: Specials build 5.3i-64
- Fix: Surgeweb was sending messages with empty Message-ID headers, with primary result that a few receiving mail servers/clients were "deduplicating" and deleting the messages in question (broken 5.3i-35)
Thu 8 December 2011: Specials build 5.3i-59
- New: Surgeweb new message refreshes tweaked to also hide messages if they disappear. (as a result of getting processed with another mail client / phone etc). This will introduce some extra diskio, old behaviour can be restored using surgeweb config*.dat setting of "global_nohide true"
Tue 29 November 2011: Specials build 5.3i-50
- New: Ability to mark return path as valid for from address so additional warning header does not get displayed for future messages for this address combination.
- Fix: Drag and drop attachment addition works again for latest versions of firefox.
Fri 4 November 2011: Specials build 5.3i-40
- New: Extra header display tamed slightly to count same base level domains as valid matches be default. Behaviour can be configured with config_*.dat setting "mismatch_check" of  disabled, domain or exact.
Thu 3 November 2011: Specials build 5.3i-39
- New: Extra headers displayed if messages seem dodgy (repy-to, return-path, reverse lookup) displayed under various combinations of header address mismatch, or message being identified as spam.
- New: Copy email address text via right click menu on any address recipient or right click menu in message list.
Tue 10 October 2011: Specials build 5.3i-36
- Change: Old webmail no longer upgraded or installed by default - is still part of the distribution (running installer with "-dowebmail" still installs old webmail)
Tue 23 August 2011: Specials build 5.3i-31
- Fix: Contact details would not allow you to specify Phonetic names at all anymore.
- Fix: Contact details would not allow you to specify Job-Title or Department without specifying Company name.
- Fix: Webkit browser only bug (Safari / Chrome) where the first page of the surgeweb preferences would "sometimes not scroll" - particularly annoying on lower resolution screens.
- Fix: "Resent-From:" header was no longer being correctly populated during redirection - broken some months back.
Tue 2 August 2011: Specials build 5.3i-26
- Fix: Further fixes to format flowed formatting (broken in new and interesting ways in 5.3i-11)
- Fix: Crashing bugfix for corrupt surgeweb cache files (definitely affecting solaris64, possibly other platforms).
Tue 26 July 2011: Specials build 5.3i-24
- New: Setting to "always display attached emails as inline" - particularly useful for receiving multipart-digest messages. (under per user advanced surgeweb settings)
- New: "Send as new" in more actions menu item which allows you to use any existing message (sent folder or any other folder) as a starting point to composing another brand new message.
- New: Setting to enable "resend without reply formatting" to get resend working more like other clients such as Thunderbird. (under per user advanced surgeweb settings)
- Fix: Minor tweaks to display of "redirect" message composition.
Tue 19 July 2011: Specials build 5.3i-22
- Fix: In left list on contacts page "Favorites", "All Contacts", "All Addresses" can now be internationalised.
- Fix: Toggling star by clicking now fully works in widescreen mode, message selection using white space under checkbox tweaked for widescreen mode. Setting flags in ajax interface feels more responsive (ui updated on start of request rather than completion of request)
Mon 11 July 2011: Release build 5.3h2-2 (patched)
- Fix: Several sporadic crash issues resolved
Mon 11 July 2011: Specials build 5.3i-15
- Fix: Reduced excessive emsg logging (introduced 5.3i-11)
- Fix: Several sporadic crash issues resolved
Tue 6 July 2011: Specials build 5.3i-11
- New: Lesser used html editor buttons collapsed to a menu button to make space for several new feature buttons to be enabled soon.
- New: Support for iOS devices (iPhone / iPad etc) for the ajax and html interfaces. Not optimised for fat finger touching on touch screens, but at least perfectly usable now with a bit of zooming and scrolling, which it has not been to date.
- New: True plain text composition support for ajax and html interfaces (used automatically by iOS devices)
- Fix: Several fixes with the format flowed message text part reformatting.
- Fix: Added viewport meta tag to mobile interface to (hopefully) make it look better.
Mon 27 June 2011: Release build 5.3h-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Fri 10 June 2011: Beta build 5.3h-1

- Fix: Few minor fixes
Tue 24 May 2011: Specials build 5.3g-3
- New: IMAP namespace support for configurations where surgeweb is configured to talk to non surgemail imap servers. To configure a namespace add config_*.ini setting of say "imap_namespace INBOX."
- Fix: Tweaks to handling of mobile login page. If you use the url http://.../surgeweb?mobile=true to get to mobile login page, remember me works on the mobile login page too.
Thu 19 May 2011: Beta build 5.3f-1
- Fix: Make surgeweb display correct message date/time for browser detection of non integral timezones
- Fix: Further washing of contacts email field to prevent unexpected email address formatting and prevent things like tab characters doing bad things to users' addressbooks.
Fri 13 May 2011: Specials build 5.3e-2
- New: Changes for significant surgeweb webserver performance enhancements should now be fully enabled
- Fix: Forwarded messages with multipart related content were no longer displaying their mpr images properly inline even though the images were attached (broken 5.2d-8 I believe)
- Fix: Bunch of minor mobile template fixes
Tue 10 May 2011: Specials build 5.3d-6
- New: (non surgeweb) Application wide memory handling changes to try and boost performance - disabled by default still. Build should be fully stable though as far as I know.
- New: Mobile interface now honours the https_required setting too.
- Fix: (non surgeweb) IMAP mesage date / time (as displayed by surgeweb) maintains message timestamp for mailbox import from gmail.
- Fix: Flash attachments uploader now works under IE9
- Fix: CSV address import would fail if import had a single quote character on any line other than first of a multiline field (eg address field).
Wed 27 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-29
- New: Additional surgeweb status logging and work done to identify performance bottlenecks on some large servers.
Tue 26 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-26
- New: Surgeweb config_*.dat setting to disable browser input field autocompletion on the login page (not recommended but may be needed to pass security audits) "disable_login_autocomplete true"
- Fix: Bunch of minor fixes & formatting changes of the basic HTML & mobile interfaces.
- Fix: (Non Surgeweb) Archive extract maintains message time which means unarchived messages get displayed with the correct message time in surgeweb.
Thu 21 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-24
- New: Mechanism for arbitrary mobile or html template customisation without having to make changes to the tpl directory. Not recommended for customisation unless you really need to, as on upgrades you will need to be comparing your template versions against the ones in the tpl directory to see if NetWin has made any changes and then incorporate any changes. But it is still better than having to modify the files in the tpl directory directly.
- Fix: Minor fixes to single signon url customisation feature added in 5.3c-19.
Wed 20 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-22
- New: Config_*.dat setting of "help_add_domain true" which will add "?" to all help web requests allowing your webserver to do customsation based on domain without needing to maintain multiple documentation trees per domain.
- Fix: Web encode login_title field of surgeweb customisation page of admin interface, other fields were already web encoded. This allows you to set say "&nbsp;" to blank out a field.
- Fix: Admin interface fix where "custom/" was being repeatedly added to the login_css settings under certain conditions.
- Fix: Variety of other little fixes.
Mon 18 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-21
- New: Html interface now also does "panelling" borders (no rounded corners)
- Fix: Html interface Selecting contacts and then "doing things" was incorrectly resetting the menu highlight to "mail" again.
- Fix: Html (Basic) interface was listing the multivalue special folders as specified in config files eg "Sent,Sent Items,Sent Messages" instead of "Sent"
- Fix: Surgeweb preferences page was showing an error and not populating user.cgi based info it you had surgeweb ssl set to being required, and the server was not listeing on for as specified by g_webmail_secure_port. Now uses first fully specified ip / host it comes across in g_webmail_secure_port.
Sun 17 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-19
- Fix: Several fixes to yesterdays customisation changes. Also now by passing domain in on command line (eg http://myserver/surgweb? supports all logged out "login page customisation" - still requires login_crossdomain to be globally enabled.
Sat 16 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-15
- New: Support for surgeweb domain customisation for use with multiple domains on a single sign-on url. Obviously only the "logged in" customisation settings will get applied per domain and login_crossdomain needs to be globally enabled.
Fri 8 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-12
- Fix: Support for global login.htm file for use with custom_login_htm. ie surgeweb/custom/login.htm  as well as the already existing surgeweb/custom/{domain}/login.htm
- Fix: Washing of certain badly formatted spam was taking up way too much cpu.
- Fix: Allow passwords to start with '(' as first character logging in to surgeweb.
- Fix: Ampersand fix, attempt 2 - forgot to add fix to source control for 5.3c-10 :-(
- Fix: Inline display of attached messages (and probably images too) was not working for messages with certain mime constructs. (probably broken 5.3c-8)
Mon 4 April 2011: Specials build 5.3c-10
- Fix: Support for the ampersand character as part of the username when logging in to surgeweb.
Wed 30 March 2011: Specials build 5.3c-9
- Fix: Message drag and drop into folders did not work in FF4.
- Change: (non surgeweb) On windows we will now be building with newer version of developer studio, let us know if it causes any problems.
Mon 28 March 2011: Specials build 5.3c-8
- New: Support for multipart/digest messages. Note: watch for any odd MIME messages just in case they now display badly. A side effect of this addition is that messages with multiple plain text parts - very rare, but sometimes result of virus scanner modification etc - should now show all parts rather than just the first part as they did previously.
Mon 14 March 2011: Specials build 5.3c-5
- Fix: If you are connected to surgeweb using https (using "https_required true"), proxied user.cgi requests (to complete the "Preferences - Filtering and spam control" settings page spam settings) will be https as well now - allows total lock down of http port. (if needed restore old behavior using "old_usercgi_proxying true")
Fri 11 March 2011: Beta build 5.3b2-2
- Fix: Same crashing bug fixed as fixed in 5.3c-4
Fri 11 March 2011: Specials build 5.3c-4
- Fix: Crashing bug when sending messages from html interface with blank bodies (introduced 5.2d-8)
Tue 8 March 2011: Specials build 5.3c-3
- Fix: In message display total attachments count was getting listed as "N Attached Images" so message with say "image + vcf file" was listed as having "2 Attached Images".
- Fix: Disabled check for "Old draft could not be removed" when sending. Some people were sporadically seeing these in surgeweb leading to confusion, now logs in mail.err instead. Contact support if you see significant numbers of these log entries, as source of issue has not been resolved.
Mon 7 March 2011: Beta build 5.3b-1
- Fix: Pressing Next / Previous on surgeweb's user.cgi blacklist settings page listed friends (whitelist) rather than blacklist addresses (although previously deletion attempts would result in no action and correct blacklist addresses getting displayed again - confusing to users though).
- Fix: Surgeweb's user.cgi whitelist settings were not displaying nicely in IE9 (don't think other browsers affected, not sure about earlier versions of IE)
Thu 3 March 2011: Specials build 5.2d-9
- Fix: All messages sent using surgeweb were being sent without a subject (was broken yesterday)
Wed 2 March 2011: Specials build 5.2d-8
- New: Surgeweb reply to surgevault message automatically enables surgevault on reply message (disable behaviour using "surgevault_reply false" in surgeweb config_*.dat files)
- Warning: Some major surgeweb code restructuring done relating to message part handling. Let me know if any changes are noticed wrt display of various message parts or when replying / forwarding multipart messages, attachments etc (there should in theory be no change in behaviour for now).
Mon 28 February 2011: Specials build 5.2d-5
- New: (non surgeweb) Old webmail support to get users' real ip address in delivery logs during smtp sends (requires g_webmail_secret and smtp_realip settings)
- New: Ability to show arbitrary right column info / iframe on login page (much like the right column in ajax interface). Contact surgemail-support if you want further instructions to use this.
- Fix: Chrome version 10+ (still prerelease) was doing odd page layout things under a variety of conditions when replying to a message.
- Fix: Urls in messages were getting truncated at 200 characters
- Fix: Attachments with a certain slightly odd mime type were not getting displayed by surgeweb
Tue 1 February 2011: Beta build 5.2c-1
- Fix: Two CSV contact import fixes: If individual fields in a csv record were over 10KB this would result in failed import and 100% cpu usage, multiline values in the "Notes" field now get imported into the "Comments" field (up to a maximum limit of 1KB).
- Fix: Copy and pasting multiple addresses at once into to / cc / bcc fields was not getting handled as nicely as it might have been.
- Fix: If an account's quota was set to "(no limit)", the body search and clicking green info icon did not work.
- Fix: Dragging a dropping a contact from shared addressbook to personal addressbook with single quote in name was failing. (previously was working by first drag & drop copy to group without quote, and then from there to group with quote)
- Fix: Pressing Ctl-alt-del (to lock screen etc) with surgeweb browser window as front window was deleting the message selected by cursor.
Tue 11 January 2011: Release build 5.2a-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Fri 7 January 2011: Specials build 5.2b-6

- Fix: If you selected message via click in message list which was the result of a search across multiple folders, then used arrow keys selection cursor would start from the top of list. Now cursor moves from item you clicked.
- Fix: If you clicked a message which was not cached but it took a while to get the message from the server, and you then moved to a next message (by clicking it or arrow keys) that was already cached in browser, the second message would get instantly displayed, but the display would change back to the first message when the first web request returned. Now preview stays on the next selected item you had already moved on to.
- Fix: The "inline display" of attachments / multipart related content from "attached messages" that themselves have attachments or multipart related content does not work. Now this shows a loud warning to use "store in current folder" feature to access original message - and the "non functional" links from nested message content (like show images / slideshow etc) no longer get displayed.
- Fix: Flash attachment fails with error "Flash Uploader - error -220" on https connections with untrusted certificates, now displays a more sensible warning with suggested remedial actions (affects all non IE browsers I tested).
- Fix: Orphaned IMAP folder shares (imap folders shared with other users using surgeweb and then folder deleted without removing share) no longer get displayed in the account the folder was shared with.
- Fix: User.cgi account creation autologin (and "webmail link") now goes to surgeweb rather than webmail. (can restore old behaviour using g_old_webmail_links)
Tue 21 December 2010: Beta build 5.2a-1 (new latest beta build)

Mon 13 December 2010: Specials build 5.1g-2

- Fix: (non surgeweb) Some significant spam handling fixes / improvements.
- Fix: Some of the attachment handling links in messages were not working if the name of the folder that contained them, had a single quote in it.
- Fix: Attachment removal crosses were not working if you did not have Flash installed and were using form based uploads or drag & drop based uploads.
Web 8 December 2010: Specials build 5.1f-2
- Fix: Crashing issue in contacts syntax checking of records >1KB (introduced 5.1d-4).
Tue 7 December 2010: Release build 5.1c2-2 (patched)
- Fix: (non surgeweb) IMAP issue and mail delivery memory leak fixed (same fix as in 5.1e-1).
Tue 7 December 2010: Specials build 5.1e-1
- Fix: (non surgeweb) IMAP issue and mail delivery memory leak fixed.
- New: Make surgeweb send on port 587 instead of port 25 automatically if g_smtp_portforce is set (rather than having to set surgeweb_backend_smtp per domain).
Tue 30 November 2010: Specials build 5.1d-8
- New: (non surgeweb) User.cgi proxying support (g_proxy_usercgi) for use in a proxied server config where the backend server(s) are intentionally not accessible from outside the DMZ.
- Fix: For some oddly formatted html messages (as generated by OSX Mail) the wrong html part was being selected for display.
Fri 26 November 2010: Specials build 5.1d-6
- Fix: Strict contacts syntax validity checking now makes backup of old file before removing any entries, and it was removing entries in two cases where it should not have been.
Fri 26 November 2010: Specials build 5.1d-4
- New: Strict syntax validity checking added to surgeweb contacts handling which should detect any of the past past or possible future single quote formatting issues in the contacts data. Todate these issues have resulted in red javascript error needing manual intervention by admin. Now "bad entries" that do not match expected syntax will automatically be removed (and this action logged to mail.err).
- Fix: Further crash fix related to long strings of invalid UTF8 characters.
- Fix: Html washing made a little stricter to prevent some interactions between DOM elements in message and ajax interface. Let me know if any html messages do not show correctly that used to show correctly.
- Fix: Content of voicemail messages (of non RFC type "multipart/Voice-Message") was getting displayed as text, now displayed as wav attachment.
Tue 23 November 2010: Release build 5.1c-1 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Mon 22 November 2010: Specials build 5.1d-2

- Fix: Some attachment related links (eg download) were not working if you displayed a message using a multifolder search and the message was located in another folder than was displayed when the search was started.
- Fix: Code to detect absence of Flash and downgrade to form based attachments was not working in IE8.
- Fix: Crash related to long strings of invalid UTF8 characters in base64 encoded messages.
Tue 16 November 2010: Beta build 5.1c-1
- Fix: Surgeweb labels related crash issue
- Fix: Safer handling of really long to addresses containing crap formatting (I think I have a crash fixed)
- Fix: Surgemail image resizing (used by surgeweb) was recently serialised. This was causing restarts sometimes. Let us know if you see any oddities in surgeweb wrt image resize or icons being slow or not happening.
- Fix: Several other minor issues fixed.
Sat 13 November 2010: Beta build 5.1a2-2 (patched)
- Fix: IMAP issue that mean OE6 would not display inbox when adding new accounts (introduced 5.0l-3, outlook and other clients tested do not seem to be affected)
Thu 11 November 2010: Beta build 5.1a-1
- Fix: Memory corruption bug when creating a new label directly from the labels menu that could result in random crashes.
- Fix: When saving spam settings from surgeweb, the resend frequency of html status email was getting reset to whatever it was prior to surgemail version 3.7 (for newer installs that would reset to never send)
Mon 8 November 2010: Specials build 5.0n-15
- New: Automatic throttling and smarter handling of "new mail" checks to reduce performance impact on large systems.
- New: Download page for customer contributed surgeweb translations.
- Fix: Memory leak during background folder downloads from imap (only affects first ever access to folders with more than 200 messages)
- Fix: Recently added skins in custom directory feature were not yet getting applied to html interface (the skins in tpl folder have always worked in html interface)
Tue 2 November 2010: Specials build 5.0n-10
- Fix: Filehandle leak in the message compose attachment upload handling of the html interface.
- Fix: If name contains commas and was not quoted eg Smith, John (as opposed to John Smith or "Smith, John") From header formatting was dodgy with result that from some mail clients you could not hit reply on this message.
- Fix: "Remember me" always went to ajax interface, now goes to whatever interface you actually logged into with "remember me" ticked.
- Fix: "Remember me" did not work with g_url_alias / url_alias base url of (as opposed to which did work already)
- Fix: If logged in automatically as a result of using "remember me" some functions in ajax interface would fail resulting in "probably logged out" warning. (notable examples print, slideshow, drag & drop attachment addition, but others too)
Tue 19 October 2010: Specials build 5.0n-6
- New: Surgemail.ini setting g_host_redirect for use with surgeweb's https_required setting, allows eg. if ssl cert is for https:\\ connections on http:\\ to get redirected to https:\\ for surgeweb login
- Fix: Was crashing during save draft if using case insensitive filesystem (Windows) and the drafts folder was named "drafts" and the surgeweb settings were set to "Drafts".
