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Customising 'Look and Feel'

SurgeMails SurgeWeb Web Look and Feel

Surgeweb has a layered customisation interface that allows basic branding customisation of the interface and detailed extension / customisation of the interface all without modifying the underlying template based interface.

This makes your life MUCH easier during upgrades as you do not have to redeploy your template changes each time you upgrade surgemail (as you had to with old webmail).

SurgeMails WebMail Web Look and Feel

This product is no longer recommended, but here are some suggestions on its customisation.

SurgeMail Web Administration Look and Feel

SurgeMail web interface is based on the same flexible template technology. However there is normally less need for this.

Customising Protocol Prompts

The POP and SMTP welcome message is customisable per domain using give you is customisable using the settings: POP welcome and SMTP_welcome.