SurgeMail Configuration Settings Overview

This page is an automatically generated top level overview of all the surgemail settings.

Domain Specific Settings

  1. abook - Define surgeweb shared address books for this domain
  2. access_group_default - Default group to place users in
  3. admin_access_default - Default admin features granted to domain admins in this domain
  4. alias_file - Alias translation file for this domain, unix format
  5. alias_max - Maximum number of aliases for this domain
  6. assume_created_epoch - If user has no 'created' field assume they were created an arbitrarily large time in the past
  7. blogs_max_per_user - Number of blogs each account can create
  8. broad_sync - Broadsoft Sync Enable
  9. centipaid - Enable CentiPaid feature for matching accounts
  10. class - Define class of user for following commands to apply to
  11. comment - Management notes and comments about the domain
  12. create_block - Block new users from this ip
  13. create_cleanup - Cleanup existing data before adding a user
  14. create_delete_days - Number of days a disabled new account remains before deletion
  15. create_disable_days - Number of days new accounts remain active for
  16. create_image - Use verification image on signups
  17. create_linkto - Link to redirect to after successful live account creation
  18. create_max - Maximum signups from ip in time period
  19. create_repass - Users must enter their password twice on creation
  20. create_reqd - Required fields for new users, e.g. (phone,age)
  21. create_subdomain - Allow users to have their own subdomain - NO LONGER SUPPORTED
  22. create_tpl_dir - Relative directory (from /web) where 'netauth' pages are stored
  23. create_user - Method for adding new users
  24. delete_user_after - Number of days an account can remain unread before it is deleted
  25. disable_smtp_after - Number of days an account can remain unread before delivery is disabled
  26. disable_surgeplus - Disable SurgePlus Calendar/File Sharing
  27. dmail_bin_path - Path for dmail bin files to automatically convert delivered mail
  28. dmail_deliver - Deliver messages into dmail drop directories (not supported)
  29. dmail_drop_path - Path for dmail / sendmail style drop files to automatically convert delivered mail
  30. dmail_drop_prefix - Whether prefix is used on drop file names
  31. dmail_hash - Hashing scheme used by dmail_drop_path and dmail_bin_path
  32. dmail_skip_imap - Skip conversion of old imap *.mbx folders
  33. encrypt_ifnew - Allow surgeweb ifnew options
  34. encrypt_limit - Max encrypted msgs per user per day
  35. encrypt_limitsz - Max size of encrypted msgs per user per day
  36. encrypt_noconfirm - Disable confirmation for encrypted messages
  37. encrypt_rule - Default if no domain level rule
  38. encrypt_smart - Encrypt smart features enabled for this domain
  39. encrypt_subject - Subject when encrypted message sent - default is original subject
  40. encrypt_surgeweb_hide - Hide lock icon on surgeweb
  41. encrypt_token - This setting is not used, instead use smart and ifnew settings
  42. enotify_from - From address to use in email notification messages
  43. expire_age - Expire inbox mail older than (days) CAUTION!
  44. expire_rule - Expire rules for specific folders, age is in days - Caution!
  45. expire_size - and larger than this
  46. fallback - Default address for this domain, NOT RECOMMENDED
  47. fallback_always - Also relay to old system even if user does exist - not recommended
  48. fallback_check - Check if user exists on fallback_relay host before accepting it
  49. fallback_domain - Fallback domain, rcpt is rewritten @ this domain name
  50. fallback_force - Use fallback even if user does exist as migration not started yet
  51. fallback_mx - Use mx lookup to find ip address for fallback_relay setting
  52. fallback_relay - Host to send messages to if user doesn't exist here
  53. fallback_users - Path to file listing all users to user fallback_relay for
  54. footer_file - Text footer file for all messages 'from' this domain
  55. footer_html - HTML footer file for all messages 'from' this domain
  56. forward_illegal - Ban forwards to these addresses
  57. friends_at_rcpt - Whether to check users friends list at rcpt stage
  58. friends_pending_name - The imap name of the friends_pending folder default is 'Friends Pending'
  59. friends_url - Specify full url for friends release domain specific setting
  60. from_exact - Check from matches authenticated user
  61. gateway_to - Send all email to another server
  62. header_add - Add header to posts 'from' this domain
  63. host_alias - Alternate name(s) for this domain
  64. imap_max_sync - Limit remote imap sync to this many items (not recommended)
  65. imap_public - Share IMAP folders between users
  66. imap_public_show - Auto subscribe public folders
  67. inbox_archive - Archive old messages to Archives/yyyy/INBOX folder, age in days
  68. language_default - Default language for user web interface
  69. late_forward - Apply domain users forwarding rules after friends, spam, and filtering
  70. ldap_anydomain - Lets users search other than their own domain in ldap
  71. ldap_disable - Stops ldap logins by users of this domain
  72. legal_archive_admin - Enable archive searching for domain admins
  73. legal_archive_disable - Disable legal archive for this domain
  74. legal_archive_hide - Hide legal archive for this domain
  75. legal_archive_keep - Days to keep legal archive, units=days unless you specify years or months
  76. list_disable - Disables creation of mailing lists.
  77. list_max - Maximum number of mailing lists for this domain.
  78. list_max_users - Maximum number of users allowed in all lists in this domain.
  79. loginfails - Disconnect user after this many password guesses
  80. lookup_relay_on_from - Looks up local from addresses to check for relay="true"
  81. mailbox_path - Path to mailbox (inbox) files
  82. manager_anyuser - Allow first domain admin to login to any users account
  83. manager_email - Domain managers email address (for email based account creation confirmation)
  84. manager_username - Domain managers username (for web based domain administration)
  85. msg_max_in - Max size for messages to users in this domain, largest applied if multiple recipients
  86. msg_max_out - Max size for messages sent by authenticated users of this domain
  87. old_imaphost - Old IMAP server:port - transition IMAP accounts and folders if user doesn't exist
  88. old_imaphost_always - Retrieve mail from old imap host on each login (slow - particularly for webmail)
  89. old_imaphost_createuser_disable - Disable old_imaphost user creation on first login
  90. old_imaphost_dom - Migration - Alternative domain on old server for login, also set fallback_domain.
  91. old_imaphost_file - Migration based on file
  92. old_imaphost_lowercase - Migration - All migrated folders are lowercase.
  93. old_imaphost_nodelete - Leave mail on the old server (disables old_imaphost_always)
  94. old_imaphost_nodomain - Strip domain from username when logging into old imap host
  95. old_imaphost_pass - Migration based on file - password field
  96. old_imaphost_prefix - Prefix for old imap server, e.g. mail//
  97. old_imaphost_skip - Migration - Comma seperate wild card list of migrate folders to skip past.
  98. old_imaphost_user - Migration based on file - user field
  99. old_inbox_both - Use pop & imap to migrate the inbox
  100. old_pophost - Old pop server:port - transition accounts and pending messages if user doesn't exist
  101. old_pophost_always - Retrieve mail from old pop host on each login
  102. old_pophost_bind - Bind outgoing connection during pop migration
  103. old_pophost_createuser_disable - Disable old_pophost user creation on first login
  104. old_pophost_inbox - Use pop to migrate the inbox and maintain uidls
  105. old_pophost_nodelete - Leave mail on the old server (disables old_pophost_always)
  106. old_pophost_nodomain - Strip domain from username when logging into old pop host
  107. old_pophost_nofetch - Disable fetching messages from pop host
  108. old_pophost_sep - Seperater, default is '@', e.g. some systems use %
  109. old_smtphost - SMTP host to check for existing users (when creating new accounts)
  110. old_smtphost_skip - Who to disable SMTP host checks for
  111. old_xfile - Migration - Copy xfile data across
  112. pop_min_time - Min seconds between pop logins (see warning)
  113. pop_welcome - POP connection message
  114. prefix - Database username prefix (deprecated, compatibility only)
  115. proxy_pop_nodomain - Strip domain when talking to proxy pop host
  116. quota_default - Default quota
  117. quota_domain - Total quota for the domain, e.g. 300mb, 2gig
  118. rcpt_msg - Response given for invalid recipient errors, message is prefixed by email address.
  119. redirect - Redirect messages from 'was' to the new 'to' address
  120. redirect_cc - Send carbon copy to another address
  121. redirect_hash - Share incoming message evenly between several accounts
  122. redirect_max - Limits the number of redirect rules
  123. security_suffix - Suffix for smtp/imap/pop login
  124. send_helo - Mail host A Record name used when sending helo to other servers - requires g_send_helo_from true
  125. sent_archive - Archive old messages to Archives/yyyy/Sent folder, age in days
  126. sent_store - Store users message in named folder automatically, e.g. Sent
  127. smtp_auth_off - Disable SMTP AUTH from unknown ip addresses
  128. smtp_from_ip - Require incoming email from matching ip
  129. smtp_welcome - SMTP connection message must start with hostname
  130. smtp_welcome_name - SMTP welcome connection hostname
  131. spam_block - Default for this domain to block spf etc failures
  132. spam_noblock - Disable spf blocking for this domain
  133. spam_strip - Strip spamdetect headers for this domain
  134. ssl_alias - Alternate ssl host names, e.g.,,
  135. ssl_allow - IP Wild card list to allow SSL encryption from
  136. ssl_hsts - Send HSTS header to prevent accidental http access. Dangerous security feature if HTTP is ever needed
  137. ssl_pop_domain - Domain to use for ssl certificates for POP and IMAP
  138. ssl_require_login - Require ssl for this domain
  139. ssl_require_web - Require https for most web features (excluding blogs file sharing and surgeplus)
  140. ssl_wildcard - Use if your ssl certificate accepts wildcards, e.g. *.my.domain
  141. status_url - Specify full url for status message e.g. domain specific setting
  142. surgeplus_pop_server_name - Default POP server for SurgePlus clients
  143. surgeplus_smtp_server_name - Default SMTP server for SurgePlus clients
  144. surgewall - Surgewall - Proxy this domain to specified mail server
  145. surgewall_auth - SurgeWall SMTP authentication
  146. surgewall_capa_local - Just return local imap capa response rather than remote
  147. surgewall_local_too - For web domain admin try local database too
  148. surgewall_options - Various SurgeWall options
  149. surgewall_saveusers - Save users in the local database as they login
  150. surgeweb_backend_server - Backend server to connect to
  151. surgeweb_backend_smtp - Backend smtp access (if non default)
  152. surgeweb_backend_web - Backend web access - for usercgi /surgeplus (if non default)
  153. surgeweb_custom - Surgeweb customisation level
  154. suspend - Disable logins for entire domain
  155. suspend_incoming - Disable delivery and give 450 retry message
  156. url_alias - Allows translation from one url to another
  157. url_blogs - BLOGS host A Record name (if different from MX Record name - eg.