Tue 19 October 2010: Beta build 5.0m-1
- Fix: Download of attachments was not working from "additional accounts" (links at the top since 5.0l-4 / individual image links at bottom had never worked)
- Note: Snippets still globally disabled, should be getting enabled in latest builds in near future.
Tue 19 October 2010: Specials build 5.0l-6
- Fix: Multiple accounts bug that would under rare circumstances mix up the use of indexes between accounts resulting in the unnecessary regeneration of the surgeweb indexes from imap.
- Fix: Crash in snippets handling
- Fix: iframe based surgeweb pages (notably surgeplus calendar, filesharing and blogs) would no longer display (bug introduced in 5.0l-4)
Fri 15 October 2010: Specials build 5.0l-4
- New: (All browsers other than IE affected) Download of an attachment, save of message in source format, or full page reload/switch to html caused all active background ajax requests to get terminated. At very least, this would result in red unknown error message if there was a background request underway, but if near the start of the session could also result in contacts not working for this session or the inbox caching not working for this session.
- New: For now snippets generally disabled, contact if you want to help test - feature is mostly functional but needs some polish (performance issue, odd behaviour and source of sporadic crashes needing to be resolved).
- New: MUCH nicer widescreen view (multiline message display in list, resizable message list width, body snippet support, changed menubar layout )
- New: Message body snippet support - displays first text of message body in message list. Currently is only generated when surgeweb gets info from imap to add message to its cache and a display mode that makes use of this is enabled (eg standard widescreen or normal list with display always) - exact nature of this may still be tweaked. Snippet generation and display can be globally disabled by adding "snippets_disable true" to config_*.dat.
- New: Selection handling keyboard modifiers info displayed for multiple message selection.
- New: Reduced browserside inbox caching from a max of 100 messages to max of 20 messages. Means most people still have advantages for most messages, but people that just leave messages in inbox do not cause excessive server loading and disk use. Can still manually cache all on page if really needed.
Tue 12 October 2010: Specials build 5.0j-10
- New: Another sample login screen added with pretty graphics and rounded corners. (thanks to loyal customer for passing that to us for inclusion in surgeweb)
- New: Custom surgeweb skins can now be placed in the surgeweb/custom/skins directory and selected from the automatically populated skins dropdown in the admin interface.
- New: Can specify completely custom login.htm file. To do this, set "Custom Login page" to true in admin interface and make sure you create a surgeweb/custom/{domain}/login.htm file.
- New: Login screen can now contain "Forgot password", "Create New Account" and custom "Help" links. Enable as  described.
- Fix: Custom login page css file setting needs to be prefixed by "custom/" to find the file in the surgeweb/custom/{domain} directory, This now gets added automatically.
Fri 8 October 2010: Specials build 5.0j-7
- New: Support surgeweb global "allow images" addresses by creating a surgeweb/custom/allow_images.dat file with addresses in same format as allow_images.dat in users' folders.
- Fix: (non surgeweb, windows only) extra webmail.exe bughunting logging (enabled with "bughunt_unlock_crashes true" in webmail.ini)
Fri 8 October 2010: Specials build 5.0j-6
- Fix: Oddball case where Webmail distribution list import could result in unusable surgeweb addressbook.
- Fix: First ever login surgeweb temp directory creation fix, with two apparently unrelated symptoms. 1) Webmail distribution lists would not get automatically imported along with the automatic webmail contacts import. 2) Logging in to a system with no surgeweb folder for the user (notably a mirror system, or frontend system) would reset the users surgeweb preferences (user.cgi settings not affected).
- Fix: Import of some webmail addressbook group names (feature added in build 5.0j-2) would appear !encoded  eg "My!20Book"
- Fix: Some odd cases during import of webmail distribution list defined using nicknames, the nicknames would not get resolved resulting in addresses defined as user@local.domain instead of user@original.domain.
Fri 1 October 2010: Specials build 5.0j-5
- Fix: Further fix to date handling. Changes in 5.0j-2 meant that surgeweb was displaying the message date/time out by up to two hours in some cases.
Tue 20 September 2010: Specials build 5.0j-2
- New: When doing imports for any old webmail addressbook other than "default" a surgeweb group now gets created that has all contacts that were part of this addressbook.
- New: Ability to increase number of address autocompletion items. Manually add setting to config*.dat files eg. autocomplete_max 15
- Fix: Messages with a very large number of to addresses containing at least one single quote was resulting in a sent folder that could not be displayed.
- Fix: Improved surgeweb's robustness in dealing with several different forms of unexpected formatting in import of webmail addressbooks and text lists of addresses.
- Fix: Date formatting issue which would get message date/time wrong if surgeweb and surgemail servers were in different timezones (frontend-backend config), or messages were drag and drop uploaded from a server in a different timezone.
Thu 9 September 2010: Release build 5.0e4-4 (patched)
- Fix: Crashing issues below also fixed in production release
Thu 9 September 2010: Beta build 5.0i-1
- Fix: Two sporadic crashing issues
Wed 8 September 2010: Specials build 5.0h-11
- Fix: Several other minor issues resolved.
- Fix: In Firefox message drag & drop was a bit sensitive to "selecting the next message up / down" (FF only)
- Fix: Improved login page browser compatibility test to allow newer versions of exisintg browsers, notably allows FF4 beta but also covers other browsers.
Mon 30 August 2010: Specials build 5.0h-8
- Fix: Surgeweb preferences javascript error (related to user.cgi) when logging in as a domain admins accounts that was not an admins of the domain that the account is part of. (eg logging in as and being admin of but not
- Fix: Made surgeweb "all actions" commands more rfc compliant (ie work again) now that imap is more rfc compliant (as of build 5.0h-5)
Mon 23 August 2010: Specials build 5.0g3-3 (patched)
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Old webmail attachments issue (introduced with 5.0g-1)
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Confusing imap error response issue
Mon 16 August 2010: Specials build 5.0g2-2 (patched)
- Fix: Surgeweb crashing bug introduced with 5.0g-1.
Mon 16 August 2010: Release build 5.0e3-3 (Existing beta distribution upgraded to release)

Fri 13 August 2010: Specials build 5.0g-1
- Fix: Display within surgeweb of user.cgi "disable responder after x days" was not working (it was saving and applying any value you set here though).
- Fix: Multilanguage utf8 translations in some languages were not working in popup message windows under safari.
- Fix: Minor further tweak to the messeage selection & preview handling.
Tue 10 August 2010: Beta build 5.0e3-3 (patched)
- Fix: 2 further sporadic crashing fixes already resolved in latest development tree
Thu 5 Aug 2010: Specials build 5.0f-4
- Fix: When selecting using checkboxes to prevent message preview / download now explicitly clears preview pane to avoid confusion between messages.
Fri 16 July 2010: Beta build 5.0e2-2 (patched)
- Fix: 2 sporadic crashing fixes already resolved in latest development tree
- Fix: Minor surgeweb template issues already resolved in latest development tree
Wed 14 July 2010: Specials build 5.0f-3
- New: Can now search for messages with some or no attachments - added "With Attachments" to Display menu.
- Fix: Crash when trying to read messages with certain invalid mime / html formatting.

*** no longer in use, latest builds are now in again ***

Fri 2 July 2010: Beta build 5.0e-1
- New: (non surgeweb) "Friends pending" IMAP folder name is now "Spam" by default to match surgeweb name, existing configurations remain unchanged but this (g_friends_pending_name "Spam") is now a recommended setting. Surgeweb now also uses g_friends_pending_name and no longer needs imap_spam_folder setting in config_*.dat files. Note existing IMAP copy/move behaviour remains unchanged: IMAP move/copy Inbox->Spam = isspam training; IMAP move/copy Spam->Inbox = notspam training.
- Fix: OSX only fix for longstanding issue of "some of many concurrent requests" failing. Affects all protocols on all ports but two particularly noticable cases: Connecting to surgeweb under HTTPS in Safari on OSX - a few images and other parts of the interface randomly fail, Connecting to admin interface does not show some graphs.
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Solaris & osx platforms were crashing during every email processed on smtp due to bug introduced a few days back.
- Fix: Several cases of the attachments remove links were not working.
- Fix: On certain Nokia phone formatted messages with attachments surgemail would crash when viewed from surgeweb (introduced with fixes in 4.3k-4)
Thu 1 July 2010: Beta build 5.0c-1 (failed internal testing, not made public)
- Fix: Removed the Attach from Filestore link (until implementation is complete)
- Fix: Removed prototyping code added to the html editor link button on the html editor which made it non functional (will be restored once fancy link addition and image addition code is complete)
- Fix: Failed surgeweb logins were not getting logged to login_failed.log (although g_bad_login_* / g_honeypot_* limits were already getting applied)
- Fix: Crash during send on some particularly unusual formatting in recipent addresses.
Mon 28 June 2010: Specials build 5.0b-6
- New: Rewrite of the attachments handling when forwarding messages. Should be much more reliable in terms of not losing attachments when sending. New features include: auto scaling of wide images to fit message window, being able to forward images in messages with "inline" (as opposed to MPR) images (notably as sent by iphone), slide show of attached images, ability to remove individual mpr images when forwarding, ability to treat mpr attachments as normal attachments.
- New: Improvements to caching of images that attached to a message so display images do not have to be redownloaded if a message is forwarded (or in some cases displayed multiple times).
- New: Link added to permanently hide the information line telling you that you can use desktop drag and drop
- Fix: HUGE speed improvement in the sending speed of messages with large attachments. (it is possible this will even noticably reduce loading on large systems)
- Fix: Attachment download links and multipart related images did not work (Chrome 6.0 only)
Fri 25 June 2010: Specials build 5.0a-1
- New: Version number change and full set of specials builds for all platforms in preparation for a new release.
Fri 25 June 2010: Release build 4.3g4-4 (patched release build)
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Domains with mixed case domains in surgemail.ini were no longer able to login (fixed in 4.3h-30 in development branch, unsure when introduced)
Thu 24 June 2010: Specials build 4.3k-16
- New: Spam/Notspam/Allow/Block buttons on likely spam now work when full message is displayed. (previously only worked from preview window)
- Fix: Previous / Next buttons were no longer working in popup message windows if the preview window was not displayed at all.
- Fix: Search for conversation (speach bubble button) was not working anymore in some cases.
- Fix: Several further fixes wrt attachments handling rewrite that were not working quite right yet.
- Fix: Desktop drag & drop attachments were not working in popup message windows yet.
Wed 23 June 2010: Specials build 4.3k-13
- Fix: Enabled the desktop drag and drop for Fluid under osx.
- Fix: Most of the attach remove options were no longer working in 4.3k-12, now most work again. Still investigating how to fix some minor issues.
- Fix: Flash based uploader has a workaround for IE bug to make it work in IE which means the swf file needs to be redownloaded from server for each message you attach files to. This workaround has now been disabled for all other browsers other than IE.
- Fix: Timing issue that resulted in forward with attachments / forward attach "frequently" failing in build 4.3k-12 fixed.
Tue 22 June 2010: Specials build 4.3k-12
- New: "Prettified" the folder management page.
- New: Folder sizes on folder management page. Surgeweb tracks folder sizes of folders accessed from surgeweb and displays this on the folder management page, if changes are made not through surgeweb these are not guaranteed to be uptodate in surgeweb (for performance reasons). However there is a button to recalculate these on the folder management page if needed.
- New: Shared folders - the ability to use surgeweb to configure ACL based sharing of IMAP folder between local accounts using (requires g_imap_acl to be set)
- New: Desktop integrated drag and drop support for adding of message attachments or uploading message files direct to the displayed maibox by dragging from the desktop or Explorer / Finder windows. Works in recent versions of Chrome, FF, Safari on both PC and Mac. Will not work in IE as the browser does not support the necessary features (unless Chrome Frame is used in which case it will work in IE6, IE7, IE8). DND attachment uploads will also continue uploading in the background while you view other messages etc (unlike Flash based uploads which stop in this situation).
- New: Rewrite of the ajax attachment uploads. Now actively detects whether an uptodate version of Flash is available, and if not it degrades to a simple single file form based upload dialog.
- Fix: Server defaults for read receipt sending changed to "Never | Never | Never" - still customisable by admins or users.
Thu 17 June 2010: Release build 4.3g3-3 (patched release build - only solaris 8 distribution has been rebuilt)
- Fix: Solaris 10 sparc only crash issue fixed as per 4.3k-4
Mon 14 June 2010: Specials version 4.3k-5
- New: Full surgeweb ajax support in IE6 through the use of the google "Chrome Frame" plugin. The use of this plugin also offers significant advantages when running IE7 and IE8. This includes some rendering artifacts not appearing, it being much faster, and support for surgeweb desktop drag and drop integration as above.
- New: "Save to file" option to download multiple messages as raw messages / text for saving locally from message list. Multiple messages are downloaded as a single compressed file.
- New: Incomplete addresses get expanded by surgeweb to include domain during send to make sure headers are complete etc. (eg. 'joe, john' to ',')
- Fix: You could not reply to messages if iconv translation of utf8 characters in From header failed, now it instead displayes undecoded (?=...) but at least you can reply to these messages now.
- Fix: Support for most cases of "name*=" encoding of attachment names in mime headers
Sat 6 June 2010: Specials version 4.3k-4
- New: (non surgeweb) Major new spam prevention system is now on by default. For more info see: myrbl help.
- New: Tweaks to spam handling via surgeweb. Block button no longer reports to isspam training, and is available for all messages (wherever there is the Spam button currently) - this should be used to block email when it is not actually spam. Various spam actions (Spam / Block / purge etc) more reversible by placing messages back in Spam folder or in Trash rather than outright deleting them.
- New: Actual "Read Receipt" sending support added!! Three tiered system that allows you to configure the sending to "addresses on local domain / addresses on friends list / unknown addresses" each as as "automatically / only after asking / never". Defaults configurable in config_*.dat files and customisable per user. System defaults are Local(ask)|Friends(ask)|Unknown(never).
- New: Request confirmation "Both" option added.
- New: Handle Macintosh generated "multipart/appledouble" message types.
- Fix: Solaris 10 sparc only issue (worked fine on solaris8 sparc) where surgemail would crash on every surgeweb login. (broken since changes to make sessions last across surgemail restarts a few months back)
- Fix: Formatting issue in true plain text sending. Would only have affected the mobile template.
- Fix: Without preview pane displayed some cases were marking messages as read when they should not have done.
- Fix: Crash on certain really deep or invalid mime constructs in messages.
Thu 3 June 2010: Release version 4.3g2-2 (patched release build)
- Fix: Friends handling sporadic crashing issue (broken 4.3f-14, fixed 4.3h-30)
- Fix: Bulletin crash issue triggered by certain unusual MIME formatting in manually / email generated bulletins (fixed 4.3h-30)
Wed 26 May 2010: Specials version 4.3j-2
- Fix: Rewrite of the SSL "login only" option to make it compatible with more browsers without showing warnings when switching from https back to http. Also an option added in the users preferences to keep the whole session https (only displayed in preferences if "login_only" option is enabled on surgeweb admin page).
- Fix: SSL "login only" option was broken in 4.3i-1 :-(
Mon 24 May 2010: Beta version 4.3i-1
- No significant surgeweb changes over 4.3h-30
Fri 21 May 2010: Specials version 4.3h-30
- New: SSL for "login only" option. This forces ssl for the session login but then switches to http for the rest of the session. (means browser does not display "unsecure" warnings for images etc in messages and slightly improved performance. FYI as an aside: Flash based attachment uploads don't work with self signed SSL certificates, ok on real ssl certificates)
- Fix: Sporadic crash in surgeweb's folder handling.
- Fix: Minor fix on folder management page for multiple language support.
- Fix: Background "first ever" download of messages in large folder (>200 messages) on alternate accounts was not downloading all messages and left the folder in "calculating..." state. Background download now works, and additional fix that "calculating..." times out after 30 minutes. So if any folders are in this state for whatever reason (eg a surgemail crash) these should now autocorrect rather than requiring an manual surgeweb cache reset.
- Fix: mail.err / logging tidyup (surgeweb and non surgeweb) to try and track down any unusual surgeweb errors that may have been going mostly unnoticed.
- Fix: Surgeweb was not deleting its cached message body files when messages were deleted or moved to another folder, resulting in surgeweb caches that grew larger than needed - particularly on high volume accounts. (Although the cached message files get automatically removed within a week anyway)
- Fix: Labels management panel was no longer scrolling if you had a large number of labels (not sure, but I think this was only broken recently)
- Fix: Sending messages using surgeweb with really long subject lines containing lots of utf8 characters could crash surgemail.
Thu 13 May 2010: Specials version 4.3h-23
- New: Actual foldernames in the mobile interface were not yet displaying language translated, also foldername displayed correctly translated at top of list in mobile and html interface.
- New: Minor tweaks to the folder management page and made all strings on the folder management page language translatable (both ajax and html).
- Fix: If the whole of surgeweb was embedded in an iframe some of the buttons on surgeweb's iframe based dialogs were not working (eg contacts import / export, or multiple account configuration)
- Fix: Tweaked output headers in mobile interface to make multilanguage UTF-8 characters display better on some browsers (notably Firefox)
- Fix: Few css syntax errors fixed that resulted in browser console warnings.
- Fix: Contacts picker was not working properly if "Search for contact..." had been translated to another language using the language translation table.
Thu 13 May 2010: Specials version 4.3h-22
- Fix: Allow you to start typing in search box after clicking folder but before the folder is displayed (previously actual list display switched focus, resulting in keyboard shortcuts getting triggered on n / r / a etc keystrokes)
- Fix: Firefox only issue where "Communications error" would get displayed if an existing foreground web request was cancelled by new foreground web request. eg clicking one folder / message(if message not already in browser cache) and clicking another before first fully displayed.
Mon 10 May 2010: Specials version 4.3h-20
- Fix: Existing messages in the mailbox sometimes not getting displayed by surgeweb fixed!! Problem occurred sporadically under a specific set of conditions but generally only on the inbox and had to have more than 100 messages in the inbox (the more you had the more likely it was to occur, previously if it happened a full surgweb cache reset was required to get the messages back in the message list). Bug fixed threefold (any one of which is actually enough to prevent this happening in the future): core fault fixed that corrupted the index, intermediate code that detected the corrupt index and tried to remedy this fixed, and new code added that will correct any folders found to be in the faulty state. So any accounts that are currently affected by this  issue will show any "missing messages" again without additional intervention after installing this build.
- Fix: Switching between multiple accounts suffered from the same bug where reply would sometimes fill in your own address (was resolved for Refresh link in 4.3h-11)
- Fix: If messages were deleted from the inbox before the inbox caching request was actually sent, this would result in a red javascript error, and caching would fail.
