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SurgeMail IPV6

From 4.0t-5 onwards surgemail has support for IPV6 dual stack systems on some platforms. It will work correctly in a combined ipv4 ipv6 network. To enable it you will need the following:

  • Upgrade to SurgeMail 4.0t-5 or later on a supported platform (Currently Windows Vista or Linux)
  • Check for "IPV6 supported" in the advanced status page (at the bottom).
  • Set in surgemail.ini g_ipv6_enable "true" and RESTART SURGEMAIL
  • You will need an IPV6 address for your computer!
  • If you wish to accept incoming IPV6 connections you must add AAAA records to your DNS entry for your mail server host.
  • In tellmail status output you will see the new long addresses for connections that have come from IPV6 hosts.

Note: Some features are not currently implemented (spf, known ips etc), we will add these when need arises.