  158. url_host - Mail host A Record name (if different from MX Record name - eg.
  159. user_access_default - Default user features granted to users in this domain
  160. user_alias - Number of aliases accounts can create
  161. user_auto - Auto create users when a login attempt occurs
  162. user_auto_always - Auto create users when a login attempt occurs and always accept any password
  163. user_auto_pass - Auto create users with this password on message delivery
  164. user_centipaid - User Centipaid configuration options
  165. user_hide_security - Hide security logs from users
  166. user_list_quota - Number of mailing lists users can create
  167. user_max - Maximum number of users in this domain
  168. user_report - Daily,Weekly,Monthly, emailed to manager
  169. user_send_max - Maximum number of emails per day (requires SMTP AUTH)
  170. user_sms - Allow users to set up sms notifications
  171. user_sms_quota - Number of sms messages per account
  172. user_status_send - How often to send user status messages (0 = never)
  173. web_access_ip - Restrict access to web ports based on ip
  174. web_path - Path to web admin pages
  175. web_url_path - Url to path translation with access specifier
  176. webdav_quota - Webdav quota per user in this domain, e.g. 100mb
  177. webmail_host - The ip address or name of the machine to instruct webmail to connect to.
  178. webmail_url - Url to the WebMail cgi
  179. webmail_urladd - Url data to append to WebMail auto-login link
  180. webmail_workarea - Path to WebMail workarea
  181. xfile_url - Url to xfile files (see surgeplus utility)

Global settings

  1. g_about_disable - Disable about web page
  2. g_access_group - Grouped per user access limitations
  3. g_access_group_default - Default group to place users in
  4. g_access_surgeweb - Apply g_access_group rules to surgeweb sessions based on client's address
  5. g_access_webonly - Users in this group can only use web not imap or pop
  6. g_acctlog_authonly - Log sending usage based on authenticated accounts only and ignore "MAIL FROM" address - which may be fake!!
  7. g_acctlog_noaliases - Don't log redirection & aliases as sending mail as a result of redirection / forwarding (means you will not log account forwarding usage)
  8. g_acctlog_sum_inactive - Summarise local accounts that have not logged in yet as
  9. g_admin_access - Domain admin features granted to access groups
  10. g_admin_access_default - Default admin features granted to domain admins
  11. g_admin_guesses - Max guesses per IP for web admin access, e.g. 15
  12. g_admin_ip - Mask of valid IP addresses for web admin users (default *)
  13. g_admin_localhost - Allow localhost web admin without user/pass
  14. g_admin_readonly - System admins with readonly access to the management interface
  15. g_admin_utoken_expire - Length of time a web admin session is valid for
  16. g_admin_utoken_idle - Length of time a web admin session may remain idle for
  17. g_alias_login_disable - Disable user login as alias
  18. g_allow_bodyless - If true bodyless mail messages will be accepted (usually spam)
  19. g_allow_passzip_from - A list of addresses to allow unmonitorable archive messages to be sent from
  20. g_allow_passzip_to - A list of addresses to allow unmonitorable archive messages to be sent to
  21. g_allow_user_authent_field_get - A space separated list of authent process fields that users are allowed to view for themself using the POP xauthent_field_get command
  22. g_allow_user_authent_field_set - A space separated list of authent process fields that users are allowed to set for themself using the POP xauthent_field_set command
  23. g_apple_bug1 - Apple bug allow content-length headers
  24. g_apple_bug2 - Apple bug2 don't try and return bad if looping
  25. g_archive - Archive messages that match these rules
  26. g_archive_bucketsize - Size for archive bucket files. Default is 1mb
  27. g_archive_early - If true apply archiving before filtering is applied (superceeded by early flag on g_archive)
  28. g_archive_files - Archive attachments to a directory
  29. g_archive_on_delete_dir - Directory to archive user files to on delete
  30. g_archive_on_delete_off - Disables archive and instead deletes the files immediately
  31. g_archive_tcpip - Rules for TCPIP archive process
  32. g_archive_tcpip_host - Host to send archive data too
  33. g_aspam_headers - Add aspam information messages to messages.
  34. g_aspam_need_ip - Require good matches to match external ip address
  35. g_assume_created_epoch - If user has no 'created' field assume they were created an arbitrarily large time in the past
  36. g_atrest_all - Auto encrypt all msgs when users next login
  37. g_atrest_api - Enabe api for enabling atrest encryption - not needed
  38. g_atrest_crazy - No recovery admin password needed
  39. g_atrest_enable - At rest encryption. Unwise usually!
  40. g_atrn_client - Define a rule for fetching email using ATRN protocol
  41. g_atrn_port - Port to listen for 'atrn' (On Demand Relay) requests
  42. g_atrn_server - On Demand Mail Relay settings to define user/pass for clients to fetch mail
  43. g_attach_convert - Process matching attachments with specified command. Passed two files names
  44. g_auth_hide - Disable SMTP Authentication for this IP List/Wild card address
  45. g_auth_norelay - Ignore SMTP auth for relaying purposes
  46. g_auth_norelay_webok - Allow surgeweb sessions anyway.
  47. g_auth_path - Path to nwauth files
  48. g_auth_skipgateway - Skip gateway rules if we get a proxy SMTP auth command
  49. g_authent_addip - Send ip address as third parameter to authent module
  50. g_authent_allow_badascii - Allow ascii chars outside the range 32 < 127
  51. g_authent_always - Always lookup user, so virtual domains can exist just in authent module, looses existing users files
  52. g_authent_any - Restore buggy behaviour of looking up users in domains that don't exist
  53. g_authent_cachebad - Set the life in seconds that the cached failed lookups can be used, default 60 seconds
  54. g_authent_cachelife - Set the life in seconds that cached authent lookups can be used, default 1 hour
  55. g_authent_cachesize - Set the size of the authent cache, default is 500 entries
  56. g_authent_case_sensitive - Make passwords case sensitive
  57. g_authent_decrypt - Collect and store plain text passwords for migration in file pass.decrypted
  58. g_authent_domain - If true add to external user lookups, replaced with g_authent_nodomain setting
  59. g_authent_encrypt_key - Encryption key config settings
  60. g_authent_enforce - Days till we prevent user from logging in, NOT RECOMMENDED
  61. g_authent_fwdfile - Enables reading of old dmail .fwd files
  62. g_authent_info - User info names, fields and access rules
  63. g_authent_info_grp - Fields to show to users in this group
  64. g_authent_ip - Lookup ip numbers in authent database with @ip added, to find send_limit=n values, must define tarpit_max_remote and g_tarpit_drop
  65. g_authent_last_login - Store users last login time in the database
  66. g_authent_logall - Turns on logging of authent requests
  67. g_authent_lookup - Check if accounts exist using g_authent_pass too
  68. g_authent_nodomain - If true dont add to external user lookups (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  69. g_authent_number - Number of authent processes to run
  70. g_authent_pass - Authent process to check passwords with
  71. g_authent_path_broken - Allow authent module to return drop path, strongly discouraged, and BROKEN!!
  72. g_authent_prefix_sep - Prefix separator, defaults to an underscore, a single character
  73. g_authent_process - Authent process command line
  74. g_authent_reminders - Days till we remind user to change password
  75. g_authent_require - Days till we require user to change password
  76. g_authent_restart - Cycle auth modules every 1000 lookups
  77. g_authent_single - Allow local users with a single quote char in their name
  78. g_authent_spaces - Allow spaces in passwords DO NOT USE
  79. g_authent_strip_domain - Domain to strip when doing authent lookups
  80. g_authent_timeout - Timeout for authent response, default 60 seconds
  81. g_autologin_file - File to use to share auto login information on NFS based cluster
  82. g_autologin_imap_disable - Disable IMAP based autologins
  83. g_autologin_newlogic - Streamlined logic for surgeweb to user.cgi autologin handover
  84. g_autologin_pop - Performs auto-logins using pop3, used by webmail
  85. g_backtrace_disable - If true backtrace code is disabled on unix
  86. g_bad_login_allow - Number of consecutive bad logins for a user before blocking that user
  87. g_bad_login_dumb - Give login failures even if known address
  88. g_bad_login_ip_allow - Number of bad logins from an ip before blocking that ip
  89. g_bad_login_ip_ignore - IP address(es) to allow any number of bad logins from
  90. g_bad_login_lockout - Lockout addresses permenantly - use if DOS attack
  91. g_bad_login_mins - Minutes to block login for, if consecutive bad ones received
  92. g_badfrom_badmx - If mx host is one of these addresses then drop the message, it's definitely spam (e.g. 127.*)
  93. g_badfrom_check - Check env from by connecting to it, always tick 'stamp' rule too or messages will bounce! NOT RECOMMENDED. DISABLED NOW!
  94. g_badfrom_from - From to use when doing the check, not normally needed, if set must be set to valid account
  95. g_badfrom_noip - Check envelope from domain exists and is a valid ip number, if not reject message
  96. g_badfrom_noip_temp - Makes g_badfrom_noip return a temporary error instead of a 501 error
  97. g_badfrom_stamp - Instead of bouncing message, just stamp a header to show if from address is no good
  98. g_badfrom_whitelist - List of domains that we don't try badfrom checking on (see g_smite_skip)
  99. g_ban_blackhole - Leave connected but reject all recipients without looking them up
  100. g_ban_from - Disconnect if this wild card matches the from envelope
  101. g_ban_helo - Disconnect if user says 'helo xxx' (or wildcard)
  102. g_ban_rcpt - Disconnect any user delivering to this address/wildcard
  103. g_bank_debug - Log request to bank server
  104. g_bank_group - Create price groups with descriptions
  105. g_bank_log - Log lines matching this in response.
