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SurgeMail in a nutshell

SurgeMail is a fully featured enterprise class mail server with integrated web based email, web based account and server administration.

The web based email system builds on NetWins well known WebMail system with extensive customisation options using templates. Combine this with SurgeMails inbuilt web server and you have an all in one solution that does not require extensive work to get components working together.

SurgeMail has many features for high reliability systems such as in-built server mirrorring and support for clustered, proxy configurations and NFS based mail storage etc.

Read the following! It will help your understanding of the features available in SurgeMail

How SurgeMail fits together

SurgeMail is a mail server with built in support as a web server. This inbuilt web server functionality allows the mail server to be administered via the Web Admin Interface.

WebMail is a web based email solution that is served by the SurgeMail webserver. WebMail has its own Web Admin Interface to manage WebMail only functionality. WebMail communicates to the mail server using standard protocols (POP and SMTP) and could also be served using an alternative web server. If served by SurgeMail WebMail does have enhanced features.

SurgeMail has an in built authentication and user management system (NetAuth for you old timers). This provides web based account administration for users and account administration for domain administrator. This is again served by SurgeMails in built web server.

Finally an important thing to know is that Surgemail Monitor (swatch) is a process that runs separately from your mail server and can be used to restart SurgeMail using the web or monitor SurgeMail for correct operation.

Note: The above links are links to the interface for a default install on localhost. (ie. they WILL NOT WORK if you click them and do not have SurgeMail on the system your browser is on!) Copy the URL and edit servername / port number if you have a different configuration.