- Fix: When doing forward of a message with attachments or a "forward attach", if the web request came back before the flash uploader was initialised this resulted in an error and the attachments failing to get attached. (most noticable for tiny attachments whilst using IE)
- Fix: If no folders under "More folders" had been created, and the last special folder (ie probably Trash) had a subfolder the labels and search display in the folder tree was getting messed up.
- Fix: Admin interface link on the "value added features" page now actually goes to the surgeweb cusomisaiton page (previously only the link in the folder tree did).
- Fix: Further improvements to response code handling so that surgeweb displays more sensible error when smtp sends fail for reasons like to many open smtp connections.
- Fix: If a message subject line had multiple "=?..." encoded sections and any other than the first were invalidly formatted this could result in surgemail crash when viewing the message with surgeweb.
Wed 5 May 2010: Specials version 4.3h-17
- Fix: Various inline attachments (like MPR images) were failing to display for the addtional accounts.
- Fix: View link next to icons of attached images was not working for additional accounts - works now. (I don't think has ever worked for popup message windows - fixed now too)
- Fix: Pressing Spam / notspam actions within the additional accounts was failing (and reporting an error). Works now.
- Fix: %25 Spellchecker bug. If you ran the serverside spellchecker, and messages contained any % characters they would be turned into %25 in the actually sent message even though the message in the editor still looked correct. Let me know if this change results in any spellchecker errors getting reported.
Mon 3 May 2010: Specials version 4.3h-16
- Fix: Last minute tidyup in 4.3h-15 introduced bug that stopped a reply to an existing message from working. Fixed.
Mon 3 May 2010: Specials version 4.3h-15
- New: Send vCard by email
- New: Export contacts (as vCard or CSV or list of addresses). Try the export with some real world data sets and let me know if you find any problem - there are bound to still be a few teething issues but it should mostly be fully functional. I do still plan to add the group definitions to the vCard export of all contacts.
- New: Import arbitrary "copy-paste-able" list of addresses as part of the contacts import dialog.
- New: Correctly import webmail "groups definitions" that are specified using multiple addresses in a single email address field of a webmail *.abk entry.
- New: Display groups that contacts are "a member of" as part of contact details / contact editing (read only).
- Fix: Changed the wording on the default error when surgeweb failed due to session no longer being valid (previously error suggested the template file was missing), and now still allow surgeweb dialog close in this situation.
- Fix: Filter out Cmd-N so it has standard behaviour on OSX.
Sat 1 May 2010: Specials version 4.3h-14
- Fix: Nasty bug where a download all would remove the surgeweb index files resulting in weird surgeweb error messages afterwards requiring surgeweb relogin, and dependign on user actions causing surgemail crashes as well (introduced 4.3h-10).
- Fix: Use unqueued web requests for the empty message send template and existing attachments retrieval. If message sending is slow (eg a very large message is getting sent) this means you can actually be replying to the next messsage rather than after presssing the reply button having to wait till the previous message was sent before the reply interface appears.
Fri 30 April 2010: Specials version 4.3h-13
- New: Full customisation of foldernames of the special folders (Inbox, Drafts, Sent etc) for multiple language support. The actual imap foldernames are set on customisation page and should generally be left the default English names and lang_*.dat now have examples how to translate surgeweb display name to any language. (for now the folders management page still displays real imap names but this page will be tidied up soon).
- New: Proxy mode using "tohost" support added. Previously mail and contacts related functionality already worked but user.cgi / surgeplus etc resulted in an error. In proxy mode surgeweb's imap now goes direct to proxy server rather than through local surgemail imap first (for efficiency).
- Fix: Webmail imports were disabled / non functional as a result of additions in 4.3h-10. Fixed.
- Fix: Preemptive caching of new messages that arrive (done for instant display, and only done for the account you currently have selected) was no longer working since the introduction of multiple accounts, and sometimes resulted in a red javascript error.
Thu 29 April 2010: Specials version 4.3h-11
- Fix: Opening a message in tabbed mode then switching folder, then going back to already open message and replying resulted in error. Longstanding bug I believe.
- Fix: Opening a message in a popup window and pressing reply/forward resulted in error message (new in 4.3h-10)
- Fix: Longstanding bug where surgeweb would sporadically fill in your own address when you replied to a message. (finally located, simple when you know where to look!! was the result of switching from Sent folder to Inbox via the Refresh link)
- Fix: Fixes to new_mail checks for multiple account support. Notably, the message list and unread count in folder list would sometimes get incorrectly updated.
Wed 28 April 2010: Specials version 4.3h-10
- New: Reply-to address can be set per account for the base account or any of the additional imap accounts.
- New: Multiple local imap account support, to allow you to work on multiple separate imap accounts at the same time whilst logged in to surgeweb. All accounts are monitored for new mail and you can select any of the accounts when composing or replying to messages - this "actually sends" mail from the alternative accounts (in terms of headers, smtp authentication etc). Where relevant the preferences of your base account are used for all accounts and a few features that need your preferences can only be used on the base imap account. (for now still disabled by default but enable using "show_identities true" in surgeweb custom/config*.dat files)
- New: Surgewall support. Contacts, labels, etc should now work in surgewall configuration. The notable missing surgewall feature is that the surgemail level spam folder is not available yet though - I'll try and fix that soon.
- New: History of status & error notifications is available by clicking green status icon. Also there is a button to directly report these via email - saves trying to copy and paste errors that rapidly disappear sometimes.
- New: The one to one mapping from surgeweb browserside to surgeweb serverside to IMAP serverside has been made more flexible to support several new features, notably multiple accounts, multiple identities, and surgewall support. These are all mostly implemented and will be documented here as I test and add each feature to the main build tree.
- Fix: Various fixes to the multiple imap account functionality.
- Fix: Doing an inplace clean of a message subject using "notspam" would update the display with a subject where the ascii string was not converted to utf8 making it display as "=?..encoded.." until the next message list refresh.
- Fix: If a relogin dialog is displayed, newmail checks are stopped. In particular this fixes the issue that sometimes the dialog would get cleared & redisplayed as you were typing in it.
- Fix: Show imap folders with nonexistent parent folders nicely. eg. if an imap folder fld1 and fld2/subfld existed but no fld2, previously this would display subfld as a subfolder of fld1. Now gets displayed correctly. Notably this means that folders shared between accounts (using ACL - needs g_imap_acl) display nicely.
- Fix: Error handling improvements that means that some problems that may have gone unreported before should now get appropriately displayed to the user. Also further improvements in the formatting of the errors thet get displayed.
- Fix: Surgeweb work path of host_alias'd logins are now stored with a path based on the main domain.
Fri 16 April 2010: Beta version 4.3g-1
- Fix: Improved automatic special folder detection to match other mail clients. If a folder "existed in the past" but had been deleted and was still present as a deleted entry in surgeweb's folder index it would still try to use it as the special folder making it kinda hard to "change surgeweb to match" another mail client if you had logged in using surgeweb before logging in using your other mail client or whilst these other folders existed for some other reason.
Wed 14 April 2010: Specials version 4.3f-21
- Fix: Improved on fix in version 4.3f-7 as html parts were now NOT displaying in some other messages they should have been.
Fri 9 April 2010: Specials version 4.3f-20
- New: For manual new contact creation, whilst a group is selected automatically creates the contact as part of the selected group. Makes this much more usable.
- New: When creating a new contact is smarter about automatically selecting the addressbook / group that the contact is created in and scrolling the address list to show newly created contact.
- New: Option to choose contacts displayed sort order first/last or last/first. Default is "Last name / first name".
- Fix: Surgemail import of webmail distribution lists did not work if user had added "Nicknames" in the distributon list (it added surgeweb contacts with address nickname@local.domain instead). Now converts nicknames to webmail addressbook entries with fullname and email address before adding as surgeweb contacts.
- Fix: Contacts without any first or last name were getting incorrectly displayed unsorted, now uses email address for sorting in this case.
Tue 6 April 2010: Specials version 4.3f-17
- Fix: In some cases the subject washing was failing to remove the stars etc, should do so more reliably now.
- Fix: Crashing bug fixed in spam handling rewrite code.
- Fix: Last minute change to the spam handling rewrite code for a fix on g_maildir_netwin based systems broke most of the actual white and blacklisting. Works again now.
Tue 6 April 2010: Specials version 4.3f-14
- New: (non surgeweb) new setting that allows user.cgi / status email / imap releases / friends bounce releases to be subject washed to remove stars (g_friends_release_wash).
- Fix: Complete rewrite of the way messages are marked spam / not spam from surgeweb fixing a bunch of oddities and making the code a lot more maintanable. It now works as it was intended to all along, for more info see full behavioural description of fix and original documentation.
- Fix: Several minor fixes to the new surgeweb session handling feature introduced in build 4.3f-6.
- Fix: HTML washing fix to better deal with double quotes in inline style string definitions - notably makes some Outlook generated messages display a whole lot nicer.
Fri 26 March 2010: Specials version 4.3f-8
- New: Make multipart/related messages with image identification through Content-Location header instead of CID header work as well.
- New: Display attached email message inline, now reversible with "remove inline display" link. Also some email attachments were not detected as emails.
- New: Allow multiple messages to be processed at once with the "Spam / Not Spam / Allow once / Block forever" buttons on the message list page.
- Fix: When actioning multiple messages as "Spam / Not Spam / Block forever" make sure the messages that end up in the "- Train ..." folders are marked as read to prevent new message indicators in tray to show there being "new messages".
- Fix: CID images with square brackets part of the "cid tag" were not getting displayed inline.
- Fix: Setting "Options - Advanced - message send mode" required page reload / relogin, now applies straight away.
Thu 25 March 2010: Specials version 4.3f-7
- Fix: If no preview was displayed then opening messages in tabs would not use the correct message subject for the tab name.
- Fix: If signature contained escaped characters (eg single quote) an additional forward slash would get added each time you pressed save on the preferences page.
- Fix: multipart/mixed plain text messages with an html attachment were showing the html attachment as the message display part. (ie getting treated as multipart/related)
Mon 22 March 2010: Specials version 4.3f-6
- New: Rewrite of the surgeweb session handling. This means sessions will survive surgemail restarts & upgrades, and long browser sleeps. Sessions should by default last up to 2 weeks if you are using surgeweb daily. Idle timeout default is 48 hours. These are both customisable.
- New: As part of the session handling changes, the session id's numbering scheme has been made "less guessable" to avoid possible abuse of this for XSS attacks (was already kind of unlikely but now is safer).
- New: As part of the session handling changes, a full record is kept of surgeweb login / logout events with SID + IP address + account information.
Fri 19 March 2010: Specials version 4.3f-3
- Fix: Multiline headers were not correctly decoded which meant that the subject line (or To / Cc headers probably too for that matter) could display non decoded text sometimes eg "=?utf-8?B?..." This does not fix any values already in the surgeweb header cache, manually reset the surgeweb cache to clear any existing bad entries.
- Fix: Fixes on the surgeweb login page and several other places to better protect against XSS attacks.
Mon 15 March 2010: Beta version 4.3e-1
- Fix: Download all can only zip up one set of messages at a time. If it cannot get it's lock in short order it was restarting surgemail now it shows a "try again soon" message to user.
- Fix: Download all was failing for 250+ attachments per message (32 bit machines) and 125+ attachments per message (64 bit machines)
Mon 8 March 2010: Specials version 4.3d-3
- Fix: (non surgeweb) The email that triggers the spam status email does not get listed in the status email (by design) but was getting purged if you pressed the "Purge" or "Spam All" links. Now it remains intact for the next time the status email gets sent.
- Fix: Labels with no ascii characters at all could result in crashes or odd behaviour. This now works for any UTF8 characters, but no attempt is made to try and correct any labels generated with previous "odd behaviour" as there is no easy way to fix these.
Mon 8 March 2010: Beta version 4.3c-1
- Fix: Several non surgeweb fixes (SMTP related crashes in 4.3a-1, DNS lookup bugs in 4.3b-3)
Sat 6 March 2010: Specials version 4.3b-3
- New: Now can rename / move whole folder trees including subfolders
- Fix: It was not possible to move sub folders "out of the folder" they were a subfolder of.
- Fix: Move folder was not fully encoding parameters which meant it did not work with folders with UTF8 characters etc in the name.
Thu 4 March 2010: Beta version 4.3a-1
- Fix: Hide the Email vCard button for now as it is not yet implemented.
Tue 2 March 2010: Specials version 4.2g-33
- New: Moved the Done folder to being a Top level folder by default (can be dropped back to "More folders" using arbitrary top level folders feature)
- New: Support for arbitrary top level folders (and the ability to drop system folders to "More folders" if desired).
- New: Improvements to the Templates folder. Rather than being obscure/hidden there is now an explanation and link to create it from the folders management page. Templates folder can be deleted, which was not possible before.
- Fix: (non surgeweb) several fixes to spam_held to friends_silent conversion code (if g_friends_default_mode was not yet set (to silent or list), friends spam score would get set to zero; accounts with no per user settings stay that way; log file generated; tellmail held2pend_email command to set spam email frequency for all users)
- Fix: Resend now keeps attachments
- Fix: It was not possible to do a forward_attach of an email with multipart related content (broken with changes a week or two back, resulted in a red javascript error when it tried to attach the email). Also tidied naming of forward_attach of messages with blank subject line.
Sat 27 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-32
- New: (non surgeweb) Tellmail command to convert accounts from spam_held to friends_silent spam quaranteening as noted in recommended spam quaranteening.
- New: Improved contacts organisation using drag and drop. Normal drag and drop still adds contacts to groups, however drag and drop between addressbooks now results in a copy of the contact information getting added to the other addressbook. This is useful for copying from shared addressbook to personal addresbook, and for editing shared addressbooks if you have edit permission. Also allows adding contact to groups in shared addressbooks using drag and drop (as has always been possible with personal contacts).
- New: Pressing Ctl+Alt on login (Ctl+Cmd on Mac) logs in without automatic message marking as read (same as ctl+alt folder selection previously already functional)
- Fix: Minor fix in formatting of login page which was being displayed oddly in IE with certain css formatting.
- Fix: Minor rewording of surgeweb spam handling related features (mostly the user.cgi dialog)
- Fix: In Chrome disabled "onbeforeunload" based warning when navigating away from email you are editing, as having these enabled seems to somehow trigger the Chrome browser bug which results in surgeweb frequently becomimg totally non responsive using Chrome. Bug noted here in google's documentation.
- Fix: Surgeweb logging related oddities when using (g_)url_alias which may _very possibly_ have been causing recent crashes.
- Fix: Fixed shift click handling when forwarding / replying to messages in tabbed mode (FF and Safari only). Notable broken behaviours: shift clicking for selection then doing message actions like forward did a popup whenit shoudl not have, shift clicking many actions that should have done a popup did not.
Tue 23 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-27
- New: When sending to multiple recipients try all before reporting failure error rather than failing on the first one. Prepend the error with the recipient address. This makes it a lot easier to find bad recipients when sending to multiple recipients or groups which may contain many addresses.
- New: Surgeweb now aplies g_bad_login* checks, and also the new g_honeypot_* checks to avoid password guessing.
- Fix: Select and sort menus were slightly messed up as a result of the language translation additions.
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Fixes so that html based status email get sent out even if just using spam held. For more info see recommended spam quaranteening.
- Fix: Print screen did not explicitly have utf8 meta header. Mostly utf8 would display fine due to browser character set detection, but if there was any bad character encoding in the message it would default to ascii instead of utf8. Now will display as utf8 regardless.
- Fix: Focus stealing issue (IE only). When in popup windowing mode, under some circumstances, if reading/editing a message in a popup window, having new messages arrive would drop focus back to the main message list window. The code to center the message list on the old cursor was doing this - only under IE though. Now in this circumstance the "center on old cursor code" is disabled and focus is correctly retained in the message windows.
- Fix: The very last contact in a personal or shared addressbook could not be deleted via the "Edit" contact - "Delete" button.
Thu 18 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-23
- New: Full language translation support across "most" of the surgeweb interface as documented here. Please report to any phrases that are no longer displayed correctly or are incorrectly translated.
- New: Significantly speed improvements in the surgmail template parser (used by surgeweb / user.cgi / surgeplus / admin interface, but not old webmail). Template function processing and variable replacement is 2 to 3 times as fast now as it was.
Wed 17 February 2010: Release version 4.2d4-4
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Patch of current production release for crashing bug for certain oddly formatted spam messages, and have help pages correctly formatted.
Sat 13 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-19
- Fix: Further improvements to attachments handling. Attachments with really long filenames now get correctly disaplyed, and some attachment problems since the changes in build 4.2g-12 resolved (attachments with unusual formatting in headers were no longer getting displayed, and some text attachments were getting dispalyed inline instead of as attachments) .
Fri 12 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-18
- Fix: (Solaris8 64 bit only) Iconv conversion issue that notably resulted in redbox javascript warning in recent builds when going to "Options - Preferences". May well have affected other iconv usages (such as display of messages requiring character set conversion etc).
Fri 12 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-17
- New: Support full UTF8 based searching both surgeweb index based and IMAP body searches. This required some subtle changes to surgeweb indexes, and these will get recreated from imap after installing this updates (must click a folder to "display it once" before searching using surgeweb indexes).
- New: Made surgemail mbox raw message file attachments get handled the same way as attached email messages.
- Fix: Crash if really long links were encountered in messages.
- Fix: When doing a forward attach of other messages limit the filename (based on the message subject) to 40 characters.
- Fix: Tweaked the "new mail" star indicator to have lower priority than the replied / forwarded indicator.
Thu 4 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-14
- Fix: Make the mobile interface logo customisation work on the mobile interface login page as well as the actual mobile interface pages (for more info see help ).
- Fix: Domain shared addressbook caching mixup. If you used Domain addressbooks on multiple vdomains, surgeweb would try and cache these in the same file resulting that the last addressbook to be changed was getting displayed to all vdomains. (introduced 4.2e-4)
- Fix: Non surgeweb - further bug imap bug introduced in 4.2g-12, which was resulting in surgeweb any message "moved to a folder" getting dispalyed with a "new message" star indicator.
Wed 3 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-13
- Fix: Messages with long complicated javascript in the html parts were not getting correctly washed.
- Fix: Non surgeweb - two bugs introduced in yesterdays 4.2g-12 build (extra debug logging was slowing surgemail too much, and some strange imap message handling behaviours wrt read status of messages and messages "not deleting")
Tue 2 February 2010: Specials version 4.2g-12
- New: Support for messages with interleaved inline display parts. Notably some Apple devices and software send messages this way. Previously only the first text part was getting displayed and the images were getting displayed as normal attachments. Now all text parts get displayed and the images are displayed inline. Note: old attachment handling behaviour can be restored with "Preferences - advanced - Disable inline images", although this does display the additional text parts which never used to be displayed.