  106. g_bank_ok - Find this in response, if found then charge was successful
  107. g_bank_pass - Password for authenticated web request to banks system
  108. g_bank_reason - This line is returned to user if it is found
  109. g_bank_url - URL to charge a credit card (experimental)
  110. g_bank_user - Username for authenticated web request to banks system
  111. g_bind_authent_default - Bind to default if authenticated
  112. g_bind_byfromip - Bind outgoing SMTP connections to the specified IP based on the sender IP
  113. g_bind_from - Bind outgoing SMTP connections based on 'from' envelope
  114. g_bind_in_always - Bind on incoming in preference to g_bind_from
  115. g_bind_incoming - Bind outgoing SMTP connections based on incoming ip address
  116. g_bind_out - Bind outgoing SMTP connections to this IP
  117. g_bind_to - Bind outgoing SMTP if to address matches
  118. g_bind_to_ip - The address to bind to
  119. g_bind_to_name - The name to use in the ehlo
  120. g_black_above - Level for spam detection for blacklisting ip number e.g. 10
  121. g_black_count - Number of spam in a row before we blacklist ip for 30 minutes, e.g. 30
  122. g_black_isspam - Blacklist ip address for any spam training event
  123. g_black_nbad - Blacklist ip address if this many bad recipients in a row (e.g. 8)
  124. g_black_to - Blacklist ip address if they deliver to these user@domain addresses
  125. g_black_white - Whitelist to prevent blacklisting, e.g. 1.2.3.*,mail*
  126. g_block_files - Wild card list of files to bounce, e.g. *.exe,*.cmd
  127. g_block_longok - If true allow long file names (more than 180 char)
  128. g_block_skip - From or To address to bypass g_block_files
  129. g_block_wild - Block wild cards in usernames
  130. g_blogs_allow_links - Allow users to post comments that contain urls
  131. g_blogs_cleanup_links - Delete existing posts that contain urls
  132. g_blogs_comment_rev - Show blog comments newest first
  133. g_blogs_default_template - Default template set that is used by newly created blogs
  134. g_blogs_domonly - Only list blogs in a users domain
  135. g_blogs_enable - Surgemail blogs
  136. g_blogs_https - Use https for blog urls
  137. g_blogs_image_optional - Allow users to specify if image verification is required for comments
  138. g_blogs_max_per_user - Maximum number of blogs per user
  139. g_blogs_maximum_image_size - Default maximum image size
  140. g_blogs_maximum_image_width - Default maximum image width
  141. g_blogs_maximum_items_in_top_page - Maximum number of items on the top blog page
  142. g_blogs_no_suffix - Shortens URL, url_blogs must be defined for each domain
  143. g_blogs_not_global - Only allows access to a blog onthe domain it is defined on
  144. g_blogs_not_unique - Allow the same blog name in multiple domains
  145. g_blogs_ping - Sites to ping on each post
  146. g_blogs_sub_domain_prefix - Prefix to use instead of blogs. for blog subdomains. use ! to have no prefix.
  147. g_blogs_use_sub_domains - Make blogs accessible at http://blog_name.domain/
  148. g_body_filter - Enable user email body filtering
  149. g_bomb_max - Max msgs to a single email address/hour
  150. g_bomb_max_from - Max msgs from a single email address/hour
  151. g_bomb_white - don't apply bomb_max limit if to address matches
  152. g_bounce_bind - Use a specific ip address for outgoing bounces
  153. g_bounce_disable - Disable all bounces (NOT A GOOD IDEA)
  154. g_bounce_limit - Max size in bytes of message to send back as bounce, message is truncated if necessary
  155. g_bounce_nodrop - Enables locally generated bounces for non local users
  156. g_bounce_paranoid - Prevent external bounces going through surgemail
  157. g_bounce_redirect - Send all bounces to a local address
  158. g_bounce_reject - Reject bounces by ip address from known dumb mail servers
  159. g_bounce_safe - Only send bounces to local domains
  160. g_bounce_some_stop - Disables locally generated bounces for partial message failure - NEVER use this!
  161. g_bounce_suggest - Send bounces to postmaster if spf cannot be verified
  162. g_bounce_to - Domains to treat as local and send bounces to
  163. g_bounce_to_recipient - Bounce suregewall failure to the recipient
  164. g_breakin_enable - Stop multiple ip logins for one account in a few seconds
  165. g_breakin_n - Number of different ip's that trigger a lockout, default is 8
  166. g_breakin_short - Match on 1.2.3.* for ip addresses, helps with google sending
  167. g_breakin_white - Email addresses that can send concurrently from mulltiple ips (use * to allow everyone)
  168. g_breakin_window - Window in seconds, default is 300
  169. g_broad_noadd - Disable buttons on message
  170. g_broad_pass - BroadSoft pass
  171. g_broad_port - BroadSoft port
  172. g_broad_server - URL to BroadSoft server
  173. g_broad_url - URL to this server
  174. g_broad_user - BroadSoft user
  175. g_bull_rule - Post bulletins to this domain
  176. g_byname_old - Enable old slow domain lookup functions
  177. g_calendar_version - CalDAV / SabreDAV calendaring configuration version number
  178. g_callhome_disable - Disable misc features that reference netwinsite
  179. g_centipaid - CentiPaid address and port
  180. g_cid_skip_to - Skip CID score, good for lawyers etc
  181. g_comment - Management notes and comments about the server
  182. g_con_gateway - Connection limit per ip also applies to gateways
  183. g_con_perip - Connection limit per ip - sum of SMTP/POP/IMAP (if over refuse connection)
  184. g_con_perip_except - Exception IP addresses to g_con_perip
  185. g_con_persubnet - Global concurrent connection limit per ip subnet x.x.x.*
  186. g_con_peruser - Connection limit per user for imap/pop. Set above 20
  187. g_con_peruser_except - Exception users to g_con_peruser, include domain name
  188. g_convert_percent - Convert % to @ sign in rcpt address
  189. g_cookie_secure - Set all cookies to secure mode on https connections
  190. g_country_allow - user@domain list to bypass country_login rule
  191. g_country_allowip - Ip addresses to bypass country_login rule
  192. g_country_ip - Tag messages with country of origin
  193. g_country_login - List of countries to allow logins from, 2 letter codes
  194. g_cpu_slow - Email warning if no cpu for this many seconds
  195. g_crash_nomini - Crash without minidump on windows
  196. g_crash_normal - Crash without catching signals 10,11 so good core dump on freebsd
  197. g_crash_simple - Crash simpler for solaris to avoid deadlock situation
  198. g_create_allow - List of characters allowed in usernames (and passwords, unless g_create_allow_pass is used)
  199. g_create_allow_pass - List of characters allowed in passwords
  200. g_create_apply - List of user groups to apply create_* settings for.
  201. g_create_apply_admin - Apply allow* rules to the administrator
  202. g_create_badnames - List of illegal usernames
  203. g_create_cleanup - Cleanup existing data before adding a user
  204. g_create_dictionary - File containing dictionary words to compare passwords to
  205. g_create_pass_digit - Require one digit and letter in a password
  206. g_create_pass_length - Limit the length of user passwords
  207. g_create_pass_mixed - Require mixed case passwords
  208. g_create_pass_notuser - Ban password containing username
  209. g_create_pass_recheck - Recheck passwords during login and warn user if g_hack_touser is true
  210. g_create_pass_recheck_text - Added to end of recheck email to give users a url to a help page
  211. g_create_pass_slack - Slacken restrictions on trivial password creation
  212. g_create_pass_special - Require special character, e.g. !@#$%^&*(){}[];:?><.,
  213. g_create_record_ip - Causes surgemail to store ipnum in the authent database
  214. g_create_strict - Whether to apply strict rules to usernames/passwords
  215. g_create_strict_admin - Enforce strict rules for admins too, set g_create_strict AS WELL!!
  216. g_create_user_length - Limit the length of usernames
  217. g_date_add_utc - Add UTC if date header is missing it
  218. g_dbabble_links - Add web links to DBabble from other web interfaces (and vice versa)
  219. g_dbabble_smtp_port - DBabble SMTP port (do not manually change this setting - it should be set from the DBabble section of the web admin interface only)
  220. g_dbabble_smtp_prefix - DBabble SMTP prefix (do not manually change this setting - it should be set from the DBabble section of the web admin interface only)
  221. g_debug_block - For catching bugs in block file processsing
  222. g_debug_body - Save msg body during processing
  223. g_debug_check - Use more dmalloc debugging, some performance impact. Also set g_debug_free
  224. g_debug_crt - Some CRT debugging on windows, do not use
  225. g_debug_free - Check free memory isn't corrupted - slows performance slightly
  226. g_debug_image - Save image thumbnail files to find bug
  227. g_debug_imap - Log imap folder renames and deletes in kmsg.log
  228. g_debug_ini - Debugging, don't use this
  229. g_debug_ncpy - Debug ncpy function
  230. g_debug_timing - Record dfopen timing, tellmail dfopen_stats
  231. g_debug_vanished - Name of file to check for, if file vanishes, crash
  232. g_delete_exclude - Field and value that excludes an account from g_delete_user_after
  233. g_delete_user_after - Number of days an account can remain unread before it is deleted (SEE WARNING).
  234. g_delete_user_mode - Action when account is due to delete (write a command file etc...)
  235. g_delete_user_suspend - If suspending an unread account set this field/value.
  236. g_deliver_robot - Robot/Script to run at delivery time $FILE$ AND $TO$ parameters
  237. g_demo - Demo mode lock unsafe admin features
  238. g_demo_to - Demo mode valid external destinations
  239. g_deny - Block users from some ip addresses
  240. g_deny_country - Block email from some countries, use 2 digit code not the full name, see IpToCountry.csv, turn on g_country_ip!
