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Server Status

Surgemail server status information is available in two ways:

  • from the command line using "tellmail status"
  • using the Web Admin Interface - Status

The status display shows you information on the current status of SurgeMail and some summary statistics gathered since the server was last restarted. The most useful information is displayed in the first section:


  • Uptime - The hours/minutes since the server was started.
  • Total bytes in / out - Bytes transferred since started

Message Delivery Statistics

  • Connections - Total SMTP connections made (this includes tellmail command connections)
  • Bad Connects - SMTP connections that were dropped as bad before a thread was created for the incoming connection (in particular g_thread_max, g_deny settings)
  • Accepted - Messages accepted for SMTP delivery
  • Stored local - messages delivered locally
  • Sent on - messages delivered remotely
  • Bounced / Dropped - messages rejected
  • Smite - Status of optional SmiteSpam system
  • Total in / out - Total messages received and sent
  • Table showing delivery timing

Note: If you are wanting to track particular messages delivery this should be done in Searching the log files.

Mail Queue Statistics

  • Que startup - messages in the queue on startup
  • Memory Que -
  • Still in que -
  • Unsent yet -

Mail Mirorring Statistics

  • Mirror out - Status of mail sent to mirror server
  • Mirror in - Status of mail received from mirror server

Internal SurgeMail Statisitics

The following is information typically of use to NetWin support staff to see what is going on inside your server.

  • Channels - Status on all protocol comminication channels
  • Threads - Status of all internal thread
  • Stored local - messages delivered locally
  • Mutex timing
  • Function timing

Queue Status

Shows all messages in the in memory queue.

Queue Analysis

Analysis of messages in the mail queue.