- New: Can now handle attached email messages from within surgeweb. Two options are presented when attached email messages are detected: 1) display the atached emails inline in the current message (allowing you to read / reply etc), or 2) store the attached emails as selfcontained messages in the current folder (allowing you to reply / file etc as appropriate).
- New: Better handling of reply / forwarding images in multipart related messages. If forwarded all multipart related content (ie generally images) gets forwarded as well (previously the images were not forwarded, and a warning to this effect was displayed to the user). When replying to messages containing mpr content, the images are replaced with the text "[ Image ]", rather than displaying broken links as it did previously.
- Fix: Really long subject support. If the subject was longer than a few hundred characters message send / save draft etc failed to work, fixed now.
- Fix: Sending to an email address with single quotes in the email address to text description by replying to a message resulted in an invalid contacts entry getting saved. This now creates a valid correctly encoded entry.
Fri 29 January 2010: Specials version 4.2g-7
- New: Rewrite of the way surgeweb deals with attachments and what to display from a message to support multipart related message sending, display of attached rfc822 / *.eml messages allowing viewing / replying to in surgeweb, and fancier mime formats that interleave multiple MIME parts inline. None of these features are actually enabled yet, but I will carefully test and enable these one by one over the next few days. Other than aforementioned features I think existing behaviour should stay the same. If you have any messages that used to display ok that no longer display correctly please notify
- New: Allow any text to be customised when using english interface using language translation mechanism eg $$Some text$$. Add "custom_english_phrases true" setting to config_*.dat and then add appropriate "English:" entries to the lang_web.dat file.
- New: Resize support for icons at bottom of message for image attachments with IMAGE/JPG mime type, previously it only resized jpg images with IMAGE/JPEG or IMAGE/PJPG mime types.
- New: Changes to attachment handling so images that are part of multipart related messages but have no CID / "Content-ID" header get displayed as normal attachments.
- New: Display multipart/report emails correctly.
- Fix: If encoded (eg quoted printable) plain text parts contained naked CR characters the rest of the line was getting truncated when displaying the message in surgeweb. This now gets corrected and the rest of the line displayed.
- Fix: Keep spaces at start of lines. During plaintext to html conversion space characters at start of lines were lost. This would affect two main circumstances: 1) Viewing messages formatted in plaintext (either received emails or as sent using plain text mode)  2) Saving a message as draft (whilst in plaintext sending mode) and then reediting the message would lose space at start of lines.
- Fix: As part of the daily surgeweb directory expiry, actually delete bad as left by the bug fixed below, to reclaim the disk space :-)
- Fix: A certain case of dealing with "download all" of the attachments would fill your disk with a single large multi gigabyte "" file until surgemail noticed it was too busy and restarted; or your disk was full :-(
Thu 28 January 2010: Release version 4.2d3-3
- Fix: Get the "download all fix" noted above into the production release distributions. Possible signs of this issue having been hit: Major jumps in diskusage by the surgeweb folder, restart reports in startstop.log referring to MZIP mutex. Note: Subsequent to this build (4.2d3-3) it was noted that if this issue is hit, these temp folders files are not actually getting deleted after a few days as I thought they were, this is fixed is in builds 4.2g-6+ (or if this space needs to be recovered more urgently manually delete large files in the surgemail/surgeweb/work tree).
Wed 20 January 2010: Specials version 4.2g-2
- New: Print shows all recipients in a message rather than limiting each to/cc line to a maximum of 3 with "...xN more".
Wed 20 January 2010: Specials version 4.2g-1
- New: Surgeweb stores Bcc information with messages saved to the "Sent" and "Drafts" folders. This is shown when these messages are viewed using surgeweb (or other mail clients) and gets filled out when you are re-editing a draft message.
Fri 15 January 2010: Beta version 4.2f-1
- Fix: Deal with dragging message list / preview resizer to the very top of the screen. Message list is now always a minimum of two message lines.
- Fix: If ',' or ';' characters are entered in the Firstname or Lastname fields addressing when sending works correctly now.
- Fix: Replying to addresses formatted with doublequotes and containg a comma (eg "Bloggs, Joe") was sending these as doubly doublequoted eg (eg ""Bloggs, Joe"") which showed recipient addresses incorrectly dispalyed in the mail clients of the person receiving the email.
- Fix: Further fixes to UIDVALIDITY resets. I think the odd crashes some people have been seeing since just before Christmas are finally resolved now.
- Fix: Crash if you got two identical logout requests on the same surgeweb session and you were very unlucky with your timing.
Sat 9 January 2010: Specials version 4.2e-37
- Fix: Yesterdays attachments fix was a bit too severe, messages with atachments and message bodies was not displaying the message bodies at all anymore. Fixed now.
Fri 8 January 2010: Specials version 4.2e-36
- Fix: Multiplart/mixed messages with an attachment but no message body were displaying the attachment content as the message body, and not displayign the attachment.
- Fix: Message send request in Ajax interface had slightly invalid http formatting. This was fine in the browser and surgemail, but in the case of one customer network level http request washing was "eating" these so all surgeweb message sends would fail with "Communication error - server not reachable".
Thu 7 January 2010: Specials version 4.2e-35
- Fix: Several memory leaks surrounding surgeweb contacts handling, webmail contacts import into surgeweb, and some IMAP actions.

*** above here particularly notable features or fixes are marked in Red ***

Wed 30 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-32
- Fix: Further fix related to UIDVALIDITY issues, that was crashing surgemail if you clicked on a messages that was the result of a cross folder search and this actioned the UIDVALIDITY reset of the surgweb folder cache.
Tue 29 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-31
- Fix: Drafts in the drafts folder that should be getting automatically deleted were no longer getting automatically deleted if you are not in the drafts folder. (ie usual case for autosaved drafts - broken with feature additions in 4.2e-26)
- Fix: UIDVALIDITY bug was actually a surgeweb fault mixing up folders on some commands. Mixing up of folders is fixed now, I'm pretty sure anyway... but will be doing further testing the next few days.
Sat 26 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-30
- Fix: Implemented workaround in surgeweb UIDVALIDITY code, as bug in imap code (yet to be fixed) was resulting in surgeweb having to invalidate its indexes way to frequently (and a variety of other errors in interface as a result).
Wed 23 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-29
- Fix: IMAP UIDVALIDITY based reset code in build 4.2e-26 would sometimes have multiple threads trying to reset a folder at the same time which would result in surgemail sporadically crashing in odd ways.
- Fix: The following character strings in a message ("$&" "$'" "$`") would have led to odd things displayed in message display ("%%the_msg%%" displayed or duplication of the message header)
Sun 20 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-28
- New: A new setting added "pref_nocontacts" to be manually added to a _user.dat file to troubleshoot a particular account for performance etc issues without any of the contacts information getting downloaded.
- Fix: Two signature handling fixes, using IE and popup message windows signature was not initialising correctly, and code to detect changes in signature text then switching signatures was not working correctly.
- Fix: If https is enforced and you connect usng http, you are redirected immediately rather than redirected "after the http login page is mostly loaded".
- Fix: Mime constructs that did not have a space character between "Content-Type:" and the actual content type were not getting identified properly. The issue that highlighted this was email enabled printer/scanner whose attachments were not showing.
Fri 18 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-26
- New: SurgeWeb now tracks IMAP UIDVALIDITY per folder (as it really should have done but never did), so "if UIDVALIDITY happens to change" on the server surgeweb will clear its message indexes and cached message files to avoid mixups in UIDS.
- New: A pref_reply email address gets used in the return-path header now too (it was already used in From header; and one still needs to explicitly manually specify the "allowed_from" in _user.dat to allow an account to use a from address that does not match email adress)
- New: In the message list, messages in the Sent folder are displayed in grey when searching across folders to make conversations easier to follow.
- New: "Draft emails" usable as templates without them getting deleted on send. Surgeweb now saves draft messages with imap draft flag and opening any message with the draft flag opens it for editing rather than for display. Copying draft messages to any folder other than Drafts folder means they will not be deleted when sending. Most usable is to create a folder named "Templates" (which will update the menubar with an edit button like the Drafts folder) and use this to store "template draft messages".
- Fix: Clicking a folder surgeweb dispalying new messages and then having background new_mail check happen later still displayed the audio / visual newmail indicator for messages that were already displayed due to manual folder refresh. This was confusing as you may well have already read these. The newmail audio / visual indicator only happens for new messages that arrive since last time the whole folder list was displayed.
- Fix: Deletion/move etc of a message then moving the cursor using the arrow keys in the direction that "the pending confirmation but hidden from display" message was no longer working (since the immediate hide in 4.2c-5). It was already "working again" as soon as confirmation was received the message was deleted / moved etc.
Sat 12 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-24
- New: Surgeweb shared addressbook updates get mirrorred, updates to contacts icon images (either shared or personal) now get mirrorred too.
- Fix: Global and domain shared addressbooks were no longer editable with surgeweb - additional shared addressbooks defined using g_abook settings were not affected by this bug.
- Fix: If html tags were used in signature, this sometimes results in some parts of these getting displayed in a rather odd format at the start of your signature - particularly using IE but I think it may well affect other browsers too (introduced with signature features of 4.1d-5).
- Fix: Contacts odd situation fixes: Ampersand characters were no longer working in group names (result could not add contacts to groups with ampersand in name); Webmail addressbooks with brackets in name were not treated correctly; Webmail addressbook entries with invalid address entries (eg in email address field: "User Name") were not treated nicely; Single quotes were not being correctly encoded for webmail import (result was unusable contacts - if any customer contacts fail to load, check if they have a group like "John's group" and replace this with "John\'s group" in their user.abk file - if it still fails pass me the user.abk file for further analysis.)
- Fix: If quoted printable encoding was triggered (eg high ascii characters) during a message send, and the message had attachments and the message was not html the quoted printable header was added to the wrong message part resulting in display of "=20" at the end of message lines.
- Fix: Several surgeweb memory leaks fixed
Sat 5 December 2009: Release version 4.2d2-2
- Fix: Several fixes already in the 4.2e-* builds
Sat 5 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-21
- Fix: Some combinations of contact address import were leaving the surgeweb contacts in an unusable state, addressbooks with this particular bad state will start working again with this build.
- Fix: (IE only) Made windows backspace key (same key as osx delete key) delete a message without browsing back to previous page in IE.
Fri 4 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-20
- New: (non surgeweb) Changes in surgemail webserver implementation to improve performance on systems with large numbers of processors.
- New: Print button is available in customisation options for dispaly on menubar in message list and in individual message display.
- Fix: (FF and Safari only) Bug in search field changes last week meant that in  keyboard shortcuts (like N for new message etc) were getting actioned whilst typing in the search field.
Tue 1 December 2009: Specials version 4.2e-17
- New: Settings to globally disable newmail checks and inbox caching ('global_nocache true' and 'global_nocheck true' to be added in config_*.dat files) - useful for troubleshooting excessive load circumstances.
- New: Significant tidyup of the contacts import functionality as documented infividually below.
- New: Improved & prettified import dialog with vcf, csv and webmail imports as part of same dialog. Contacts import is now a two step process, the first step uploads the file and shows how many new contacts and contact updates will be added, and then a second step to confirm or cancel the import.
- New: Webmail import can now be run multiple times without getting duplicates. Webmail distribution lists can be imported. Both webmail addressbooks and distribution lists get imported automatically and display of webmail contact tickboxes has been removed (old behaviour can be restored by adding "import_webmail manual" in config_*.dat files). In addition webmail imports can be triggered later using the import dialog.
- New: The most recent contacts import is added as a "Last Import" group. In addition to the "Last Import" group, the import dialog allows you to select another group to add your imported contacts to. Deleting a contact from a group now shows a dialog to choose between "removing contact from group" or "deleting contact" (ie removal from all groups). Deleting a group, now shows shows a dialog to choose from "delete group" or "delete group and all contacts in group".
- New: Additional minor tweaks and fixes surrounding contacts imports, including: contact groups now support single apostrophe character, crashing for non rfc compliant vcards.
- New: Allow the use of up and down arrow keys (to move the message cursor) directly whilst the search box has focus on the message list page without needing explicit message list selection. Pressing escape on message list level clears search just like pressing escape on search field.
- Fix: Logging out was no longer correctly terminating a session. The effect of this that was noticable, was that ticking the "remember me" on login page continued to work, even after the logout button was pressed.
- Fix: Firefox only error popup "unknown condition 2", if actioning a reply / forward to a message that was not yet cached browserside. The result was that the reply composition pane never fully initialised, and reply could not be edited / sent.
- Fix: Google chrome warning (see build 4.2e-14) was erroneously being displayed in IE when actioning a reply or a forward to a message that was not yet cached (ie using tickbox only to select inbox mesage with inbox caching disabled or other folder)
- Fix: Longstanding issue that in widescreen layout, using IE, and a scrollbar displayed on the message list the preview dropped downwards "offscreen".
- Fix: Reply-all was updating the message icon to a forwarded icon rather than a replied icon.
Wed 25 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-14
- New: User.cgi "Change password" and "Filtering and spam control" options pages now available in the basic interface.
- New: Google chrome workaround in build 4.2e-11 turned into a warning, as the workaround in build 4.2e-11 did not work to isolate the Chrome fault. I think it will work now but I have yet to encounter the issue since this change.
- Fix: Binary data in vCard imports was not getting correctly handled
- Fix: Handle leak in initial background download thread of large folders.
- Fix: Forward attached emails are now actually sent as MIME type "message/rfc822" rather than ordinary file attachments - this means that outlook natively opens the message. Most mail clients were already natively opening these based on file extension previously.
- Fix: Error handling in "initial folder download background thread" could crash surgemail if connection to imap server failed. Notably this could happen in a frontend - backend configuration if the backend system was shutdown / unavailable.
- Fix: Weird dialog interactions, notably when receiving a "session no longer valid dialog" when already in one of the more complicated dialogs, but also got hit in other circumstances. Was not clearing the dialog properly, resulting in very odd dialog contents in some cases.
- Fix: If webmail addressbooks had email addresses defined as psuedo distribution lists eg "User Name <email@addres1.dom,email@addres2.dom>" (this would have worked in some places of the the old webmail interface) and this was imported into surgeweb, this resulted in invalid entries in the surgeweb addressbook. The invalid entries could not be deleted or removed from the "Webmail import" group. These entries now get identifed and corrected by turning them into surgeweb groups.
Sat 21 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-12
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Minor tweak in webdav implementation (which btw is pretty much fully fuctional now) broke all surgemail web interfaces other than webdav
Fri 20 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-11
- New: Delete added the the message context menu (right clicking message(s) in the message list)
- New: Workaround for Google chrome (notably version, but may affect other versions) getTime system function that is sometimes infinitely recursive, resulting surgeweb interface not actioning any ajax requests anymore, so seeming almost totally "locked up".
- New: Added advanced customisation documentation page for the "things you might want to change and are tempted to change in the tpl directory".
- Fix: Method for disabling Global & Domain shared contacts as per advanced customisation link above was resulting in errors for any actions rebuilding contacts information (eg import, message send, and a few others)
- Fix: Contacts fieldname clash was almost but not entirely resolved yesterday, resulting in errors when adding contacts to fixed groups and the contact gettting added to ALL fixed groups when adding to custom group.
- Fix: Added the setting "labels_disable true" advanced customisation setting that can be manually added config_*.dat files to completely disable surgeweb labels in the interface.
- Fix: More visible and less grating cursor colors per default.
- Fix: Improvements to the cursor handling during contacts drag and drop - still further contacts drag and drop improvements planned soon.
Thu 19 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-10
- Fix: Kinda nasty bug that resulted in unpredictable behaviour when trying to delete anything but the most trivial groups. Typical behaviour only some contacts removed from the group and the group not getting deleted, but could even result in surgemail crashing. This bug seems to have always existed.
- Fix: Contacts manager fieldname clash which meant that the fixed groups (by default Colleagues,Family,Friends) were sometimes not displayed and sometimes displayed with deletable icon next to them.
- Fix: If an account had custom deletable groups in personal addressbook, would fail to display contacts management interface straight after login - would start working later on though. (broken yesterday and now fixed)
Wed 18 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-9
- Fix: There was no way of deleting groups in your personal addressbook (again since the changes in build 4.2e-4)
- Fix: Contact removal from a group was actioning a contact delete (since the changes in build 4.2e-4)
- Fix: Disabled status warnings when logging out to prevent background requests like inbox caching etc requests showing javascript warnings because they were terminated because you are logging out.
- Fix: (IE7 only) In Spam preferences selections were not getting "greyed out" in the second selection box as disabled options are not supported in IE7. It now appears like they are disabled by coloring individual options grey or black.
- Fix: Refreshing of webmail abk files for readonly display in surgeweb was not working properly with surgeweb's addressbook caching. Fixed.
- Fix: Contact picker was not working anymore on popup message windows.
Tue 17 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-8
- Fix: Problem with the uploading of contact icon images fixed.
- Fix: Surgeweb's addressbook caching was not working properly with updates on the ldap and authentication database based addressbooks.
- Fix: Doing a search for a message across multiple folders, then selecting a message in the preview not in the folder you started in, then pressing "download all" attachments was resulting in bad request or empty file zip dependant on message uids.
Mon 16 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-6
- Fix: Additional warnings and button hiding for webmail contacts and shared contacts in the html interface.
- Fix: Selection handling had been slightly broken.
- Fix: Safari only issue where on "some" of the surgeweb pages pressing enter on the relogin dialog ws not actioning the relogin dialog. (I believe it worked for all pages in most browsers and most pages in safari already)
- Fix: Edit draft was not working on the html basic interface.
- Fix: Using https from surgeweb to user.cgi (using the surgemail.ini setting "surgeweb_backend_web") was not working quite right, resulting in issues on the preferences page.
- Fix: Spellchecker fixes in 4.2e-4 had not actually been committed to source control yet. They are part of the build now.
Sun 15 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-5
- Fix: Several bugs in the 4.2e-4 build fixed
Sun 15 November 2009: Specials version 4.2e-4
- New: Major rewrite of the surgeweb contacts handling to improve usability, improve efficiency and add a bunch of new features. Individual changes and features documented below.
- New: Print contact vCard and print contact list features now functional.
- New: Basic interface now has a contacts management interface. Similar tree interface to the new Ajax interface contacts management interface. Only provides access to a limited set of contact fields (name / email / phone / address).
- New: Surgeweb serverside level addressbook caching enabled. This should significantly lighten the server loading (particularly on backend imap server) of surgeweb addressbook handling actions and should also make addressbook actions slightly speedier browserside. If stale addressbooks / strange behaviour is encountered this can be disabled by adding "abook_caching_disable true" in the custom/config*.dat files. Additional improvements still to be made here :-)
- New: Support for separate browse and search modes for addressbooks. The search mode is designed for addressbooks that are too large to sensibly store browserside. This feature is only available for the LDAP and authentication database based surgeweb addressbooks for now. For auth and ldap addressbooks defaults to auto, which means browse if <200 addresses and search if >200 addresses. Modes and limits configurable in the ldap and auth addressbook configuration options.
- New: LDAP based surgeweb addressbooks. Options much like authentication database based addressbooks. This is only available on windows builds currently but should be fairly easy to add to unix builds too. Let us know if you have need for this on unix.
- New: Authentication database based surgeweb addressbooks. Variety of configuration options available from the configure link on the abook page once an addressbook is saved as auth or ldap. One notable feature for auth based addressbooks is to limit the contents by access group useful to say have a "list of students" and a separate list of "staff" for example.
- New: Icon images can be added to any personal or surgeweb shared contact entries.
- New: Core of the rewrite made active. This splits personal and shared contacts, and splits "groups" into addressbooks and distribution lists, and presents this as a tree in the interface on the contacts page.  In the background addressbooks are processed individually providing the facility for improved performance (performance improvements still to be enabled). The contact picker has been rehashed based on the same concepts and now has "All personal contacts", "groups from personal addressbook and directories" and "directories containing all shared addressbooks" the separate tabs. This change set has the potential to break any part of surgeweb but I have tested all things I can think of to work now... additional behaviour changes will be added soon.
- New: Multiple email addresses per contact are now all available / individually selectable in the contact picker and in the autocompletion dropdown list.
- New: vCard vcf contact files can now be imported using import in surgeweb pages or "tellmail import_vard ..." command. Both vcard and cvs import will now try and reuse exisiting contacts if it can (based on email address and username) so updates can more easily be applied without getting a zillion duplicate entries.
- New: Old webmail groups now displayed and usable as groups within surgeweb - still readonly, actual import of webmail groups still to be implemented (soon)
- New: Queued web request channels logs are available under the green info icon to troubleshoot permantly rotating icon issues.
- Fix: Minor tweak to the handling of numerical bullet points in html messages (as generated by MSWord) to display them tidier.
- Fix: Two recipient handling limits fixed in surgeweb. 1) During send if any of the to/cc/bcc fields were bigger than 1kb (20-40 addresses) the whole field was getting dropped; 2) display of recipients was limted to 5kb (100-200 addresses) and this was the maximum number of recipients replyall would put in the addressing fields. Now should be unlimited within surgeweb. The following have been tested to work fine up to 1000 recipient addresses per email (at which point surgemail's g_rcpt_max kicks in): recipients in to/cc/from fields, sending to groups (either browserside or serverside expanded), display of recipients list within email, recipients displayed when pressing reply all. note: one fix is template file based, the other surgemail binary based, so a full distribution is required to apply fix.
- Fix: Spellchecker fixes: some suggestion words were resulting in javascript error, and now deals better with apostrophes in words eg "Couldn't"
Thu 5 November 2009: Beta version 4.2d-1
- New: Ability to customise mobile interface logo image (manually add "mobile_custom_banner true" and then place banner_mobile.jpg in custom directories)
- Fix: Made suregweb more tolerant of spam body modification, spam body modification resulted in surgeweb pretty much always truncating the message for display.
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Several non surgeweb fixes as per surgemail changes
Wed 28 October 2009: Specials version 4.2c-5
- New: Messages get hidden immediately on message delete / move to make interface seem more responsive (tweaked version of setting introduced in build 4.2b-11). Can be disabled in advanced preferences.
- Fix: Minor rewording on "Filtering and Spam control" preferences page
- Fix: Made "lock_name_auth" apply to basic interface too.
- Fix: Actually made the delete key get actioned at the global level. After recent keyhandling changes just the delete key still needed explicit message list selection.
- Fix: After relogin using "relogin dialog" due to session timeout, save draft showed error even though the save actually succeeded. (may also have affected other commands)
Sat 24 October 2009: Specials version 4.2c-4
- Fix: Pressing NotSpam on messages in Spam folder was not training & cleaning messages correctly, sometimes resulted in multiple copies of the message in inbox, sometimes even the wrong message.
- Fix: Pressing Spam / NotSpam / Allow Once / Block Forever results in javascript error. Note the action was still actioned and a folder refresh gets display synchronised again. Not sure when broken, but is broken in 4.2a3-3 production release.
Sat 24 October 2009: Specials version 4.2c-3
- New: Tidied various aspects of the Preferences tabs, including list of keyboard and mouse shortcuts and removal of not yet implemented items from options menu.
- New: Surgemail disables relevant parts of interface for (g_)user_access settings "pass,fwd,fwdonly,exceptions". Also if none of the Filtering/Spam control features are enabled the tab gets completely hidden.
- New: New surgeweb setting "lock_options_basic true" (manually add to custom/config_*.dat) - Hide the screen layout and advanced tabs in Preferences to prevent users from "playing" with them.
- New: New surgeweb setting "lock_name_auth true" (manually add to custom/config_*.dat) - Prevent end users from changing their "from address details" and update full_name from authentication database on every session login.
- Fix: Emails with from addresses with a single quote character in the actual address were failing to display, and failing during "conversation history" searches. Both fixed.
Fri 23 October 2009: Specials version 4.2c-2
- New: Settings to refresh and target right column based google ads. more info
- New: Google Chrome 3 browser bugs warning, with optional drag and drop disable. more info
- New: New surgeweb setting "smtp_ssl_required" settable on the customisation page to force SSL on sending SMTP connections without the need to explicitly specify IP:port for each domain using the surgemail domain setting surgeweb_backend_smtp.
- Fix: Filtered out Cmd-Q so it has standard behaviour on OSX.
- Fix: Context menu on folders through "Ctrl clicking" was still not working on OSX.
Fri 16 October 2009: Specials version 4.2b-12
- New: Sending as text / html can be clicked to toggle mode during compose (interface probably still needs improving though). Several other related fixes including setting of html mode if color changes are made. Not setting of html mode if "remove all formatting" is clicked. Improved detection of replying in html mode if message is multipart alternative.
- Fix: The csv contacts import was no longer working due to recent cross site scripting changes. Fixed and now supports a lot more outlook fields to import and is smarter about dealing with fields it does not know about if "Add unrecognised data" is ticked.
Thu 15 October 2009: Specials version 4.2b-11
- New: Rewrite of selection handling (mainly keyboard selections), fixing many things - including: top  & bottom end of selection handling better, bunch of message actions (like keyboard based select all / delete / cache etc) can be done without first needing explicit message list selection, Ctl-A can be used to select all message body text in preview pane (click preview first to set focus), support for OSX Cmd key and Option modifier keys instead of Ctl to match normal OSX key behaviour, support for Ctl click on OSX to get context menus, Windows "menu alt keys" can be pressed without message actions triggering.
- New: Sort order remembered per session serverside, so new message notifications do not reset the client side displayed message sort order to reverse date. Also option to make sort order "sticky" so it will remember what it was set to (default is always revert to reverse date on a new login). Also sorting by to / from addresses fixed so it removes non printable characters like quotation marks before sorting.
- New: Experimental option to hide messages immediately instead of greying them out first when deleting etc (setting needs manual addition until we decide whether this is actually a sensible feature;-)
- Fix: Crash during html washing if a particular odd html construct was encountered
- Fix: Forwarding a message with attachments or forward attach was losing the attachment at send time if using the basic html interface.
- Fix: Tweaked the "Single line on reply" header slightly
Fri 9 October 2009: Beta version 4.2a3-3
(patched build for production release with several fixes already in 4.2b-* builds)
- Fix: Doing a "download all" of multiple attachments with no file extension and the same name crashed surgemail.
- Fix: Forwarding a message with attachments or forward attach was losing the attachment at send time if using the basic html interface.
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Friends processing bugfix
Tue 6 October 2009: Specials version 4.2b-7
- New: Header to quoted message text on replies is now a single line - there is an option to disable this and display same multiline header as forward like it used to.
- New: Made cross site scripting vunerability checking more rigorous. Note: be on lookout for these that may have been introduced as a result: 1) interface actions that not longer work 2) html messages that do not show correctly (due to stricter HTML washing, please pass the emails in original format from disk to for analysis)
- New: OSX Fluid user script to have multiple concurrent surgeweb accounts as "permanently online web applications" with always uptodate unread count in dock, automatic relogin on session timeout, and automatic start on bootup (I'll write some instructions and add to help and post a link here)
- New: Native support for "unread message count" (just like Apple mail - in OSX dock and application switcher) when running under OSX Fluid Site Specific Browser. (note: Fluid is a useful way to make any web page behave "like an application" under OSX)
- New: "Nice icon" on iphone when creating a "bookmark on home screen" to any of the surgemail web interfaces
- New: Support for Thunderbird fields for the contacts import of csv files
- New: A surgeweb reply to a dbabble generated email message is now sent plain text rather than multipart alternative html.
- Fix: Doing a "download all" of multiple attachments with no file extension and the same name crashed surgemail.
- Fix: Issue with the saving of preferences that enabled these advanced settings (sticky_menus, no_fancy_rcpt, no_replycolor, no_filtermenus) "for the rest of the session" if any preferences save was done.
- Fix: Make the message list icons (attachment, priority, security) & label alignment work nicely in IE7 (&IE8 compatibility mode)
- Fix: Make the delete key on the OSX apple keyboard delete a mesage and not "browse back" out of surgeweb.
- Fix: Rewrite of the menu handling code fixing a bunch of menu problems. Most notably right click context menus not working at all on firefox and safari. But other issues too. Menus should now mostly all work either as a "click(hold) - drag(to menu selection) - mouse up" or "click(with mouseup) - drag(to menu selection) - second click" action on all browsers.
Thu 24 September 2009: Beta version 4.2a2-2
- Fix: (non surgeweb) Recently added crashing bug in the archiving code (only seemed to affect some systems).
Wed 23 September 2009: Beta version 4.2a-1
- Change: References to "Ajax interface" changed to "Standard Interface" on login page and interface switching buttons. Documentation not yet reviewed.
- Fix: Clicking contacts seach field clear it ready for input (was broken some time back)
- Fix: No content was getting displayed for html messages with a <head> but no </head> tag (technically invalid html)
- Fix: Filehandle leak during send of plain format=flowed messages (introduced with format=flowed plain text features of build 4.1b-14)
Mon 21 September 2009: Specials version 4.1d-6
- New: Added example to extend.js of making the change password button point to your own password administration web page
- Fix: Problem with the language translation file. Any "brand new" surgemail installs since 4.1c-1 will have a badly formatted "surgemail/lang_web.dat" file (upgrade installs are not affected). Symptoms are garbage entry in "language drop down" on front page and "Remember me" displayed to right of language dopdown. For now fix is to manually replace the surgemail/lang_web.dat with the version from any new distribution (4.1d-6+) as this file does not get replaced on upgrades currently.
- Fix: Browser check tweaked to make it better able to detect Safari based browsers (such as Fluid)
Sat 19 September 2009: Specials version 4.1d-5
- New: Able to easily add signature to "just a few" or "not a few" messages. Selection done on compose pane and if "remember" sticky options are used on the compose pane this is remembered for next message. Without "remember", the show / noshow default can be set in Options - Preferences.
- Change: When replying to plain text message, plain text reply (format=flowed mode) is only enabled if message actually arrives with format=flowed formatting, else html (multipart alternative) is used to keep dumb microsoft mail clients happier.
- Fix: Recently added "Remember" sticky compose options work on popup message windows too now
- Fix: Minor changes to the way the html editor is initialised. Timing bug, which sometimes resulted in google Chrome sometimes having an uneditable compose pane should be fixed. If anyone encounters problems with the editor (particularly in older versions of firefox) please let me know.
- Fix: When using "download all" attachments feature, handle it more nicely if the all the attachments actually have the same filename
Tue 15 September 2009: Specials version 4.1d-4
- Fix: Have surgeweb "reply indenting" work better with plaintext messages with spaces between quote characters as per "> > > Original". Notably existing netwin webmail formats it replies like this.
- Fix: When sending emails with an ampersand character '&' this would get replaced by a random letter in the text part of sent messages. Bug has always existed but is more noticeable now that surgweb preferentially sends in plain text. Html parts of multipart/alternative messages not affected.
Mon 14 September 2009: Specials version 4.1d-3
- Note: Surgeweb will clear and regenerate its imap folder indexes first time a folder is used after this build has been installed (this may take up to a minute or so per 10000 messages in a folder but is done in the background)
- New: More options for hiding some of the interface elements (particularly surgemail spam related warnings if not using surgemail spam handling) using extension css file: extend.css
- New: Seperate Reply indicator into Reply / Forward / Reply+Forward
- New: Attachment, priority, security indicators as part of message list
- New: SurgeVault encryption integration for message sending (PRERELEASE - contact if you wish to try this)
- New: "Remember" tickbox in the message compose options that allows the message compose options to be "sticky". ie. display of cc/bcc/options and state of priority/confirmation
- New: Automatic timezone detection from browser
- Fix: If messages in the message list were clicked before list was fully displayed this resulted in javascript error.
- Fix: Tidied "marking as read" handling. In particular, if no preview was present or web mode was used it would mark as read when it shouldn't, or was not marking as read when it should in some situations.
Mon 7 September 2009: Beta version 4.1c-1
- Fix: Text part of multipart/alternative was missig a cr/lf if the event it it did not need to be quoted printable encoded
- Fix: Surgeweb generated plain/text messages with attachments had an extra mime header which displayed as part of the text content
Fri 4 September 2009: Specials version 4.1b-16
- Change: Keyboard "message send" shortcut is now Ctrl-Shift-Enter, it seems Shift-Enter was getting frequently accidentally hit just like Ctrl-Enter. Please let me know if it is improved now.
- Fix: Surgeweb "eating whitespaces sometimes". Primary problem affected sending using firefox after doing a copy and paste of text - affected both text and html parts of multipart mime messages. In the editor the message looked correct at time of sending. Other browsers not affected. Secondary problem affected all browsers but only possible sometimes if sending a plain text part generated from html display in editor (thus only possible since addition of plain text sending in 4.1b-14)
- Fix: Addition of square brackets around an email address in surgeweb prevented email from getting sent and resulted in contacts being completely broken. Note: on any accounts that contacts is broken for this reason, contacts should start working again with this fix.
- Fix: Html messages with multiple style blocks were no longer getting handled correctly (as of build 4.1b-11)
Mon 31 August 2009: Specials version 4.1b-15
- New: Create link button in the html editor toolbar
- New: Surgeweb html editor now supports setting of font color and background color in the message editor (includes blogs editor)
Sat 29 August 2009: Specials version 4.1b-14
- Note: If message formatting oddities are encountered with these changes please send me the actual message with bad formatting, and very importantly also the original message that was replied to / forwarded. I need both in raw format from disk for the troubleshooting of any issues here.
- New: Parts of the documentation updated. Notably these pages added: contacts documention (includes shared contacts), faq page and multiple server clustering configuration notes. Also installed surgemail help fixed wrt new layout changes.
- New: Support for format=flowed plain/text only messages. The ajax interface surgeweb will default to sending messages in plain/text (rather than multipart related with html). Editing is still gets done in the html editor with colored reply indenting etc. If you use any of the html markup on the toolbar the message will automatically switch to getting sent as a multipart/related message with both text and html parts. If you reply to a message that starts of as an html message your message will be sent as html. (possibly need some more finer grained control but I suspect this is all that is needed)
- New: Surgeweb outputs the textpart of as nicely formatted format=flowed plain/text. In addition to this, if the text part contains a few UTF-8 characters quoted-printable content transfer encoding is also used. If the text part contains lots of UTF8, the whole text part is base64 encoded instead.
- Fix: A little of this code was mistakenly active in Thursdays builds which would have resulted in oddly formatted plain text parts in multipart alternative html messages (ie mostly would have been invisible to users).
Thu 27 August 2009: Specials version 4.1b-12
- New: CSV import can be imported direct to any shared addressbook you have permission to access. Number of records imported gets displayed to user.
- Change: Send mesage keyboard shortcut changed from Ctrl-Enter to Shift-Enter, it just happened too often that you pasted with Ctrl-V and followed that with the enter key and having surgeweb recognise that as "send the message now" because your finger was not off the Ctrl key yet.
- Fix: Minor fixes to display of multilevel quoted replies.
- Fix: The csv import was not importing the last field specified on the formatting line of the CSV file. Also if no ',' are found it will try to use the ';' as a field separator instead.
Thu 27 August 2009: Specials version 4.1b-11
- Fix: Crashing bug during friends bounce reply processing if the email had certain formatting. (introduced 4.1b-6)
- Fix: Make sure the surgeplus / user.cgi autologin works on frontend / back server combinations
- Fix: Text part processing issue that had some odd consequences as a result of browser quirks. If the source of a reply was a text part of another message (as opposed to html part), it would remove spaces between some words "during the send" even though it looked correct at in the browser at time of sending (only affected some browsers). The same issue was responsible for the addition of spaces after certain text lines which meant that the '\' line continuation character could not be effectively used in messages.
- Fix: Html part of multipart messages sent by surgeweb are a little tidier
Mon 24 August 2009: Specials version 4.1b-10
- New: Ability to hide "Remember me" tickbox on the front page - again requires css customisation and sample code in extend.css.
- New: Ability to display Filestore button as well as / instead of the Photos button to get to the top level of the surgeplus filesharing (needs to be enabled in extension css)
- New: Enabled skin styling and extension css / js for the basic interface and the stylings defined for ajax should apply mostly here.
- New: Received multilevel format=flowed text only messages get displayed nicely using indentation mechanism below.
- New: Blockquote based indentation when replying to make levels of reply easy to spot, with automatic "breakout" to outer level on pressing enter with cursor in text. As displayed in surgeweb first reply level is always blue, second reply level green, then light brown and the rest light grey (text color explicitly set in html does override this though). This mechanism is send/receive compatible with the reply indentations as displayed by other clients (notably thunderbird, osx mail, gmail). Note the colouring does not get explicitly set so what the destination message "looks like" in terms of colors depends on the destination mail client. (Only outlook does not have much of a visual cue yet...) There is a setting to revert old behaviour in preferences.
- New: (non surgeweb) html spam status email has facility for normally disabled "report all as spam" action link.
- New: (non surgeweb) html spam status email also displays summarised To header information to detect messages to multiple recipients / undisclosed recipients / bcc's etc.
- Fix: Crashing bug in the body searching code if the tcp connection was prematurely broken.
- Fix: If using g_maildir_netwin, pressing "Send >>Done" on a message already in the Done folder resulted in an error (which meant it was easy to resend the message as it was already successfully sent).
Fri 14 August 2009: Specials version 4.1b-5
- New: Chrome spell check fix earlier today, broke the chrome focus to message body on reply/forward etc code - focus now fixed.
- Fix: Folder names now have full UTF8 support. This means any folders with non ascii characters created in other mail client should show in surgeweb and visa versa. Folders with utf8 characters previously created from surgeweb were stored in imap with invalid foldernames, these are corrected and ambiguous characters replaced by '?' and suffixed by the text "- invalid name N".
Thu 10 August 2009: Specials version 4.1b-4
- New: Google chrome native browser spellchecker now works in the message editor when composing messages
- New: ICONV international / UTF-8 character set handling for linux64, freebsd7, solaris8, solaris_x86
- Fix: In basic html mode, delete & move when a message is displayed have never worked and move copy message in message list were recently broken.
- Fix: Menus that "would not go away" broken several weeks back. Let me know if there are any menus that disappear too soon now...
- Fix: Automatic contact addition when replying to emails with from header spread over multiple lines (notably happened for international characters =?iso encoded international characters from hotmail) would result in broken addressbooks.  Fixed for new address addition, and surgeweb addressbooks previously broken like this will start working again too.
- Fix: Strip inline html tag "position:" styles. Notably makes some yahoo groups messages display nicely in IE7 (message text was bleeding all over the whole page and not scrolling).
Thu 23 July 2009: Beta version 4.1a-1
- Fix: Messages containing unicode line separator characters would not display in FF & Safari
- Fix: Handle leak when attempting to send a message without any valid recipients having been specified
- Fix: Explicitly specifying the domain to login to using domain_ex variable made a bit nicer
- Fix: Setting to disable fancy recipient addressing did not work
Thu 16 July 2009: Specials version 4.0x-4
- New: IMAP based full body search is implemented
Tue 14 July 2009: Specials version 4.0x-3
- New: SurgeWeb disables appropriate parts of the surgeweb interface in response to 'friends' and 'spam' user_access settings.
- New: Changed the quota display in the Mail panel header to include quota limit.
- New: Make html editor automatically switch from markup to normal mode before sending/spellcheck/saving emails; in signature editor; and editing blog posts.
- Fix: Made edit in markup mode work for multiple concurrent messages in tabs.
- Fix: Messages with attachments or spam control buttons would not display in folders with a single apostrophe in the name
- Fix: Text "blurriness" removed from selected messages text in message list in non high contrast cursor mode
- Fix: Recent bug that had surgeweb display "(none)" in from column if a surgeweb label was applied (imap label was fine) or a message had a X-SpamDetect header (big-endian systems only ie Solaris sparc and OSX PPC)
- Fix: Links in top right of messages (prev/next, conversation, popup, raw/text/html) did not work if searching across multiple folders and dealing with a message not in the primary folder you started your search from
- Fix: IE only focus issue where edit fields in interface would sometimes become unselectable, very visibly the search box - and also other things like text could not be selected for copy paste. Happened under some conditions when caret focus was within an iframe that was closed (message body edit, signature edit, or any field in user.cgi dialog). Previously doing an action that explicitly set focus would already reset this focus issue (eg. compose, reply, forward, labels menu etc)
- Fix: Spellcheck "word correction menu" menu had border removed but shadow effect was not yet getting added.
- Fix: Reply actions (mark replied, moved to done folder etc) to messages listed in a folder based search (searches with folder column displayed) were getting applied to the wrong message. (first message in folder rather than the correct message)
- Fix: Labels menu was displaying "undefined"
- Fix: Labels menu was broken until you logged in again if you opened the labels menu on an account with no labels, closed the labels menu without creating a label and tried to open the labels menu again.
- Fix: Using 'ajax panel look' with borders, a gap appeared between top and left edges of dialog boxes and the shadow effect.
- Fix: Crash if another IMAP client had set custom IMAP labels before surgeweb had ever seen a folder and there were more than 200 messages in the folder in question.
Mon 6 July 2009: Beta version 4.0w-1
- New: Quota information gets displayed in basic interface too
- New: always_show_quota setting to allow quota to be displayed in interface if <80% of quota is being used
- New: Ability to create, delete and rename folders from the right click context menu on folders in left panel
- New: Changes to surgeweb's "spam" / "notspam" reporting. All combinations listed now do spam training. Spam training now works without the use of "g_imap_friends". (g_imap_friends is still required to view and deal with surgeweb's "Spam" folder)
- New: Menus prettified with shadows
- New: Message "copy/move to folder" menu is "searchable" for a specific folder now & keyboard navigable too (just like the Labels menu already was)
- New: (non surgeweb) status_html.eml status message is more complete (logging more complete, and now has "Block" link - report as spam and add address to usercgi block list)
- New: Closer integration between "quick search" and "folder search", see help . Menu selecting them is remembered as a preferences and defaults to Quicksearch again.
- Fix: Basic & Mobile interface "sent" folders were listing from address rather than to address
- Fix: "Challenge unknown senders" configure link had been broken some weeks back, although was going unnoticed in some browsers
- Fix: Tidied some of the warnings and error messages
Tue 23 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-22
- Fix: "Tamed" the "folder count updated" message added yesterday that was getting displayed more often than intended
- Fix: Crash when doing notspam action in inbox (introduced a few days back)
Mon 22 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-21
- New: Ability to set message priority when editing messages for sending (toggle options on compose page first)
- New: Ability to set read confirmation / delivery confirmation requests when editing messages for sending
- New: Unread message count display gets refreshed for all folders at login and every 10 minutes during a session
- New: Folder context menu that allows manual folder refresh of one or all folders (downloading headers for searching and flags if they have been set with another mail client)
- New: "Extra imap refreshes" setting works and does full flags update periodically (folder click requiring full update on large folders may be noticeably slower particularly on busy server)
- New: Slightly changed the way the flags updates get done making it faster 99% of the time
- Fix: To the way surgemail does its new mail check which sometimes meant that clicking folders shortly after login would not show new messages for up to 15 seconds sometimes
- Fix: Arrow key based message selection got reset after clicking message when message list spanning multiple folders was displayed
- Fix: Made background gradient prettier
- Fix: To the use of labelling on non surgemail IMAP servers
Sat 20 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-20
- New: "Send >>Done" is now actioned as a single html request rather than two separate html requests.
- New: More sensible handling of the default flags created by other IMAP mail client (spam flags get hidden and recognised flags get initialised with label text and colours) and more functional "mail client mapping" on flags management page.
- Fix: Labels search in menu only applies to start of label string
- Fix: Occasional redbox "unknown javascript errors" when sending from popup windows after pressing the reply button within the popup window (fixed I think, as I was not able to repeat the fault myself)
- Fix: Label creation through menu "lower cased" the whole labelname (fix part two)
Fri 19 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-19
- Fix: Label creation through menu "lower cased" the whole labelname
- Fix: Selection handling in message list when creating labels was confusing
- Fix: Message move to folder button / more actions menu was no longer working (broken with implementation of labels menu)
- Fix: Friend pending silent mode messages were not getting purged at g_friends_pending_keep days
- Fix: Recipient context menu / clicking recipient address for new email messed up ones own from address requiring relogin to surgeweb to correct it
- Fix: Spurious warning displayed when actioning contacts "more actions" menu items from Chrome or Safari
- Fix: Labels and Searches trees remembers collapsed/opened state (just like the "More Folders" already does)
- Fix: Labels color picker tidied
Wed 17 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-18
- Fix: Messages copied to Sent folder when sending have unread status. (broken with labels implementation in 4.0v-17)
Wed 17 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-17
- New: Full surgeweb message labelling (compatible with other IMAP clients) implemented. Allows multiple labels per message stored as imap flags or message headers. For more info see online help
- Fix: About four fixes to existing functionality not related to message labelling that I came across during development. Primarily related to searching and character encoding.
Wed 10 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-14
- Fix: Much improved the dropdown autocompletion speed for popup message windows under IE
- Fix: Fixed a deadlock situation where a particular failed IMAP command would prevent further surgeweb index file updates for that folder until surgemail was restarted
- Fix: Reply button on popup message windows was no longer working (broken 4.0v-11)
- Fix: First attachment in popup message windows would fail to attach (broken 4.0v-10, when quota warning was added)
Mon 8 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-12
- Fix: Further search folders fix
Sat 6 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-11
- Fix: Purge of an empty Spam folder no longer results in error
- Fix: Search folders Single / Recent / All button was broken in 4.0v-10
Sat 6 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-10
- New: Quota information is displayed if green status icon is clicked. If >80% quota is used an additional warning is constantly displayed beside the status icon.
- New: (non surgeweb) Improvements to html spam report email
- Fix: Re / Fwd stripped from subject searches to also match the original message in conversations
Wed 3 June 2009: Specials version 4.0v-8
- New: Search now is able to search across multiple folders, actions (delete etc) can be applied to messages listed in a search that span multiple folders. Note as it stands search does not update indexes - so messages added to folders since folder was last opened in surgeweb will not be found yet
- New: Search defaults to folder search (option of: current folder, recently accessed folders; or all folders). Quicksearch "browser side search" is still available from dropdown or pressing the "q" key
- New: Serverside searches can be saved (aka smart folders) for future one click access
- New: Messages have button to search for messages in multiple folders by subject (aka "thread") or history by email address (ie full "conversation history" with a user)
- New: Right click context menus on recipient addresses, message list, message stars
- Fix: Several minor surgeweb fixes and several non surgeweb fixes
Fri 29 May 2009 : Specials version 4.0v-3
- New: Ability to flag messages
- New: Change password button on the top level preferences page
- New: Last account activity time and ip address on the preferences page (to allow users to detect unauthorised surgeweb use)
Thu 28 May 2009 : Patched Release version 4.0u3-3
- Fix: Warning if forwarding messages with multipart/related images that images will not be sent as part of the message (not implemented yet - should do redirect or forward attach for now)
- Fix: Several more small non surgeweb fixes
Wed 27 May 2009 : Version 4.0v-2 & Patched Release version 4.0u2-2
- Fix: Html interface compose receives signature too
- Fix: Html interface refresh and purge links work
- Fix: Html interface reply / forward etc shows from address fully
- Fix: Two processing fixes for plain text message text with paragraphs larger than 1KB - would truncate & mess up text part paragraph text and may also have been able to cause a crash
- Fix: CSS processing fix - if the processing buffer boundary fell on certain css tokens surgeweb would completely fail to display the message
- Fix: non surgeweb fix that prevented mail getting sent to domains that contained just the letters a-f
Wed 20 May 2009 : Beta build version 4.0u-1
- New: Surgeweb.log accessible on the surgemail admin interface log search page
- New: Reply and forward using basic interface add an '-- original message --' header in the body prior to old message
- Fix: Changing text message urls into links made a bit smarter
- Fix: Made display of html interface page "less flickery"
- Fix: Login page language translation warning removed when selecting languages (although most of the internal phrases of surgeweb are not part of the translations yet)
- Fix: Html interface autologin to surgeplus / user.cgi works again (broken with backend autologin features some weeks back)
- Fix: Address autocompletion works again in the basic interface (broken recently with the additional sorting to most mailed order)
- Fix: Html edit window when editing a message now resizes to fill the browser window
- Fix: Signatures were not getting added to emails when sending with basic interface
- Fix: Signatures get limited (and user warned) to 1KB - limit always existed but messed up configuration files if signatures larger than approx 970 characters (including html tags) were saved. Larger signatures will be supported soon but requires further development.
- Fix: Message popin / popout no longer adds additional copies of the signature
Thu 14 May 2009 : Beta build version 4.0t-4
- New: Popup warning if logging in to ajax with unsupported browser; and admin configurable action: unsupported_browser [allow | deny | basic | webmail]. Where basic and webmail login to other interface instead.
- Fix: Encoded attachment filenames should now be getting correctly handled
- Fix: Sending messages with basic HTML interface if you just had a "Name" specified in "options - Reply name / address" was not working (blank or fully specified name and address was already working).
Tue 12 May 2009 : Beta build version 4.0s-1
- Fix: Several further fixes to contacts handling
Mon 11 May 2009 : Beta build version 4.0r-7
- New: Autocompletion dropdown list is sorted with most frequently mailed at the top
- New: Surgeweb shared addressbook admin interface configuration page (search for 'abook' in config settings) now has instructions
- New: Webmail contacts import - webmail contacts can be individually imported, or all webmail contacts can be imported in one go
- New: Contacts - Shared contact group membership can be edited through surgeweb interface - by editing group edit field or by drag and drop to existing groups defined in shared contacts
- New: Contacts - Top N favorites increased from 10 to 20 and is customisable if desired
- New: Contacts - Instant Messenger field is actually displayed and works
- Fix: Contacts - Birthday field now works correctly
- Fix: Contacts - Contact auto addition clientside based on first ever send to an email address does not get name and email address reversed for duration of surgeweb session
- Fix: Contacts - Pressing cancel button when editing refreshes browser side information with unchanged contact information
- Fix: Contacts - Deletion of a single item of multiple record field works as it should
- Fix: Contacts - Confusion between display and editing of personal and shared addressbooks for contacts with same id (note: "id" generally but not necessarily the same as the email address)
- Fix: Contacts - Favorites now actually has most mailed, and recently mailed contacts in it (it was getting incorrectly sorted - big oops)
- Fix: Contacts - Manually adding a contact to favorites resulted in it being displayed twice in the list of favorites
- Fix: Contacts - Organising contacts in groups would lose detailed information for the contacts in question
- Fix: Certain group deletion actions could result in crash
- Fix: Certain MIME construct could result in crash
Tue 5 May 2009 : Beta build version 4.0q-1
- Fix: Some character set headers were not correctly decoded and as a result some characters were not recognised when converted to UTF-8
- Fix: Further fix to outlook csv import functionality
Mon 4 May 2009 : Beta build version 4.0p-14
- Fix: minor fixes / changes to html spam status email
- Fix: multipart/mixed messages with no text part and unnamed image get displayed correctly
Sat 2 May 2009 : Beta build version 4.0p-13
- New: (indirectly surgeweb) support for fancy html user.cgi spam status email with direct clickable links to release messages, delete messages and purge the spam folder (requires updated status.eml not yet in distribution)
- New: (indirectly surgeweb) user.cgi status email does no longer deletes user mail processing log file entries when spam & log file status message gets sent
- Fix: Display of non RFC compliant text emails could result in surgemail crash
- Fix: Outlook CVS import was not handling the last field (on each line of the import) correctly
- Fix: Spell checking certain words could crash surgemail
- Fix: Minor fixes to the surgeweb info in the tellmail status output
Fri 1 May 2009 : Beta build version 4.0p-12
- Fix: In the message editor, starting a line with a tab character turned the paragraph into preformatted. As a result disabling the wrapping.
- Fix: "Sessions that timeout serverside" fix was broken and as a result logged out all sessions once an hour
Tue 29 March 2009 : Beta build version 4.0p-10
- New: tellmail status now has surgeweb session statistics
- Fix: Sessions that timeout serverside get tidied up nicely
- Fix: Several memory leaks in surgeweb code
- Fix: IMAP filehandle leak in some IMAP features that surgeweb uses more than any other mail client.
Sun 26 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0p-6
- Fix: Another surgeweb filehandle leak resolved
Sat 25 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0p-5
- Fix: Made webmail contacts as stored by old webmail smooth template display nicely in surgeweb
- Fix: Crash if webmail addressbook files were corrupt in a particular way
- Fix: Having certain characters in subjects of "Forward Attach" was failing to actually attach the messages to be forwarded
- Fix: Optional custom menubar button "Forward attach" was not doing anything
- Fix: Links on mobile interface to switch to Basic and Ajax interface work again
- Fix: Custom configuration in "Preferences - Filtering & Spam control" is blue not red
- Fix: Several file handle leaks (certain conditions in: in forward attaching, and spam training multiple messages at once, saving of drafts)
Tue 21 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0o-1
- New: Able to find surgeweb customisation page settings using the "Find config setting" in admin interface
Mon 20 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0n-6
- Fix: Several memory leaks fixed
- Fix: File handle leaks if: 1) message failed to send; 2) replying to message in text mode (ie using mobile interface)
- Fix: Multibyte UTF-8 characters inline in an email no longer trips up the spell checker word synchronisation
- Fix: Display of messages in "web page" mode works again
Sat 18 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0n-2
- Fix: Files sent as emails (by office 11) by right clicking from the shell / browser windows and were not getting correctly displayed by surgeweb as they have odd MIME constructs.
- Fix: Customised "Not Spam" button on menubar was getting actioned as "Spam" - button on message and More Actions menu was fine.
- Fix: Crash when logging in to large folder (>200 messages) for first time ever using surgeweb (introduced yesterday as part of "Friends Pending" customise feature)
Fri 17 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0m-1
- New: Started on interface multilanguage support - main login page texts go through the language lookup. (surgeweb strings use surgemail\lang_web.dat and surgemail\lang_bin.dat)
- New: Ability to customise the imap name of "Friends Pending" (surgeweb "Spam") folder - must modify BOTH g_friends_pending_name and surgeweb imap_spam_folder
- Fix: Messages with many hundreds of recipients were not getting displayed at all. Now display message with truncated recipient list (still requires better fix)
- Fix: Encoded headers (most notably subject header) sporadically crashed surgemail (only affected solaris8, linux64 and freebsd7 builds)
- Fix: UTF-8 (and & character) support in webmail addressbook nickname field for the read only display of webmail addresses in surgeweb
- Fix: UTF-8 support for csv contact import - notably this also means that First Name gets correctly imported when importing csv file generated by OE / Windows Live Mail.
- Fix: Logging in with a space character prefixing a valid username crashed surgemail
Tue 14 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0l-3
- Fix: Surgemail crash on every surgeweb login under Solaris 8 on some servers (could possibly have affected other platforms)
- Fix: Surgemail crash on surgeweb customisation page save linux 64 (could possibly have affected other platforms)
- Fix: Surgeweb customisation page "non default vdomain warning" no longer displayed on first display of customisation page
- Fix: Safari 4 and IE 8 now pass the login page browser check
- Fix: Drag and drop of messages and contacts works in IE 8
- Fix: Some spaces were getting "eaten" from some message text (certain html constructs generated by MS exchange) noticeable during display of and sending of messages
- Fix: Drag no longer starts from message list tickboxes (avoids accidental loss of multiple selection)
Thu 10 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0k-1
- New: Per user ability to disable whether contacts are autoadded and tracked for favorites when sending email (disabling this is NOT RECOMMENDED)
- New: Per user customisation of date and time format
- New: Made surgeweb customisation interface in surgemail admin page slightly more obvious whether global / group / domain settings are being edited
- Fix: Messages automatically copied to Sent finally have right time! (correction: still broken on some systems)
Wed 9 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0j-7
- New: Full support of UTF-8 character handling throughout email addressing, email sending, and contact handling - I think I have everywhere anyway... Should also mostly correct contact entries that were non ascii and previously stored in the contacts database.
- New: Keep <pre> blocks within message correctly formatted - both for display and for sending
- New: Horizontal scrollbar displayed to full message display if the message content warrants it (eg wide pre sections or wide images)
- New: Not directly surgeweb, but surgemail now defaults to using friends in list mode => means surgeweb spam handling display ends up in one of the 3 recommended configurations on default install
- Fix: Messages copied to Sent folder were "out by one hour"... attempted fix but last minute testing it's worse now :-(
- Fix: Certain contacts were resulting in an invalid index character which resulted in contact list completely failing to load
- Fix: Autologin to user.cgi spam page was still broken in IE
- Fix: Autologin to surgeplus filesharing ended up in surgeplus calendar
Sat 4 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0j-4
- Fix: Use of absolute positioning in styling message elements could leave message parts "all over the surgeweb interface".
- Fix: Autologin was not working for some username and password characters
Wed 1 April 2009 : Beta build version 4.0j-2
- New: More informational warning message when a message fails to send
- New: Context menu on recipients when composing messages (allows: remove, add as contact, send new message)
- New: Clicking recipients composes a message to the recipient rather than trying to add the recipient as a contact
- New: Allow many recipients on one message all be displayed instead of summarised
- New: Allow many attachments on one message all be displayed instead of summarised
- New: Make comma and semicolon characters behave like tab when it comes to address autocompletion
- Fix: Make address autocompletion work again in the Basic interface
- Fix: Allow images on popup windows was no longer working if the server response was very fast
- Fix: Make address autocompletion work again on basic interface
- Fix: Nasty bug: If a message was saved as a draft before the first attachment was added the message would be sent without attachments even though a cursory inspection showed attachments to be fully attached.
- Fix: Addresses added client side it the contact list again when sending
Tue 31 March 2009 : Beta build version 4.0i-1
- Fix: No longer create duplicate contact entries browser side when sending messages. !OOPS! now does not add them client side at all on message send - too late for 4.0i-1 but will be fixed with next build
- Fix: First ever email "Send" on account whilst surgeweb addressbook is empty does not fail with "NO Found 0 matches" error.
Mon 30 March 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0h-8
- New: "crossdomain" logins can be disabled / enabled. ie setup customisation etc for say domain2 and then login with user@domain1 to get domain1 look and feel
- New: Ability to customise whether domain is displayed on the login page or not
- New: Ability to login to surgeweb using any vdomain using single url (note that means customisation of default domains is used for any domain that uses this)
- New: Warnings on surgeweb customisation page of admin interface for: customisation of non default vdomain, and group customisation
- New: Autologin support to autologin into surgeweb
- New: Autologin connect to user.cgi / surgeplus - means user.cgi pages to backend servers autologin; and means user.cgi pages continue to work even if someone else logs in to user.cgi from elsewhere
- New: Having IP addresses and / or multiple ports specified in g_webmail_port etc now works with forcing to https and retrieving summary user.cgi information filtering and spam control in options
- New: 'Save message" available from message more actions menu to download message as text file to save it locally
- New: Further modification to the simplified spam configuration interface
Mon 23 March 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0h-3
- New: The simplified surgeweb Spam configuration interface fully operational
- New: The already implemented keyboard shortcuts documented in the preferences
- New: Which buttons get displayed in the main surgeweb toolbar can now be customised and the default set has been reduced
- New: Always allow images from this sender now operational :-)
- Fix: Serverside enumeration of addresses when sending to group works again (broken mid January with enhanced addressbook fields)
- Fix: Tab key behaves again like a tab key for safari OSX
- Fix: On OSX meta key behaves as it should (most notably apple-N opens new browser windows rather than new surgeweb message)
Thu 19 March 2009 : Beta build version 4.0g-1
- Fix: When downloading multiple messages during caching, charset of iconv conversion of first message to require conversion to utf-8 would be used on all messages that required conversion
Wed 18 March 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0f-3
- New: Contacts csv import "add unrecognised data to comment" is now optional
- Fix: Incorrect grammar in terms of Login buttons etc
- Fix: Spam button always displayed for messages in spam folder (even if spam rating is low)
- Fix: If messages older than the most recent 100 were deleted/moved with a non surgeweb email client, surgeweb would still display the message in the message list and display a blank message if you clicked it
- Fix: Addressbook import results in contacts functionality failing with ajax error, fixed but invalidly formatted contacts may have a warning about missing information
- Fix: IE "un terminated string" error if there were double quotes around name part of address - was not causing any actual problem though
- Fix: Correct display of CID inline images missing a CID tag
- Fix: Correct display of messages with X-NotAscii header different from mime content header
- Fix: Special characters (single quote in particular causing problems) in attachments broken both for message display as well as attachment uploading
Fri 14 March 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0d-7
- Fix: Solaris_x86 crash on every surgeweb login fix (may have affected some solaris sparc versions too)
- Fix: Crash on solaris sparc messages that needed ICONV translation
Mon 9 March 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0d-2
- New: Version check that disables surgeweb interface if surgemail binary is incompatible with surgeweb interface template files. (eg. after surgemail binary only upgrade)
- New: Ability to report Spam / NotSpam from various locations in the interface. This combines multiple user.cgi actions including the new "cleaning of stars" from false positives - for more information see: surgeweb spam marking - and requires g_imap_friends "true" in order to be enabled.
- New: Purge button next to Spam folder
- New: "Friends Pending mail store" displayed as "Spam folder" within top level folders if g_imap_friends enabled, else if any ordinary folder named Spam exists - display in same place, else display no spam folder at all.
Fri 6 March 2009 : Beta build version 4.0c-1
- Fix: Several fixes indirectly related to surgeweb (fixes to use of g_imap_friends and surgeplus image sharing)
Thu 5 March 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-20
- New: Support for SSL IMAP and SMTP connections between surgeweb and backend server
- New: Support for separate backend IMAP and SMTP servers
- New: Support for non surgemail backend IMAP servers (tested against gmail's IMAP servers) - note surgemail only features are not yet getting disabled if non surgemail IMAP servers are used, and user.cgi/contacts does not work/is not yet stored.
- New: Prevent back button from killing messages you are editing
- Fix: Make tab and enter keys work as requested when composing message (enter goes to next field, tab in editor indents - tested in mainstream browsers)
- Fix: No longer switch to login page if Enter pressed in Subject field when composing a message
- Fix: Showing preview was no longer scrolling preview window to top - broken by new message caching code
- Fix: Reply all was not including any cc recipients in original message - broken by new message caching code
Fri 27 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-19
- Fix: Display of messages that had a cc field was slightly wrong, most noticeable by red box javascript error if one of these messages was at top of the list when displaying a folder - broken by new message caching code
Wed 25 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-18
- Fix: Handling of ' character in recipient addresses - broken by new message caching code
- Fix: Truncation of recipient list if list >1KB (approx 35 addresses) - bug already existed, but made more visible by new message caching code
- Fix: Bug > 4 recipients - bug already existed, but made more visible by new message caching code
- Fix: Really long attachment filenames error - bug already existed, but made more visible by new message caching code
- Fix: Show more error information in some cases which asked to report error code of []
Mon 23 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-17
- New: Major rewrite of the message handling & caching - these are important changes and have been quite well tested but doing this _may_ have broken just about anything in surgeweb :-(
- Fix: Bug with variety of symptoms including "msg_show prerequisites not met" when viewing message, and other javascript errors (most likely to occur when logging in)
- Fix: Resent-from header getting displayed on messages that it should not be getting displayed on
- Fix: Mixing existing message attachments (eg fwd attach or forward) with newly uploaded attachments did not work
- Fix: Popping messages in and out of the main window now keeps attachments
- Fix: Edit message window comes up with correct layout immediately (previously it displayed redirect layout until message was ready for display)
- Fix: Occasionally spaces between text were getting eaten for some html messages
- Fix: Some folder and message id confusion resolved (eg previously if you opened 2 messages in a tab, then replied to the first you would end up with a reply to the second message)
- Fix: Odd behaviour of prev next in message display windows fixed if these are clicked after having switched folders
Fri 20 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-16
- Fix: Running a spellcheck sometimes concatenated some of the lines in the original message to/from/date headers.
- Fix: Sending using Opera frequently "totally messed up" email messages by truncating the body in a variety of odd ways.
- Fix: Actual address autocompletion (ie pressing tab/enter during autocompletion) was not working in opera.
Tue 17 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-15
- New: Surgeweb customisation files now get mirrored as you modify them with the web admin interface (not during resyncs)
- New: Warning telling users to save their work and relogin if users are in an ajax surgeweb session when surgemail gets upgraded
- New: Spellchecker "Learn" works saving words in a users personal dictionary
- Fix: Some files were not getting fully refreshed after surgemail upgrade if "Remember me" tickbox was used to login
- Fix: Basic template does not correctly disable surgeplus / blogs features
- Fix: Username on login is no longer case sensitive resulting in different preferences
- Fix: Queuing changed so it is now impossible to get half broken interface with permanently scrolling info icon - happened if there was any javascript error processing ajax responses, now will always report an error to user and other ajax requests continue to work
Mon 16 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-14
- Fix: Minor tweaks to several of the fixes in 4.0b-13
Mon 16 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-13
- New: "Drag and drop + hold for 1s" opens a collapsed folder for the duration of the drag and drop
- New: Consolidated selection cursor coloring throughout the interface
- New: Improved the folder left panel and folder menu in terms folder "clickable/droppable hot area" spans the full width of the panel, and improved selected folder display
- Fix: Spellchecker was failing at the first   character in Safari or Chrome
- Fix: Spellchecker menu was not correctly placed if message window was scrolled
- Fix: selecting next / prev on popup message windows was bringing main window to front frequently in IE
Thu 12 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-12
- New: Much nicer "updates handling" when editing contact information. Includes variety of changes and specific bugfixes mentioned below.
- New: "Send >>Done" button also appears on other "normal folders" other than inbox
- Fix: Contacts - File by company tickbox sometimes needed to be clicked twice
- Fix: Contacts - Saving contacts resulted in duplicate in memory contacts list
- Fix: Contacts - Search for Contacts page and contacts picker always searches email, firstname, lastname, and company.
- Fix: Improved the recent fix to drag and drop handling (new symptoms were stop sign cursor in safari after scrolling message list)
Tue 10 February 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-11
- New: Spell checker
- New: From addressing "locked down" to avoid easy faking of emails (for now manually add address in "allowed_from" setting in _user.dat if from address must be changed, feature planned here)
- New: Move to done button on the main menu bar
- New: Make surgeweb work with g_url_alias and url_alias settings
- Fix: Messages sent with basic template could be sent with no email address in from header
- Fix: Safari & chrome no cursor displayed in blank editor window issue
- Fix: Messages not displaying "for a while" whist clicking folder (happened when some action had been taken on that folder in the last 15s - eg.  sent message saved)
- Fix: When using select "all in folder" feature the drag and drop message count correctly displayed
- Fix: On login the inbox unread message count is immediately correct (previously correct on any subsequent web request)
- Fix: Pressing reply etc on popup message reading windows was not working (broken about a week ago)
Sat 31 January 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-10
- New: https_require available on customisation screen to force browsers into using HTTPS for security
- New: logout_url available on customisation screen to specify the page you go to when pressing the logout button
- New: help_url available on customisation screen to the base location for customising the help files (actual help file names hardcoded appropriately in interface eg. ajax.htm, basic.htm, mobile.htm, user.htm)
Fri 30 January 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-9
- New: Further selection handling improvements (to avoid accidental message deletion when using tickboxes, to cope with auto refresh, and to make drag & drop nicer)
- New: Several improvements to message drag and drop handling
- Fix: Contact drag and drop into groups was not working in Firefox
Thu 29 January 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-8
- New: First autoselected message is a "fake selection" and more like a cursor - autodisplays first message in inbox, but means it cannot be accidentally deleted without explicitly selecting the message
- New: Auto refresh - When new messages arrive the message list is automatically refreshed with them (provided inbox is displayed, and you are not search limiting or dealing with a multi-item selection)
- New: Auto refresh - If you started with 100 messages on a page and had more than 100 in the folder, when you drop below 50 in displayed list (eg deleting or moving messages) it refreshes the list automatically to display up to 100 messages again
- Fix: Deleting / moving the last message in a folder clears the preview pane
Wed 28 January 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-7
- Fix: IE no longer gives a "display insecure content" warning on https connections
- Fix: Pressing close on popup message window displayed navigate away from page warning dialog
- Fix: Folders with ' character (single quote) result in surgeweb ajax hanging on login - now properly handled throughout the interface (hopefully everywhere ;-)
- Fix: Use of & character in reply name truncated reply name
- Fix: Mouseover hints over editor toolbar appearing again
- Fix: Clicking search and pressing ">" or ">>" shows next messages in search not folder
- Fix: Reply directly without clicking a message first (ie just selecting tickbox) resulted in error and unusable interface - look at scroller (also affected other message actions)
- Fix: Forward/forward attach of multiple messages only attached one message in popup mode (it was attaching all messages in tabbed mode)
- Fix: Surgemail crash if message deletion attempted on session which is no longer valid (eg you are mid session and surgemail is upgraded or restarted, and you press delete before surgeweb checks for new messages)
Wed 28 January 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-5
- Fix: Shared contact warning displayed when creating new contacts in personal addressbook
- Fix: Additional instances of contact information gets created when sending to addressbook entries in "old style" addressbook formatting
- Fix: Crash when trying to re-add already deleted contacts
Tue 27 January 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-4
- New: Significant further development of the contacts editing interface (a lot has needed to be changed, some things that were working may be broken until fully tested over the next few days)
- New: Shared addressbooks can be edited using the contacts editing interface (provided access_group based write access has been granted using abook surgemail.ini setting)
- New: Import of outlook formatted cvs addressbook files
- New: Additional webmail addressbook fields now displayed within surgeweb
- Fix: Contact related unusual character encoding issues resolved
Mon 12 January 2009 : Prerelease build version 4.0b-2
- New: Contact information editing interface (includes manual contact creation, large variety of arbitrary fields, smarts like address field links to google maps)
- New: Contacts editing letter index works now
- New: Warning on contacts editing page if no contacts data source is ticked
- Fix: Handle capitalised letters in the "surgeweb" part of the url
Tue 5 January 2009 : Beta build version 4.0a-1 (Full surgemail beta aimed to take to release status)
- Fix: Drafts folders displayed the same way as Sent with the "to addressing"
Tue 30 December 2008 : Beta build version 3.9h-74
- Fix: First message row behaved oddly for some shift selection handling
- Fix: Make clicking on the ajax address autocompletion list fill in address correctly
- Fix: Make further interface customisation work for other special folders ( eg purge for "Deleted Items" or "Deleted Messages"
- Fix: If non default "Sent" folder is used (ie "Sent Items" or "Sent Messages"), display the to header instead of from header correctly
- Fix: Select "all messages in folder" feature gets disabled as soon as searching is applied
- New: Sending message with 'bcc' but blank 'to' adds 'To:(Recipient List Suppressed)' header
- Fix: Make Mobile and Basic interfaces default to reverse date again (broken with message list sorting implementation last week)
Tue 30 December 2008 : Beta build version 3.9h-72
- New: Documentation in the online help on the search facilities (accessible from the dropdown menu in search field)
- Fix: HTML menubar works in basic html template
- Fix: IE sometimes messed up the rendering of the buttons in popup compose windows
- Fix: Editing messages in popup windows (broken with font size fix this morning)
Tue 30 December 2008 : Beta build version 3.9h-71
- Fix: Sending messages in text format (from mobile interface) was incorrectly adding the "This message is multipart mime" line
- Fix: Editor font names streamlined to use what seems to be more common fonts + have fallback fonts if the actual font is missing
- Fix: Editor font sizes streamlined and can now set default message font size in config files
- Fix: Filtering & Spam control summary page status was not getting displayed under some circumstances
- Fix: In IE full dd/mm/yyyy display in message list does not get hidden slightly on right
- Fix: Streamlined titlebar display ($domain$ / $account$ no longer required in custom/config_*.dat files)
Wed 24 December 2008 : Beta build version 3.9h-70
- New: Display menu which displays 'message subsets' using server side folder searching mechanism (eg read/unread/replied/unreplied/last day/last week)
- New: Serverside 'single folder' search implemented
- New: Sorting message list implemented (by date/to/from/subject/size)
- New: Surgeweb native addressbooks get mirrored
- New: Surgeweb stores user preferences in "_user.dat" (instead of "user.dat") and file gets uploaded to imap server (and thus mirrored)
- New: Surgeweb can connect to backend surgemail imap server (g_surgeweb_backend_server, surgeweb_backend_server, surgeweb_backend_web)
Mon 22 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-68
- Fix: In folders with non cached messages rapid navigation with arrow keys could cache message incorrectly (mixing up messages)
- Fix: Further fix to 'indefinite scroller' when sending
- Fix: Re-editing drafts keeps addressing again (broken with addition of surgeweb native addressbook handling)
Sat 20 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-67
- New: Ability to customise the special folder list eg to add say "Spam" or "Archive" to Inbox/Drafts/Sent/Trash
- New: Include configuration warnings if user.cgi "Add all outgoing email addresses to whitelist" is not set
- New: Whole email address displayed in browser titlebar (as opposed to just domain)
- Fix: If tabbed message displayed and different message selected in message list after opening tabbed message, message menubar actions (reply / delete / move etc) would apply to wrong message (ie the newly selected message in message list)
- Fix: 'Please select at least one message' dialog was displayed if moving a message from tabbed message display with 'select next message' set to none.