  241. g_deny_log - Log g_deny rejections to msg.log - can clutter log
  242. g_deny_login - Block users from some ip ranges logging in
  243. g_deny_msg - Change the message for blocked ip addresses
  244. g_deny_smtp - Block users from some ip ranges connecting to SMTP only
  245. g_disable_exclude - Field and value that excludes an account from g_disable_smtp_after
  246. g_disable_skip - Ip address of senders to accept email from even if user account is disabled due to g_disable_smtp_after
  247. g_disable_smtp_after - Number of days an account can remain unread before delivery is disabled
  248. g_disable_surgeplus - Disable SurgePlus (SurgePlus is obsolete and not supported)
  249. g_disable_surgeplus_updates - Disable automated downloading of new versions of SurgePlus client from
  250. g_disk_debug - Log slow disk access n
  251. g_disk_warning - Give manager warning if disk % exceeded, default 95%
  252. g_diskio_abort - Shutdown if diskIO failure on queue files
  253. g_dkim_alt_domains - Use selector 'alt_name' for these domains
  254. g_dkim_alt_name - Name of selector to use
  255. g_dkim_check - DKIM Check incoming DKIM signatures
  256. g_dkim_exclude - DKIM Domains to not sign for outgoing email
  257. g_dkim_headers - DKIM List which headers to sign (blank=default, and is usually best)
  258. g_dkim_nogateway - Don't sign if gateway rule used
  259. g_dkim_only - DKIM Domains to sign for outgoing email (default is all)
  260. g_dkim_return - Sign if 'return path' matches g_dkim_only
  261. g_dkim_selector - DKIM Policy name for your server (used creating dns entry for dkim)
  262. g_dkim_sign - DKIM Sign outgoing messages
  263. g_dkim_skip - DKIM Destination Domains to not sign
  264. g_dlist_nolocal - Remove add local button from mailing lists
  265. g_dlist_nostart - If set then don't start dlist (dmail compatibility)
  266. g_dlist_one - Only allow one recipient if message is to a mailing list
  267. g_dlist_path - DList Path NOT SUPPORTED do not use! Also set in dlist.ini
  268. g_dmail_filter - DMail compatible filter.txt file
  269. g_dns_blank_fail - NEVER USE! Bounce email if dns response blank rather than retry
  270. g_dns_cache_size - Set size of forward dns cache, default 7000
  271. g_dns_disk - Enables DNS disk cache
  272. g_dns_host - Host to send DNS lookups to
  273. g_dns_match_msg - Message for stamp or bounce if forward and reverse lookup don't match
  274. g_dns_nlookup - Concurrent DNS lookups to send to DNS server, default=20
  275. g_dns_nocache - Disables DNS cache for spf lookups (20 minute life)
  276. g_dns_noptr - Set to reject or retry, for ip addresses with no reverse dns entry (rdns)
  277. g_dns_noptr_msg - Message for stamp or bounce if DNS lookup fails on ip address
  278. g_dns_noptr_skip - Skip RDNS for these ip addresses
  279. g_dns_paranoid - Compare forward and reverse dns lookup and check they match (set to STAMP or REJECT) not recomended
  280. g_dns_require - Require MAIL FROM header matches senders ip reverse dns
  281. g_dns_system - Use system code to do reverse lookups
  282. g_dns_test_blank - Break dns lookups to test how it's handled
  283. g_dns_threaded - Enable threaded dns lookups
  284. g_dns_translate - If mx response is x.x.x.x translate to y.y.y.y:port
  285. g_domadmin_utoken_expire - Length of time a domain admin login token is valid for in seconds
  286. g_domadmin_utoken_idle - Length of time a domain admin login token may remain idle for
  287. g_domain_create_auto - Auto create domain if it doesn't exist when creating a user
  288. g_domain_create_route - Auto create route to mx mail server
  289. g_domain_default - Default domain if user does not enter a domain on pop/imap login
  290. g_domain_list_max - Maximum number of domains to list at once
  291. g_domain_separator - Separator character for virtual domains
  292. g_domain_templates - Check for domain specific templates
  293. g_domainkeys_check - Check incoming DomainKeys signatures (obsolete turn off)
  294. g_domainkeys_headers - List which headers to sign
  295. g_domainkeys_only - Domains to sign for outgoing email
  296. g_domainkeys_selector - Policy name for your server (used creating dns entry for domainkeys)
  297. g_domainkeys_sign - Sign outgoing messages (obsolete, turn off)
  298. g_domuser_file - Domain user file. Create thousands of virtual domains easily
  299. g_dotlock_minutes - Minutes to wait for NFS lock file, default 20 minutes
  300. g_dotstuff_fix - Debugging setting, do not change or bad things will happen
  301. g_doweb - Do web part only
  302. g_download - Fetch an http file and do an ini reload
  303. g_drop_use_len - Use the content-len header for drop file processing (Solaris)
  304. g_dsn_enable - Enable DSN (Delivery Status Notification) esmtp extension.
  305. g_dsn_loggedin - Enable DSN (Delivery Status Notification) for trusted senders.
  306. g_dsn_nofinal - Try not to show real final recepients but just original recipients
  307. g_ehlo_8bitmime - Enable 8bit mime in ehlo response (not recommended)
  308. g_ehlo_fault - Internal - for generating/testing faulty ehlo responses
  309. g_ehlo_log - Log ehlo/bind to msg*.rec logs
  310. g_ehlo_simple - Ip addresses to give simple ehlo respone to
  311. g_emailreg_enable - Enable whitelist register to use
  312. g_encrypt_config - Encrypt some config settings (passwords)
  313. g_encrypt_disable - Disable encryption
  314. g_encrypt_expire - Days to keep encrypted messages, default 60
  315. g_encrypt_inline - Use INLINE method by default
  316. g_encrypt_limit - Max encrypted msgs per user per hour
  317. g_encrypt_max - Max encrypted per day server wide
  318. g_encrypt_nodomain - Allow encryption for users without local domains
  319. g_encrypt_nofwd - Don't encrypt forwarded
  320. g_encrypt_noip - Don't encrypt if from this ip range
  321. g_encrypt_nolate - Disable encryption on late forwarding
  322. g_encrypt_none - Don't encrypt if subject starts with this
  323. g_encrypt_nowater - Show this if no water mark defined yet
  324. g_encrypt_path - Path to encrypted files, this is not supported when mirroring!
  325. g_encrypt_prefix - Prefix for encrypted messages must match encrypt rule so replies are encrypted
  326. g_encrypt_pw_host - Central host for encryption password storage
  327. g_encrypt_pw_key - Central host password key
  328. g_encrypt_reminders - Days before we send users a reminder to change passwords, not recommended
  329. g_encrypt_reply_plain - Send plain message for local replies
  330. g_encrypt_reset_msg - Msg Body sent when password has been reset
  331. g_encrypt_reset_safe - When users password is reset, delete all messages to them
  332. g_encrypt_reset_sender - Msg Body sent to sender when password reset requested
  333. g_encrypt_reset_user - Msg to person when they click on reset password button
  334. g_encrypt_rule - Matches will be encrypted when sent
  335. g_encrypt_smart - Smart Encrypt Private Feature (not available)
  336. g_encrypt_ssl_force - Require ssl on incoming encrypted messages
  337. g_encrypt_ssl_noforce - Exceptions, e.g. surgeweb or localhost
  338. g_encrypt_surgeweb_show - Show SurgeVault in SurgeWeb
  339. g_encrypt_unlock - Unlock for these destinations. e.g. user@domain
  340. g_encrypt_wall - Encrypt surgewall msgs
  341. g_enotify_from - From address to use in email notification messages
  342. g_eof_fix_off - Turns off auto stripping of control+Z
  343. g_error_xlate - Change error messages
  344. g_event_list - Events wanted by url
  345. g_event_url - Send msg events to a url
  346. g_everyone - Create alias $
  347. g_expire_all_rules - Scan all users for rule files (not needed usually)
  348. g_expire_every - Only expire spool once every 'n' days
  349. g_expire_onlyunread - For the inbox only expire message if they are unread
  350. g_expire_silent - Don't send users emails telling them what was expired.
  351. g_expire_trash - Expire any messages found in trash folders
  352. g_expire_warning - Give warning 'n' days before deleting each file
  353. g_external_all - Tag messages from friends too
  354. g_external_ip_disable - Do not add X-External-IP header
  355. g_external_msg - Msg to insert at the top of external mails
  356. g_external_only - Enable only these destionations
  357. g_external_spam - Tag messages in spam folder too
  358. g_external_style - css style for the warning
  359. g_external_warn - Tag external messages from non friends
  360. g_external_white - Disable for return path matches
  361. g_external_white_to - Disable for these recipients
  362. g_fallback - Default address for all local domains
  363. g_fallback_relay_if_exists - Use FALLBACK_RELAY if not logged in but user exists (OLD_POPHOST_CREATEUSER_DISABLE)
  364. g_fast_time_off - Disable faster time function
  365. g_feat_testing - Testing setting do not use
  366. g_filter_max - Max size for items to be sent to filter_pipe, or g_user_pipe, default no limit
  367. g_filter_n - Concurrent filters to run at one time, default is 20
  368. g_filter_pipe - Filter program that accepts msg on stdin and sends on stdout
  369. g_filter_pipe_headers - Re-read headers after pipe finishes
  370. g_filter_pipe_noauth - Skip for auth users
  371. g_filter_pipe_skip - Skip filter if ip matches this
  372. g_filter_timeout - Filter timeout in seconds, default is 360
  373. g_find_wrong - Find domain based on IP even if url suggests other vdomain
  374. g_fix_crcrlf - Fix email messages containing crcrlf for line termination
  375. g_fix_imap_lf - During IMAP import fix email messages containing lf
  376. g_footer_auth - Only add footer for authenticated local users
  377. g_footer_file - Footer file which is appended to all mail messages
  378. g_footer_html - HTML Footer file which is appended to all mail messages
  379. g_footer_notfound - Only add footer if footer is not in message already
  380. g_footer_send - Footer file added to outgoing messages only (do not use with DKIM)
  381. g_footer_sendonly - If true only add footers when sending to non local users
  382. g_footer_skip - Skip footers for these users
  383. g_footer_skipfound - Only add footer if this text is not already in the message, requires g_footer_notfound
  384. g_footer_trusted - Only add footers if sender is trusted
  385. g_forward_attach - When late forwarding send as attachment to these domains
  386. g_forward_fixfrom - When late forwarding rewrite from/return path as local user
  387. g_forward_illegal - Ban forwards to these addresses
  388. g_forward_oops - Internal testing setting, not for general use sorry
  389. g_friends_add_trusted - Add to friends list when if sender is trusted
  390. g_friends_allow_spf - Allow all email through as if it was a friend during temporary allow
  391. g_friends_always - Always use friends list.
  392. g_friends_at_rcpt - Whether to check users friends list at rcpt stage
  393. g_friends_autodom - Auto whitelist friends based on domain/ip
  394. g_friends_bounce_friend - Allow exception rules to bounce a mesesage from a friend
  395. g_friends_bounce_rej - Reject blank return path as friends failures
  396. g_friends_bounce_second - Bounce the next time the user sends a message if waiting for confirm still
  397. g_friends_byemail - Use old email based friends rejections
  398. g_friends_check_spf - Disable friends bounces if SPF headers missing/failed to avoid backscatter.
  399. g_friends_cleanup - Cleanup/repair large friend.lst files
  400. g_friends_confirm_debug - Log sucessful friends confirmation responses
  401. g_friends_confirm_subject - String to use as the subject of a friends confirmation email
  402. g_friends_daemon_ok - Accept emails from any mailer deamon
  403. g_friends_debug1 - NEVER USE, only for NetWin testing
  404. g_friends_default_autoadd - Default auto addition when sending (recommended)
  405. g_friends_default_mode - Default friends mode, smite (recommended) silent, or list
  406. g_friends_global_add - Add to a global friends list if ip matches and sender doesn't match authenticated user
  407. g_friends_global_exclude - Addresses not to auto add, e.g. *
  408. g_friends_ignore - List of addresses considered friends for all users on the system
  409. g_friends_ignore_trusted - If from trusted ip still apply friends
  410. g_friends_lang_auto - Set users language settings automatically based on observed emails from friends
  411. g_friends_latest_headers - Causes friends to re-read message headers, allowing rules based on headers added during delivery
  412. g_friends_local_match - If from!=returnpath and one is local, then block friends match
  413. g_friends_long - In friends web release addresses use a longer url
  414. g_friends_msg - Message used for friends bounce.
  415. g_friends_msg_link - Message used for friends link bounce.
  416. g_friends_name - What to call the friends system on pages and in email
  417. g_friends_obey_spf - If SPF failed then no friends match allowed for local domains
  418. g_friends_old_status_email - Use older status email & processing
  419. g_friends_only - Enable friendonly features - must be enabled by users too
  420. g_friends_pending_keep - Number of days to store users pending messages, default 14
  421. g_friends_pending_max - Max items in pending before deleting them
  422. g_friends_pending_name - The imap name of the friends_pending (and spam store) quarantine folder - should match surgeweb imap_spam_folder - default is 'Friends Pending'
  423. g_friends_pending_vanish - Enable auto-vanish of pending messages on confirmation bounce
  424. g_friends_release_wash - Clean any subject marking (ie stars) when releasing/allowing
  425. g_friends_rotate - Rotate user level log file, default 30k
  426. g_friends_safer - Make friends always avoid back scatter.
  427. g_friends_silent - Disable friends responses to users
  428. g_friends_silent_level - If spam score above this then don't send friends message
  429. g_friends_skip_ip - List of ip addresses considered friends for all users on the system
  430. g_friends_spam_score - Default level to quaranteen message in spam folder (Recommended 8 or 10)
  431. g_friends_spf - Refine friends matching using spf/dmarc when possible
  432. g_friends_spf_fail_bounce - Bounce SPF failures, do not send friends confirmations (Not recommended)
  433. g_friends_status_sort - Sort friends status messages with low scores at the top
  434. g_friends_testurl - Test g_friends_url and status_url and url_host work externally
  435. g_friends_url - Specify default global url for friends release
  436. g_friends_warnonce - Give bounce on only the first message
  437. g_from_allow - Other email addresses we allow, e.g. *,*,
  438. g_from_allow_ip - IP addresses to bypass local from check
  439. g_from_allow_to - destination user to bypass local from check
  440. g_from_bl - Domain Based Blacklist Zones, lookups FROM domain in dns
  441. g_from_body_bounce - Reject if local from header address is probably faked
  442. g_from_bounce - Reject if local from envelope address is probably faked
  443. g_from_check - Check from domains match valid local domains if user is authenticated, or g_from_allow
  444. g_from_domain - Default domain for from envelope
  445. g_from_exact - Check from matches authenticated user
  446. g_from_force - From address for all sent messages
  447. g_from_header - From header used in delivery bounces
  448. g_from_list_too - Also enforce from rules from lists
  449. g_from_must_exist - Require local from addresses to exist or reject mail
  450. g_from_noforge - If envelope or from is local domain then the other must be too
  451. g_from_noforge_some - If from matches this then from/envelope must match
  452. g_from_noforgeme - If to==from then from and env from must match
  453. g_from_noforgename - If from contains two addresses the domains must match
  454. g_from_nofriend - If forge setting would bounce message then allow message but don't allow friend match
  455. g_from_ok - Whitelist for invalid from addresses we will permit
  456. g_from_relay - If not authenticated and g_relay_allow_ip matched then block if not local domain or whitelisted
  457. g_from_relay_white - White list of domains for g_from_relay setting
  458. g_from_rewrite - Rewrite from envelope for outgoing email, e.g. *@this.domain -> %1@another.domain
  459. g_from_rewrite_header - Rewrite the from header as well
  460. g_from_rewrite_sender - Rewrite the sender header as well
  461. g_from_stamp - Stamp if local from address is probably faked
  462. g_from_timeout - Timeout when checking bad from addresses, default 60 seconds
  463. g_from_valid - Require an @ and dotted domain in all return addresses
  464. g_gateway - Gateway messages for that domain to the specified address
  465. g_gateway_allow - Known hosts that act as incoming SMTP or surgewall servers for us
  466. g_gateway_always - Always send to gateway even if local domain exists
  467. g_gateway_auth - Send SMTP auth requests to another host
  468. g_gateway_data - Gateway at the data stage
  469. g_gateway_from - Pass 'from' header thru during gatewawy check
  470. g_gateway_helo - Header that must exist in incoming bounces (g_send_helo) or bounces are dropped
  471. g_gateway_ifnot - Send local deliveries to scanner (using gateway rule) before delivering locally, deliver locally if from ip matches
  472. g_gateway_ignorewild_ip - Ignore * gateway rules if from ip matches (allows outbound email scanning using gateway * to external scanner)
  473. g_gateway_mx - If specified IP address is found in mx record for destination then allow relay (not recommended)
  474. g_gateway_open - Allows an open relay setting in g_gateway
  475. g_gateway_orcpt - Writes an original receipt header when forwarding a message, this may disclose multiple recipients, cc/bcc etc use only for tracking faults
  476. g_gateway_shuffle - Round robbin shuffle of to ip addresses for gateway rules
  477. g_group_field - Auth field to add to group membership
  478. g_gzip_disable - Disable gzip web compression
  479. g_hack_detect_disable - Stop admin emails when users login with a weak password
  480. g_hack_msg - Message to send to users with a weak password
  481. g_hack_noemail - Disable weak password reports
  482. g_hack_report - Address to send weak password reports to
  483. g_hack_touser - Send warnings about hacking directly to users
  484. g_hack_url - Url for users to change password
  485. g_hacker_alert - Email manager if address is locked out
  486. g_hacker_days - Days to keep ipaddress locked out, default 7
  487. g_hacker_fwd - Email manager if user sets fowarding rule
  488. g_hacker_max - Login guesses for one ip address before we lockout the ip address
  489. g_hacker_more - Be more restrictive, don't allow /24 netblocks based on loginip
  490. g_hacker_password - If hacker attempts to login with account name as password, then blacklist ip
  491. g_hacker_passwords - Failed logins that use these passwords will lockout the ip address
  492. g_hacker_poison - Poison accounts. Instantly blacklist ip address e.g. root@*
  493. g_hacker_weak - If user tries weak password, lockout ip address
  494. g_hacker_whitelist - Ip addresses to avoid guessing issues
  495. g_header_out - Header to add to outgoing posts
  496. g_header_strip - Strip listed headers from incoming messages
  497. g_helo_optional - Helo is optional for SMTP protocol (not recommended)
  498. g_help_local - Make all help references to the local help files
  499. g_help_url - Link to another website for help instead of
  500. g_home - Home path of server configs log etc
  501. g_honeypot_key - Key for HTTP RBL service - not recommended
  502. g_honeypot_rbl - RBL name to lookup, typically
  503. g_host_redirect - Redirection based on host for surgeweb's https_required redirection
  504. g_http_11 - Use http 1.1 requests to netwinsite (do not use)
  505. g_http_proxy - Proxy web server for fetching files from if direct access fails
  506. g_imap_acl - Enable ACL (shared folders) in imap
  507. g_imap_allow_trailing - Allow leading/trailing spaces on folder names on linux, not a good idea
  508. g_imap_auto_create - Create folders matching this list in response to 'select' commands
  509. g_imap_auto_subscribe - Auto subscribe folders for users
  510. g_imap_blacklist - Test if imap users are in rbl's and email admin
  511. g_imap_capa - Where to get the CAPABILITY value from
  512. g_imap_capa_strip - Capability values to hide
  513. g_imap_cram_enable - Enable CRAM-MD5 authentication (requires nwauth 4.0h or greater)
  514. g_imap_debug - For NetWin use only
  515. g_imap_delay - Glob data into bigger packets, never use this
  516. g_imap_expunge_close - Expunge on every close, not recommended
  517. g_imap_folder - Type can be: Trash,Junk,Sent,Drafts,Archive
  518. g_imap_folder_create - Auto create default folders for Trash/Sent etc
  519. g_imap_friends - Make the friends_pending folder visible in imap
  520. g_imap_idle_free - Releases threads in 'idle' state
  521. g_imap_idle_nsf - The number of seconds before a complete directory rescan. To be used on NFS network drives
  522. g_imap_inactive_free - Releases threads not active
  523. g_imap_log_body - Log imap fetch body commands to msg*.rec log files
  524. g_imap_log_copy - Log imap copy commands to msg*.rec log files
  525. g_imap_log_flush - Flush imap log on every write (for debugging)
  526. g_imap_log_header - Log imap fetch header commands to msg*.rec log files (not usually needed)
  527. g_imap_log_main - Log imap to mail.log too (not recommended)
  528. g_imap_log_protocol - Log more of the protocol
  529. g_imap_log_size - Size of imap.log file
  530. g_imap_log_user - Log imap info to imap.log in users mdir folder
  531. g_imap_loop_report - Report imap loops of bad email clients
  532. g_imap_max_limit - Limits messages being put in folders
  533. g_imap_max_messages - The number of messages in a single imap folder, default 200000
  534. g_imap_maxbusy - Limit for concurrent requests per user, user is throttled if exceeded
  535. g_imap_maxdup - Max duplicate imap fetch commands before we throttle connection, default 500
  536. g_imap_move - IMAP move extension
  537. g_imap_no_internal_date - Disables internal date which helps stupid outlook client show correct dates
  538. g_imap_old - Revert to old imap module
  539. g_imap_old_ip - Revert to old imap module for some ip's
  540. g_imap_pop_burst - Always burst using imap code
  541. g_imap_port - IMAP port to listen on, default is 143 (needs restart)
  542. g_imap_search_body - Build and use indexes for imap body searching
  543. g_imap_search_index - Build and use indexes for imap header searching
  544. g_imap_search_noattach - Skip non text attachments when searching
  545. g_imap_search_text - Use only body and header indexes, fast but won't get all matches
  546. g_imap_search_timeout - Limit on imap search, default is 180 seconds
  547. g_imap_secure_port - IMAP SSL secure port to listen on, default is 993
  548. g_imap_size_fetch - If true, will display message sizes on fetch command. (ie * 123 EXISTS)
  549. g_imap_spam_train - Train if moving message to 'spam' folder, or from 'spam' folder to inbox
  550. g_imap_status_cache - Cache imap status responses (Obsolete, use _stored setting)
  551. g_imap_status_stored - Keep imap folder counts stored on disk
  552. g_imap_sync_all - Apply imap_max_sync to all folders
  553. g_imap_sync_nomax - Exception to imap_max_sync setting
  554. g_imap_testing - Test imap module instead of normal one (not functional)
  555. g_imap_throttle - Limit for sustained imap commands per second before warning admin, default is 5
  556. g_imap_throttle_exclude - Users who are not limited
  557. g_imap_throttle_limit - Daily mb download limit before applying throttle speed, e.g. 500
  558. g_imap_throttle_speed - Limit to this speed in bytes per second when throttling, e.g. 50k
  559. g_imap_timeout - Time, in minutes for imap timeout, RFC required default is 30
  560. g_imap_timeout_login - Timeout prior to login in seconds
  561. g_imap_timezone - Timezone to display - for testing purposes only NOT USED
  562. g_imap_trash_nocopy - Prevent copying from Trash to Trash folder
  563. g_imap_uidl_nofix - If true, disable auto repair of identical uidl entries
  564. g_imap_unsub_auto - Unsubscribe if a folder doesn't exist
  565. g_imap_user_flags - This setting may confuse some email clients (mac) use with cautioun
  566. g_imap_warn_big - Warn user if inbox or sent has more than this many messages
  567. g_inbox_archive - Archive old messages to Archives/yyyy/Inbox folder, age in days
  568. g_inbox_max - Max messages permitted in inbox e.g. 5000
  569. g_inbox_nolimit - Users with no limit on inbox
  570. g_include - Include another ini file global settings only
  571. g_iplimit - Untrusted local ip addresses e.g. web servers, special sending limits applied.
  572. g_iplimit_islocal - Add domains to list of domains considered local for limit counting
  573. g_iplimit_local - Max sends from untrusted ip to local domains per 30 minutes.
  574. g_iplimit_remote - Max sends from untrusted ip to remote domains per 30 minutes.
  575. g_iplimit_whitelist - List of 'from' addresses that should bypass limits
  576. g_ipv6_enable - Enable IPV6 networking only use if you have an IPV6 address for some reason
  577. g_ipv6_notrim - Prevent automatic conversion of ::ffff:x.x.x.x to x.x.x.x
  578. g_kann_test - Testing spam module do not use
  579. g_keepalive - Attempts to use keepalive for the web sessions (experimental & faulty currently)
  580. g_key_manual - Try and activate automatically when the key expires
  581. g_key_nowarning - Disable reminders to update your license
  582. g_known_skip - Disable the bypass of known ip addresses from spf failures
  583. g_language_default - Default language for user web interface
  584. g_last_login - If true create last_login file each time user logs in via imap/pop. Do not use on MIRROR systems
  585. g_last_login_days - If last login is more than this many days then reject email - do not use on mirrors
  586. g_late_forward - Apply all users forwarding rules after friends, spam, and filtering
  587. g_late_skiplocal - Skip late forwarding for local destinations
  588. g_ldap_forward - Remote ldap server to forward requests to (only for testing do not use)
  589. g_ldap_outlook_browse_max - Basic outlook ldap address browsing, max items (KEEP THIS SMALL eg <50): default=0 (disabled)
  590. g_ldap_port - LDAP port, set to 389 to enable simple address book lookups only. (NOT YET FULLY FUNCTIONAL)
  591. g_legal_archive_accesskey - Amazon s3 awsaccesskeyid
  592. g_legal_archive_add - Users must belong to this group to get their email archived
  593. g_legal_archive_bucket - bucket for for net service
  594. g_legal_archive_enable - Enable legal archive
  595. g_legal_archive_encrypt_key - Key for encrypting the data, you MUST never loose this
  596. g_legal_archive_hostid - Unique integer for this host 1-9 use if sharing mail spool
  597. g_legal_archive_keep - Days to keep legal archive, units=days unless you specify years or months, default 5 years
  598. g_legal_archive_local - Store files locally only
  599. g_legal_archive_nofail - Don't bounce messages if archvie fails
  600. g_legal_archive_only - Drop all messages after archiving them!
  601. g_legal_archive_path - Local path for archive indexes
  602. g_legal_archive_secretkey - Amazon s3 awssecretkey
  603. g_legal_archive_show - Users must belong to 'archive_show' group to see their own archive
  604. g_legal_archive_spam - Store files even if identified as spam (OBSOLETE)
  605. g_letsencrypt - Path to find letsencrypt certificates (obsolete)
  606. g_lf_fix_off - If input contains naked 'lf' characters then reject with error instead of stripping as usual
  607. g_local_skipgateway - If true skip gateway rule for local messages (bounces etc)
  608. g_log_bounce_disable - Stop bounce reject entries filling up log (typically from spam bounces)
  609. g_log_date - Log full date in log files
  610. g_log_date_msg - Log full date in msg log files (g_log_date required too)
  611. g_log_disable - Disable most logging - not recommended
  612. g_log_dns - Log dns responses in gory detail
  613. g_log_dropped_disable - Don't log if no 'data' command sent
  614. g_log_fakemid - Header to use instead of message-id in log files
  615. g_log_flush - Flush log file after every write
  616. g_log_fwd - This setting is obsolete and has no effect
  617. g_log_level - Level of logging, info, debug, error
  618. g_log_norcpt - Disable Log individual recipients in msg.rec files
  619. g_log_password - Log password failures to login_failed.log
  620. g_log_path - Directory for log files, defaults to G_HOME
  621. g_log_pid - Log PID in log lines
  622. g_log_quota - Log quota for specified user
  623. g_log_reject_disable - If true then rejects are not recorded in .rec files
  624. g_log_size - Size of each mail*.log file (e.g. 5mb)
  625. g_log_slow - Do slower logging system
  626. g_log_start_norotate - Don't rotate log on startup
  627. g_log_syslog - Send 'msg.rec' entries to syslog
  628. g_log_syslog_debug - Send 'mail.log' entries to syslog as 'mail.debug' data
  629. g_log_syslog_host - Specify host to send syslog entries to (windows only)
  630. g_log_syslog_only - Disable writing to msg.rec
  631. g_log_tcp_read - Log actual tcp read data - for matching ip addresses - avoid
  632. g_log_tcp_write - Log actual tcp write data - for matching ip addresses - avoid
  633. g_log_thid - Log thread id in .rec files
  634. g_log_user - Log pop/imap/smtp protocol for specified user
  635. g_login_log_size - Size of login.log file
  636. g_lookup_names - Lookup ip names of connecting users (can be slow)
  637. g_lookup_reject_fails - If lookup cannot get a name, reject user (not generally recommended)
  638. g_lowdisk_warning - Disksize below which to send a warning to the system manager
  639. g_mailbox_inbox - Path for inboxes (experimental, do not use!)
  640. g_mailbox_path - Default directory to store mail
  641. g_maildir_imap_max - Use imap max setting, defaults to 100,000
  642. g_maildir_max - Max messages in a POP folder, do not adjust
  643. g_maildir_netwin - Use NETWIN proprietry storage format - Not Recommended
  644. g_maildir_report - Email manager on ndb errors
  645. g_maildir_standard - Use more standard maildir layout (NOT SUPPORTED)
  646. g_mailstatus_message - Error message to give when mailstatus is set to specified state
  647. g_manager - Email address of manager
  648. g_manager_port - HTTP Manager port to listen on, default is 7026
  649. g_manager_secure_port - HTTPS secure Manager port, default is https 7025
  650. g_manager_smtp - SMTP server for error reporting
  651. g_manager_username - Global domain managers username (for web based domain administration)
  652. g_max_bad_ip - Max bad recipients per ip address before blocking that ip
  653. g_max_bad_ip_skip - Skip g_max_bad_ip tests
  654. g_max_bad_ip_time - Seconds to block guessing hackers
  655. g_max_bad_nolookup - Max bad recipients in a row, if exceeded skip user lookup
  656. g_max_bad_to - Max bad recipients in a row
  657. g_mdir_hash - Hashing mode for surgemail (not supported, use at your own risk)
  658. g_mdir_prefix - Prefix for maildir folders DO NOT USE THIS SETTING, NOT SUPPORTED!!!
  659. g_mfilter_addonly - If true, then only allow 'adding' headers, not changing them
  660. g_mfilter_bounces - Run mfilter on bounce messages and responders etc
  661. g_mfilter_disable - Disable mfilter.rul completely
  662. g_mfilter_file - Mfilter rule file. For spam rule processing (mfilter.rul)
  663. g_mfilter_localonly - If true then only run mfilter on local deliveries
  664. g_mfilter_maxlen - Size to truncate messages to before processing with filter
  665. g_mfilter_noisey - Do log anything in mfilter
  666. g_mfilter_skip_from - From addresses (envelope) to skip mfilter processing for
  667. g_mfilter_skip_ip - IP address(es) to skip mfilter processing for
  668. g_mfilter_skip_to - To addresses to skip mfilter processing for
  669. g_mfilter_trace - Log trace lines in mfilter
  670. g_migrate_email - Send each user email on start/end of migration
  671. g_migrate_onsmtp - Migrate on smtp login events
  672. g_migrate_password - This allows login to all accounts via this password, take the hashed password from nwauth.add
  673. g_migrate_skip - Skip imap folders matching this, use for shared folders
  674. g_migrate_translatet - Translate folder names during migration
  675. g_mirror_config - Mirror surgemail.ini to/from mirror_host, must set on both systems!
  676. g_mirror_config_except - Settings to ignore when accepting the incoming config
  677. g_mirror_debug - Log more info to mirror log.
  678. g_mirror_debug3 - NEVER USE, MAKES MIRROR FAIL.
  679. g_mirror_email - Email manager list of fixes sent
  680. g_mirror_host - Mirror other host name
  681. g_mirror_live - Mirror: Send incoming messages immediately
  682. g_mirror_live_max - Limit size of mirror_live default 60k
  683. g_mirror_lock - Lock master during slave bursts
  684. g_mirror_max - Max items in one folder to mirror, default 160k currently
  685. g_mirror_mode - Mirrorring mode (one system must be MASTER and the other SLAVE)
  686. g_mirror_nossl - Disable SSL for mirror protocol connection - recommended
  687. g_mirror_nsend - Sending threads to use, default 8
  688. g_mirror_nwauth - Mirror send nwauth database to other server, ONLY set on master
  689. g_mirror_nwauth_always - Mirror nwauth database files
  690. g_mirror_others - BETA Other hosts, for 3,4 host mirrors,(DO NOT USE)
  691. g_mirror_prune_age - Mirror minimum age for items to be pruned during sync_prune, default 14 days
  692. g_mirror_repair - Run resync_prune once per month, only set on master, TURN OFF DURING FAILURES
  693. g_mirror_resync_inbox - BETA Resync inbox for active users once a day
  694. g_mirror_secret - Mirror shared secret
  695. g_mirror_threads - Max threads we can use during resync_fast, default 6
  696. g_mirror_trash - Normally on a resync the trash folder is ignored.
  697. g_modern_admin - More modern admin ui layout
  698. g_modern_hicontrast - Easy to see color scheme, Control f5 to reload css after changing!
  699. g_modern_surgeweb - More modern layout for surgeweb
  700. g_modern_user - More modern layout for user self admin
  701. g_monitor_disable - Disable monitor process completely (requires restart)
  702. g_monitor_port - HTTP port for Surgemail Monitor to listen on, default is 7027
  703. g_msg_hops_max - Maximum received lines or message is bounced, default 30
  704. g_msg_log_body - Log body fetches too
  705. g_msg_log_extra - Extra user activity logging
  706. g_msg_log_from - Log From in msg*.rec
  707. g_msg_log_pop - Log all pop reads in msg*.rec
  708. g_msg_max - Max size of a single message (if over refuse with 552 error)
  709. g_msg_max_drop - Drop link if size exceeded instead of waiting for the message to all arrive
  710. g_msg_max_total - Max size of a message * recipients
  711. g_msg_nodup - Drop duplicate messages by msgid/user matching
  712. g_msg_track - Message tracking - for debugging
  713. g_mtasts - Enable MTA-STS ssl/tls rules
  714. g_mtasts_report - Alert manager on MTASTS failures
  715. g_mtasts_white - Domains to ignore MTA-STS rules
  716. g_mutex_fast - Use fast mutex handling DEBUGGING option only
  717. g_mutex_timeout - Default mutex timeout period in seconds default is 600
  718. g_mutex_timing - Name of mutex to collect extra timing information for
  719. g_mx_tryall - Try all mx hosts even if lower than own mx priority
  720. g_myrbl_disable - Disable internal rbl database
  721. g_myrbl_disable_rbl - Disable netwin rbl database
  722. g_myrbl_fake - Fake myrbl response for testing
  723. g_myrbl_share - Use and Share RBL reputation data with central NetWin server (Recommended)
  724. g_myrbl_store - Size of internal myrbl database
  725. g_myrbl_to - Debug setting for rbl sharing do not use
  726. g_myurl_disable - Disable internal url database
  727. g_naked_msg - Error message if body contains naked lf characters
  728. g_newui_advanced - Always run new admin ui in advanced mode
  729. g_newui_disable - Disable new admin ui (do not use)
  730. g_no_bull - Special accounts that should not get bulletins
  731. g_notag_notascii - Don't add x-notascii: charset to any non ascii message
  732. g_notag_url_forgery - Don't add x-UrlForgery when a ref urls seem to not match
  733. g_notlocal - Add ALERT to message subject if domain is local but origin is external
  734. g_notlocal_message - ALERT text to add to suspect messages that appear to be from a local domain
  735. g_nwv_test - Test NetWin setting, best not played with)
  736. g_oauth_client_id - OAuth 2.0 client_id
  737. g_oauth_client_secret - OAuth 2.0 client_secret
  738. g_oauth_trim - OAuth 2.0 trim
  739. g_oauth_url - OAuth 2.0 server for password lookup
  740. g_old_imap_headbody - Get head and body seperately
  741. g_old_imap_nossl - Disable auto ssl mode
  742. g_old_pophost_debug - Log extra info when doing old pophost logins
  743. g_old_user_check - Disable the account status enabled check on rcpt lines
  744. g_old_webmail_links - Show webmail links in user cgi instead of surgeweb
  745. g_orbs_cache_life - Time to keep RBL cached entries in seconds, default is 7200 seconds
  746. g_orbs_check_all - Keep doing lookups even if found in a RBL, this is slower of course!
  747. g_orbs_exception - Realtime Blackhole List, exception list of IP addresses
  748. g_orbs_fake - Ip address to pretend we find in rbl database for testing
  749. g_orbs_force - Force RBL check even if g_allow_ip matches this ip number
  750. g_orbs_late - Do late disconnect so user has time to send SMTP authentication (Also applies G_SPF_SKIP_TO)
  751. g_orbs_list - Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBL's), action=deny,accept,stamp
  752. g_orbs_nosubmit - Revert to old behaviour, orbs check before submit
  753. g_orbs_rec - Log to record file if RBL deny action occurs (can fill logs up)
  754. g_orbs_report - List of IP's to check in RBL(s)
  755. g_orbs_service - Service Name - Obsolete - use g_orbs_list to define services
  756. g_orbs_system - If true use system dns lookups instead of surgemails for orbs (not recommended)
  757. g_orbs_test2 - Test block all addresses
  758. g_orbs_testing - If true, RBL lookups are recorded but not blocked
  759. g_orbs_timeout - Seconds to wait for RBL lookups, default is 10 seconds
  760. g_outgoing_block - Block user if this many spam sent in one day
  761. g_outgoing_n - Send manager email if more than this many spam from one user per day
  762. g_outgoing_white - Whitelist for outgoing spam detector
  763. g_pass_force - Force user to reset password if admin changes it
  764. g_pass_twofactor - Enable two factor authentication
  765. g_pass_twofactor_life - Session life in minutes, dflt 4 hours
  766. g_pass_twofactor_merged - Require +code for imap/pop logins sometimes
  767. g_perflog_disable - Completely disable 'perflog' historical performance logging
  768. g_perflog_flush_interval - Interval in seconds to flush the performance log files to disk (default 1hr = 3600)
  769. g_perflog_logall - Log all trend graph counters including undisplayed graphs (recommended)
  770. g_perflog_lowres - Do low resolution perflog sampling (hiding hour scale)
  771. g_perflog_surgeonly - Only log surgemail counters
  772. g_pipelining - Show pipelining in ehlo response - not recommended - has no behavior affect
  773. g_policy_enable - Enable policy.dat rules, still testing
  774. g_pop_add_size - Improves pop performance on nfs slightly
  775. g_pop_blocksize - Size of packets to read pop messages (best left alone)
  776. g_pop_cram_enable - Enable cram-md5 support
  777. g_pop_delay - If true packets are sent in bunches, this slows down some mail clients
  778. g_pop_flush_lines - Flush to tcp every line of message sent (slow)
  779. g_pop_lock - Lock pop spool
  780. g_pop_max - Max threads for POP or IMAP connections
  781. g_pop_min_late - Give min time error on first command after login
  782. g_pop_min_msg - Additional warning to give user when they login too soon
  783. g_pop_min_skip - Skip ip addresses matching this list.
  784. g_pop_min_time - Min time in seconds between consecutive POP logins, NEVER USE
  785. g_pop_nolock - Allows concurrent pop logins, recommended
  786. g_pop_port - POP3 port to listen on, default is 110 (needs restart)
  787. g_pop_secure_port - POP3 SSL secure port to listen on, default is 995
  788. g_pop_warning - Send manager warning if this many sessions (pop or imap) reached (max 1 per hour)
  789. g_popfetch - Fetch incoming mail from another pop server
  790. g_popfetch_interval - Interval between popfetch attempts in seconds
  791. g_popfetch_kick - If true then popfetch will try and open the link for 10 seconds, then retry, this should bring up ISDN lines.
  792. g_popfetch_nodup - Drop duplicate messages
  793. g_ppd_port - PopPassD port for setting passwords, default is 106
  794. g_private - Enable a private customer specific feature
  795. g_proxy - Proxy mode, best avoided for most situations
  796. g_proxy_default - Proxy mode default forward to host
  797. g_proxy_to_gateways - Proxy pop/imap connections to matching gateway settings
  798. g_proxy_usercgi - Proxy user.cgi requests to tohost (web_ref_text.txt & g_web_ref_path_extension must match on all servers)
  799. g_proxy_webmail - Redirect webmail logins to external host name
  800. g_pstat_disable - Disable pstat per user accounting (for debugging)
  801. g_queue_all - Always queue local messages before delivery
  802. g_queue_limit - If on disk queue exceeds this block incoming mail
  803. g_queue_max - Size of internal que file cache, range 500-3000
  804. g_queue_spawn - Run command on queue files before delivery ONLY if g_queue_all is true, filename is passed as parameter
  805. g_queue_warning - If on disk queue exceeds this send manager a warning
  806. g_quota - Disk quota for users in specified g_access_group
  807. g_quota_550 - Give 550 quota response instead of 552
  808. g_quota_at - Default is 80%
  809. g_quota_before_forward - Do quota check before forwarding.
  810. g_quota_default - Default quota
  811. g_quota_disable - Disable quota system
  812. g_quota_friends - Count friends pending messages as part of quota
  813. g_quota_from - Return address for quota warning messages
  814. g_quota_noemail - Disables all quota messages to the user
  815. g_quota_notrash - Remove Trash folder from quota calculation
  816. g_quota_rcpt_disable - Disables quota check at rcpt stage
  817. g_quota_report - Send quota warnings to the manager
  818. g_quota_skip - Skip quota for matching ip addresses
  819. g_quota_try_later - Give 450 response if user is over quota so message will be resent
  820. g_quota_warning_disable - Disables the 80% quota warning message
  821. g_rcpt_bang - Allow bang character in addresses
  822. g_rcpt_colon - Allow colon character in addresses
  823. g_rcpt_max - Max recipients per message, default 1000, can only be lower than 3000.
  824. g_rcpt_max_in - Limit for recipients of untrusted channels, default g_rcpt_max
  825. g_rcpt_msg - Response given for invalid recipient errors, message is prefixed by email address.
  826. g_rcpt_nodup - Ignore duplicate recipients to the same user
  827. g_rcpt_ok - Whitelist for invalid rcpt addresses we will permit
  828. g_rcpt_quote - Allow quote character(s) in addresses
  829. g_rcpt_trace - Add X-Rcpt-Trace headers
  830. g_rdns_timeout - Timeout for reverse DNS lookups default is 30 seconds
  831. g_received_name - Name shown in received headers
  832. g_received_names - List of valid received names for incoming email
  833. g_received_skip - Skip local received header for trusted users (authenticated or g_relay...)
  834. g_received_skip_all - Skip local received header for messages that have non local recipients
  835. g_received_skip_spf - Skip spf received header for messages that have non local recipients
  836. g_recent_bypass - Bypass recent failure checking
  837. g_record_days - Days to keep msg*.rec record of incoming messages, default 90
  838. g_record_hash - Hash storage of daily .rec files
  839. g_record_login - Log successful logins to msg*rec files
  840. g_record_path - Directory for daily .rec files defaults to G_HOME
  841. g_recover_noquestions - Remove question based password recovery system
  842. g_recover_reminder - Send users reminder email monthly until they set a recovery email address
  843. g_recycling - Keep deleted messages so users can undelete email
  844. g_recycling_del - Allow usergroup to delete messages from the recycle folder
  845. g_recycling_imap - Make visible to IMAP users, default is now ONLY surgeweb users
  846. g_recycling_life - Days to keep imap deleted messages, default 30
  847. g_recycling_pop - Do recycling for POP deletes too
  848. g_recycling_visible - Only allow members of this group to see recycling folder
  849. g_redirect - Redirect messages from 'was' to the new 'to' address
  850. g_redirect_cc - Send carbon copy to another address
  851. g_redirect_cc_attach - Redirect message as attachment if rule applies
  852. g_redirect_from - Redirect if from envelope matches
  853. g_redirect_from_cc - Send carbon copy if from envelope matches
  854. g_redirect_hide - Hide the redirection in the output
  855. g_redirect_iflocal - If local domain, then apply redirect
  856. g_redirect_ignore_errors - Accept email even if redirected addresses fail
  857. g_redirect_newmid - Generate new MID on redirection
  858. g_redirect_noautocreate_rules - Don't create redirection rules for domains automatically
  859. g_redirect_ses - If message is not local then apply redirect
  860. g_relay_allow_from - Allow relaying from users if the from envelope and from header match this NEVER USE, SPAMMERS ABUSE THIS
  861. g_relay_allow_ip - Allow relaying from users at this ip address
  862. g_relay_dom_and_ip - Allow relaying if from envelope and ip address both match
  863. g_relay_ifnot - Accept locally only if not from this ip
  864. g_relay_message - Message to give to users who try to relay through your system
  865. g_relay_nolocal - Do not automatically relay for
  866. g_relay_process - Relay process, e.g. testip.exe $WHOIP, return 1 to allow relaying, 0=deny
  867. g_relay_to - Relay to this domain from anyone
  868. g_relay_to_user - Relay to specific user from anyone
  869. g_relay_window - Minutes to allow relay after pop/imap login NOT RECOMMENDED
  870. g_relay_window_from - Requires pop authed user is in from header of sent message
  871. g_rename_content - Wild card list of mime types to rename, e.g. application*zip*
  872. g_rename_files - Wild card list of files to rename, e.g. *.exe,*.cmd (see help for defaults) g_virus_rename setting required
  873. g_report_host - Report facts to a central host
  874. g_report_notspam - Send not spam samples to automatically (unwise)
  875. g_report_spam - Send spam samples to when msg trained
  876. g_responder_delay - Delay between responses to the same address.
  877. g_responder_friends - Only respond if from known friends
  878. g_responder_from - Send 'from' destination user. Usually unwise!
  879. g_responder_noreply - Send 'from' noreply@ destination domain, improves delivery
  880. g_responder_safer - Only respond if the sender can be verified in some way (spf/domainkeys)
  881. g_responder_score - Do not respond if spam score is above this
  882. g_responder_sender - Responder whitelist for email from address
  883. g_responder_skip - Skip responder if from matches
  884. g_responder_source - Responder whitelist for from ip name or number
  885. g_responder_to - Responder whitelist for destination user
  886. g_responder_utf8 - Send response in utf8 format
  887. g_restart - Restart server if it dies
  888. g_restart_kill - Allow swatch to kill surgemail if not responding - beta
  889. g_restart_malloc - Restart server if malloc exceeds this (in mb), e.g. 1000
  890. g_restart_vmsize - Restart server if vmsize exceeds this (in mb), e.g. 1000
  891. g_retry_bounces - Max hours to keep trying to deliver a bounce, default is 48hrs
  892. g_retry_dns - Hours to keep trying if dns response suggested invalid domain name, default 0
  893. g_retry_from - Time to keep messages from these domains
  894. g_retry_limit - Max hours to keep trying to deliver a message, default is 48hrs
  895. g_retry_minutes - Time between attempting resends, defaults to 60 minutes
  896. g_retry_rule - Time to keep messages to these domains
  897. g_retry_unwarn - Send user sent on confirmation if warning sent
  898. g_retry_warn - Send user a warning if first send fails
  899. g_retry_warn_n - Send user a warning if nth send fails
  900. g_route - Route messages matching from and to both must be specified, * can be used
  901. g_route_by_tohost - Route messages using server specified in 'tohost' in authent database
  902. g_route_except - IP exception to g_route / g_route_by_tohost
  903. g_route_local - Route messages for local domains if the rule applies
  904. g_route_local_ifexists - Route messages for local domains if the rule applies and the local user exists
  905. g_rules_msgtime - Use msg time rather than file time for expire rules
  906. g_sabre_version - SabreDAV version (DO NOT CHANGE, for debugging only)
  907. g_safe_alert - Email manager when user fails to login from new ip
  908. g_safe_country - White list use 2 char country code, e.g. US,NZ,AU a list is ok, use with g_safe_smtp
  909. g_safe_country_nowarning - Whitelist countries for just this setting
  910. g_safe_imap - Force users to prove they are real if logging in from pop/imap NEVER NEVER USE
  911. g_safe_message - First line of email sent to user when login blocked
  912. g_safe_smtp - Force users to prove they are real if logging in from unknown sources via smtp
  913. g_safe_smtp_email - Email manager as remote ip addresses are added
  914. g_safe_text - The first line of the warning email when a new login occurs
  915. g_safe_warning - Email user for logins from new ip addresses
  916. g_safe_white - White list for g_safe* settings
  917. g_sample_get - Sample account to check if deliveries work
  918. g_sample_show - Headers to show from sample messages
  919. g_scan_action - Converts return value from g_scan_cmd, action=drop,accept,bounce
  920. g_scan_cmd - Run command on message, and return integer, see g_scan_action
  921. g_scan_cmd_failok - Don't reject if script fails
  922. g_scan_cmd_skip - Skip for matching ip addresses
  923. g_scan_cmd_testing - Don't reject, (for testing)
  924. g_sched_utoken_timeout - Timeout for sched utokens in minutes
  925. g_send_backoff - Seconds to leave slow responding host alone (default 900)
  926. g_send_body_end_retry - Try again if connection fails after entire body sent
  927. g_send_body_noretry - If a send fails during the body send give up at once.
  928. g_send_body_once - Don't try 3 times if failure occurs sending body
  929. g_send_bug1 - Fail while sending messages
  930. g_send_conspeed - Outgoing connections per second per destination, default is 4
  931. g_send_delay - Wait this many seconds after sending each item.
  932. g_send_first_retry - Minutes for first retry, default is 16 minutes, do not adjust!
  933. g_send_helo - Fully qualified domain to use for all outgoing SMTP helo commands and MessageIDs
  934. g_send_helo_from - Use matching domain name if we have one if user is authenticated/trusted AVOID THIS!
  935. g_send_helo_in - Lookup dns name of incoming ip connection on local interface
  936. g_send_lines - Send messages in single line packets, slow!
  937. g_send_lowpriority - Ip address of bulk sending servers
  938. g_send_max - How many concurrent sending sessions in total
  939. g_send_max_perchan - