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This guide helps you setup SurgeMail to send outgoing mail via an Amazon-SES account.


Signup on amazon's website:


Follow this step by step guide to get your identifiers and install the developer tools perl scripts and to verify your account:


You should now have the perl scripts including: copy this perl script to and add a line near the top so it will work when run from another directory, lets assume you installed it in c:\surgemail\amazon


Then you would add:


use lib '/surgemail/amazon';


Next add a setting to surgemail to redirect outgoing email to this script, on windows the setting would look like this if you placed your credentials in a file 'cred.txt' in that same directory...


In this sample rule you should just use the email address you have verified, once tested you can replace it with "*" to use this robot for all outgoing email.


g_redirect_ses was="VERIFIED@ADDRESS.COM" to="|\perl\bin\perl.exe \surgemail\amazon\ -r -k \surgemail\amazon\cred.txt"


On unix the slashes would go the other way and \perl\bin\perl.exe would probably not be required.


Now send a test message.


If it fails examine the logs, find the robot command line used and test it manually to see if it works.