- Fix: If Flash based send sound failed for some reason the sending channel remained locked and the scroller would continue indefinitely
- Fix: Made enter key when creating folders work properly
- Fix: 'To' button contacts picker needed two clicks for popup messages on non IE based browsers
Thu 18 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-66
- New: 'Filtering & Spam Control' access to user.cgi functionality fully functional
Tue 16 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-65
- Fix: Variety of little tidyups to remove odd behaviours from the contact management page
- New: Email contacts directly from the contacts management page
- New: Additional warning when trying to organise shared or webmail contacts on contacts management page
- New: Disable fancy addressing preference - disables the fancy address fields (and address picker) - probably just useful debugging
- New: Sticky menus preference - advanced options preference to make menus hang around until click is explicitly received before disappearing
- Fix: Old browser compatibility improvements for Netscape browsers (tested using netscape 7 - html and basics of Ajax work)
- Fix: Made message move to folder and message copy to folder work on html interface
Sat 13 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-64
- New: surgeweb.log rollover size also set by g_log_size
- Fix: Caching fix for really long links in html messages
- Fix: Further attachment order fix for unix systems
- Fix: Made attachment upload work on Safari and Chrome again (broken with changes a few days back)
Wed 10 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-63
- Fix: Further fix to make some webmail addressbooks work correctly + display spaces in webmail addressbook name nicely
- Fix: When attaching more 10 images in one email the filenaming was being prefixed files with '_' character, and attachment order was messed up
- Fix: Filtering and spam control dialogs close button works in firefox now
- Fix: Improve tabs display when using "panelised" customisation mode
Tue 9 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-62
- New: Quite a lot of improvement to the contact management page (group creation, group deletion, prettified page & tied to tailorable left column)
- New: Made left column "Mail" pane tailorable to each application level menu item
- Fix: Further fixes related to special character handling
- Fix: Support sending to contact group names with spaces
Mon 8 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-61
- Fix: Variety of fixes related to special characters not working (eg '&' in addressing whilst sending messages)
- Fix: Fancy addressing sometimes introduced a blank address (eg on popout)
- Fix: Compose via more actions dropdown was not working yet
- Fix: Message html edit menus had recently been broken
- Fix: Interface elements hidden in response to g_user_access (in addition to the user_access authentication database field it was already using)
Tue 2 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-60
- Fix: Nasty little bug in the new native contact handling that would "break the whole surgeweb interface" in several ways, if you had
webmail addressbook files present with certain formatting
Mon 1 December 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-59
- New: Drag and drop based contact organisation into groups
- New: Drag and drop based message moving and copying
Fri 28 November 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-58
- New: Bunch of further implementation on the native addressbook handling
- Fix: Further fix to the "reply_all" functionality (I think it finally fully works again now)
Web 26 November 2008 : Prerelease build version 3.9h-56
- New: Addressbook handling native to surgeweb supporting - addresspicker, shared addressbooks (global/domain/g_access_group based),
distribution list type group handling, fancy to/from/cc addressing fields, surgeweb native addressbook management page (STILL INCOMPLETE)
- New: Surgeplus menu removed for surgeplus features in iframe (just like old webmail)
- New: Tab handling improved (name text and formatting - still needs resizing if there are too many tabs)
- New: Access to user.cgi pages in a dialog window from options page
- New: Summary spam control page (from Options - Filtering and Spam control) (STILL INCOMPLETE)
- Fix: CC header incorrectly output as To when sending messages (recently broken, surgeweb symptoms reply-all does not work on messages like this received)
- Fix: Relogin dialog captures keyboard events - ie can press enter and does not do things on background page
Fri 14 November 2008 : Beta build version 3.9h-54
- New: HTML editor enabled for signature editing
- Change: Make redirect work like other mail clients (keep to/from/reply-to intact and add additional headers) & display Resent-from header
- New: Ability to display arbitrary additional headers in message display
- Fix: Replied indicator was not getting updated when messages are replied to (broken with mondays additions)
- Fix: Sending message sometimes resulted in "Please select at least one message" error (broken with mondays additions)
- Fix: Properly web encode subject line in message lists (allows >, < characters be displayed correctly)
Mon 10 November 2008 : Beta build version 3.9h-53
- New: Surgeweb makes use of Reply-to headers when replying to messages
- New: 'Copy to folder...' capability as well has 'Move to folder...'
- Change: Somewhat changed "Move to..." (folder) implementation and made "Move to..." work for popup messages
- Change: Reply to all, no longer include ones own email address in list of recipients
- Fix: No cookies warning on numeric urls (eg. - affects some browsers only: google chrome & konqueror that I'm aware of)
- Fix: Surgemail crash when trying to move folders under Konqueror (move still fails, error displayed instead)
- Fix: "Send & move to done" moves all attached messages to Done folder for "Forward (attach)" sending
- Fix: Made the auto "select next/previous" work on send too (just like existing delete & move behaviour)
- Fix: Allow " characters in signature and reply address without it "breaking the ajax interface"
- Fix: Click on text and html message parts displays directly again (rather than showing default_attachment_name dialog)
- Fix: Mobile interface was showing characters in password field
Thu 6 November 2008 : Beta build version 3.9h-52
- Fix: Administrator interface help links point at the online admin documentation
- Fix: 'Beta Testers' pane now points at online documentation
- Fix: Made admin interface work under Firefox again (recently broken with new feature addition)
- Fix: Downloads of attachments with spaces in the name was failing to keep the full filename
- Fix: Subfolder folder sorting issue fixed (this was tried 2 days ago too but first fix only created worse problem)
Web 5 November 2008
- New: Basics of online admin documentation written
- Fix: Several minor fixes
Mon 3 November 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Handle "iso-8859-1" as "windows-1252" to correct mailers that generate invalid encodings
- New: Message printing capability
- New: No cookie warning on urls without a "." character
- New: Admin interface improvements
- New: Easy to configure custom 3rd column content
- Fix: Correctly display attached messages of type message/rfc822 without a filename
- Fix: Surgeweb no longer "eating" space characters in some messages
Sun 2 November 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Optional automatic image downsizing
- New: Size information displayed with uploaded attachments
- Fix: Support for Flash plugins v10+ for attachment uploading
- Fix: Additional space between signature and original message
- Fix: Variety of minor fixes
Fri 31 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Setting "Message list - select none" means no messages are autoselected on login or folder switch
- Fix: Selected folder highlighting in black works in all browsers now
- Fix: Move to menu scrolls to top each time you use it
Thu 30 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Variety of fixes
- New: Sending format improvements - correctly handling non ascii charactersets as utf-8 & nicer message content formatting
- New: Support for third column with advertising content etc
- New: More admin interface functionality
Fri 24 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Basic HTML interface functional and "mostly complete"
- New: Mobile interface functional and "mostly complete"
- New: Normal forward of multiple messages switches to forward attach (with multiple messages)
Fri 17 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Forwarding keeps attachments
- New: Forward (attach) - ie forward with original message as attachment
- New: Redirect - Send on original message as intact as one can
- New: Edit drafts keeping attachments
Wed 15 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Variety of new settings to configure
- New: Surgemail admin interface for customisation
- New: Support for group based customisation
- New: Hierarchical 'permanent caching' mechanism that allows parts of the userbase browser caches to be invalidated
Fri 10 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Improved positioning of message popup windows
- Fix: Made surgeweb handle '.' characters at the start of line correctly when sending via smtp
- Fix: Have 2 blank lines when replying to message (broken yesterday)
Thu 9 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Work on html template (still incomplete) and able to switch to html from ajax
- New: Improved customisation support (continuing to be worked on)
- New: Made panelisation fully work and changed the default look slightly
- New: More efficient webmail temp files and improved temp file removal
- Fix: Variety of minor fixes & improvements
Tue 7 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Got customisation all setup to be "usable"
- Fix: Made surgeweb drafts editable in other clients (like webmail)
- Fix: Fixed bug that was interaction of mirroring with webmail trash clearing making surgeweb message deletion not work sometimes
Mon 6 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Various minor fixes
- New: Cache newly received inbox messages, and don't treat copied messages as new
- New: Improved / more sensible / fixed message selection behaviours
- New: More efficient message caching and tidying up of cached files
- New: Appropriately modify the toolbar based on which folder on is in
- New: Basics of addressbook integration (autocompletion without using surgeplus, click to add contact to addressbook links, autoadd people you sent mail to addressbook feature)
- Fix: Send was _sporadically_ losing session information and asking to relogin (fixed, but if session is actually invalid, eg surgemail restarted, you will still be prompted for relogin)
- Fix: Made switching folders with background actions pending and not yet complete safer
Fri 3 October 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Opening messages drafts folder opens them for editing (still incomplete)
- Fix: Keyboard commands work whilst in editor in FF
- New: Message drafts autosaving in the background as you compose messages
- New: Purge button on the trash
- Fix: Only have "send & move to done" button appear if message was in inbox
- Fix: Switching between messages always scrolls to the top
- Fix: Made surgeweb correctly handle links in html emails with "base" tag
- Fix: Several minor improvements including crash fixed
Tue 30 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: ReplyAll actually replies to all the recipients
- Fix: Fixed several buffer truncation based issues
- Fix: Display large numbers of recipients in a sensibly truncated form
- Fix: Allow date / time formatting to be specified
- Fix: Variety of little interface "tweaks"
- Fix: Made prev / next message "work" under all circumstances
Sat 27 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Entering text on "modal dialogs" was passing commands to message list page (introduced yesterday)
- Fix: More efficient background "check of new mail"
Fri 26 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Allow the selection and manipulation of "all messages in folder" for folders with multiple pages of messages (after all messages on page selected)
- New: Tooltips on most buttons and improved keyboard shortcuts for many commands (key combination generally shown in tooltip)
- New: Message count on top right of page gets updated with message deletion / move
- New: "Not yet implemented" commands are hidden by default (most anyway :-)
Thu 25 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Fixes in handling of text message parts
Wed 24 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Further fixes to display of html messages
Tue 23 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Message CSS gets washed - should eliminate message content affecting screen layout
- New: Preferences get applied without manual refresh
- Fix: New message indicator does not show "lots" of new message for first ever login
Thu 18 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Improved keyboard command handling
- Fix: When selecting a message through any form of click, mark read immediately
Wed 17 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Folder management made "nicer" and some bugs fixed
- Fix: A bunch of "little tweaks" throughout the interface
Tue 16 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Allow images this time (broken by yesterdays new features)
- Fix: Attachments have size information displayed (various places in ui and during download)
- Fix: Further improvements to the "new mail" counters
Mon 15 September 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Background "new mail" check that updates "unread counter" and audio feedback (probably still need to do some tweaking)
- New: Unread message count displayed for all folders (some conditions not yet updated)
- New: Message count and unread message count displayed for all folders on folder manage page
- Fix: Require display for 3 seconds before marking message "read"
- Fix: Selection box clicking works again (broken 2 days ago)
- New: Pressing escape while message displayed in tab closes tab
- New: Pressing enter on message opens it (same as double click)
- Fix: Web mode message opening works properly in all browsers now
- Fix: Shift and control selections on message text no longer open blank panes in FF
- Fix: Attachment download links work in "non inbox" folders too
- Fix: Move menu width same as Mail folder list width
- Fix: Made tab order on compose page sensible
Wed 27 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Made menus on html editor not "hang around" too long (html editor still incomplete)
- Fix: Make sure that email addresses with ',' and ';' characters in the "quoted part" work correctly
- Fix: Using caching, "cc fields" were getting copied to subsequent emails
- New: For display, surgeweb "flows" the first level of format=flowed text emails received
- New: Surgeweb sends text part in "quoted-printable" instead of format flowed, and correctly limits width of lines in generated email
- Fix: Text part generated from Safari sent surgeweb messages now no longer has all paragraphs concatenated together
- Fix: Webmail will now show the html part of surgeweb messages correctly
Tue 26 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Html editor more (but not yet fully) complete
- New: Save draft working (with attachments, but cannot start editing the saved draft again yet)
- Fix: Occasional subject lines messed up (broken on Friday)
- Fix: Fixes in the highlighting of various menus
Sat 23 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Closing individual tabs was not restoring main pane in FF / Safari
- Fix: Autocompletion was not working in Firefox anymore
- Fix: Alert warning if Flash is not available when trying to attach
Fri 22 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: CC and BCC fields operational
- New: Display addressing information for messages with multiple recipients nicely (both to / cc fields)
- Fix: Message selection improvements
- Fix: Several fixes to attachments feature
Thu 21 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Attachments fully operational
- New: Download "all attachments" as single zip file
- Fix: Various little fixes
Tue 19 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Validity checked folder names (for invalid slashes)
- Fix: Login from blank work directory messed up screen layout
- Fix: Message compose edit display yellow (broken yesterday)
Mon 18 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Client side UI implemented for attachments - STILL INCOMPLETE. Currently, uploads files to server (surgeweb/work/* currently),
but does not actually do anything with these yet... (like attach these to messages!)
- Fix: Fixed issue where going to login page was sometimes blank (previously a refresh already fixed it)
- Fix: Made Web mode behave better in terms of screen resizing.
- Fix: Made preferences & folder management pages behave nicely for server down / session no longer valid situations.
- Fix: "blank" compose / edit pane problem
Fri 15 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: "Prettified" the options and manage folders pages
- New: Addressbook autocompletion functional, but integration is rudimentary and still needs fuller implementation
- Fix: Tab switching between messages behaved oddly
- Fix: Sending of message whilst session was invalid resulted in message disappearing entirely, and displaying it had been successfully sent (Now it shows relogin dialog, and allows resend)
Wed 13 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- New: Add date header (+several other headers that should have been there) for outbound mail
- Fix: Display of message date order sorting was broken in Sent folder
- Fix: Using g_imap_old surgeweb would sometimes display folders empty, fixed
Tue 12 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fix: Allow surgeweb to be used with g_spam_check_auth
- Fix: Variety minor display & layout fixes
- Fix: Further improvement in display of htm emails & processing of links in html emails
- New: Allow caching of selected messages in arbitrary folders. Only the most recent 500 messages to be cached are remembered.
- Fix: Minor fix to make sure inline & tabbed messages can be displayed without server request (same as popup)
- Fix: Made shift arrow key region selection behave as it should
Mon 11 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- New:  Basic folder management (create/delete/rename/move) implemented  (still to do display more message information for each folder on this page)
- New:  "Done" folder created if it does not exist when "Send ->Done" pressed
- Fix: Lose logout buttons off top of screen sometimes in application mode
- Fix: Edit window display for tabbed/inline compose/edit in safari/firefox
- Fix: Error when setting "real IP address" now logs error but does not prevent message sending

Sun 10 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fixed nasty crash introduced two days ago (typically after message delete)
Sat 9 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- Made washing of text emails actually turn various types of urls into links
- Further tidying of HTML washing for display of messages
- Using SMTP authentication when sending
- Added original To: recipients to the "original message" header in the reply/fwds
- Made html editor font defaults more consistent
- Fixed message "move" menu (broken with yesterdays enhancements)
- Upgrade install now installs surgeweb/custom "customisation directory" if it does not already exist
- Added README.TXT files to surgeweb/tpl & surgeweb/custom directories to explain their use
Fri 8 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- Fixed lots of minor annoyances - in particular related to focus, selection, menu behaviour etc
Thu 7 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- Save layout preferences in Ajax interface when they get changed (My Folder collapsed state, pane split sizes)
- Implemented large part of the Html interface (still not functional enough to use as an email client though)
Tue 5 August 2008 : Prerelease build
- Improved the handling of the relogin on session invalid dialog (further testing & improvement to go yet though)
- Users real IP address gets logged to surgemail delivery log
- Sending now done via SMTP instead of surgemail internal functions
- Fixed serverside surgeweb memory leaks I'd been ignoring
- Surgeweb honours user_access & g_access_groups (blogs & surgeplus features)
- Initialise user.dat from surgemail authentication database fields - fullname
- Added "To field" to full message display
Mon 28 July 2008 : Prerelease build
- Improved the apparent responsiveness of logins (just means that the "page loading" information is displayed sooner and has progress info)
- Much improved error condition handling
- Made send & move original to done work again
- Made selection handling significantly faster
- Fixed five issues with display "inline" behaviour for web application mode
- Fixed inline pages (Manage/options/surgeplus) sometimes displaying inbox along with options/surgeplus etc.
- Fixed editor actually went to edit mode for inline replies (that you got to straight from main message list)
- Fixed channel compression problem where it would lose chunks of the sent combined.js file
- Fixed edit window popin problem script crash (IE only) which would result in losing the text being edited and perpetually scrolling status scroller
Fri 25 July 2008 : Prerelease build
- Various other fixes and features.
- Made popout / popin of windows work
- Fully implemented: Application (popup windows / or tabbed) and the Web Page modes
- Implemented "remember me" cookie based logins & Made authentication process secure
- Display layout now stored as a preference (& preference handling much tidier)
- Enabled permanent life caching (same mechanism rest of surgemail)
- Made reply work for popup windows & tidied up request handling to 3 request types: foreground (cancelable, queued, background)
- setup message popup windows to handle own connections to the server (mostly will actually pass requests to main window though)
- make delete in popup work in main window (but bit ugly still needs fixing...)
- dblclick message popups display formatted message content
- Request queue implemented (only for used for status flags, delete for now - will add others soon)
Mon 7 July 2008 : Prerelease build
- Double click in app modes opens message in popup (just raw mode for now, will be extended to full window shortly)
- Give left columns (& preview pane) resize handles
- Preview pane displayed vertically / horizontally
- Implemented full screen "application modes"
- Added "Send and move to Done" option
Fri 20 June 2008 : Prerelease build
- Inbox caching resulted in message read status set to read. Not anymore.
- Improved refresh if messages were removed from the server external to surgeweb would sometimes not be removed from surgeweb
- Make inbox caching work properly if you start clicking other folders straight away
- Made multiple concurrent requests for the same message safe serverside
- Fixed variety of issues related to "missing messages" in displayed list - should work MUCH better for large mailboxes.
- web_encode text parts correctly for primary message display
- display the "raw" / "text" / "html" pages in native character set for the part in question
- Optional audio confirmation of successful background send (like imail)
- display multipart/signed messages correctly
- make the display of messages with "blocked images" work with inbox caching
- This history information added (and recorded changes over the last few days added retrospectively)
Tue 17 June 2008 : Prerelease build
- Some messages extra info displayed incorrectly when displayed from inbox cache
(due to "images blocked" and "attachment count" etc not getting cleared between
invocations to render the message)
- Date display "simplification" around user preferences based timezone rather than GMT
- Read flag gets updated when a message gets read through surgeweb
- Replied / forwarded / new last imap check indicator added on left
- Replied flag automatically gets set when replying to a message
- Listens to surgemail.ini g_surgeweb_work for work directory
- surgeweb.log always created in expected location
- g_surgeweb_debug allows detailed logging for individual users
- improved selection handling
Mon 16 June 2008 : Prerelease build
- Sending automatically copies messages to the sent folder
- Improved to / from address handling and allow name/address to be specified in from
- Fixed crash if mime decoder finds invalid message part
- Sent folder displays "to address" instead of from address
- Crash on login with url with surgeweb url with trailing slash
- Replying to messages adds "Re: " if it does not exist already
- Message copied to sent folder whist sending gets flagged as "Seen"
- Attachments download links added and image attachments view and download links fixed
Sat 14 June 2008 : Prerelease build
- Sending is now MIME multipart alternative. The text part gets automatically
generated from the html, and should be pretty "clean". Let me know if anyone
sees anything to the contrary
- External images is now properly handled. Images are blocked by default with
the option of allowing them to be shown. The allow is an allow once  only
(implemented), allow always for sending email address (not yet
implemented), or in the options there is  preference to allow always
- Display of raw message / text part of the message or html part of the message
is now correctly handled (using links top right of the message display)
- Shift based range selection for selecting multiple messages (using the
checkboxes) now functional
Fri 13 June 2008 : Prerelease build
- Error handling added during the actual message send - it should now report
any errors and allow you to resend etc, whereas previously it would eat the
message and happily say "sent ok" :-((
- Fixed the fact that surgeweb would "sometimes" show you old messages that
were already deleted on the server (using a non surgeweb client)
- Move messages to folder "menu" added. I'm curious how useful you find this as
it is a slightly non standard menu interface.
- Compose and Reply fills is the correct to and subject headers
- Email address with the full in brackets address information displayed when
looking at a message
- When done with message switch to X option: list pane (default) / next message
/ previous message
- Provides status information on the deletion of and moving of messages in the background
Thu 12 June 2008 : Core surgeweb approaching being usable as a mail client, change history recording started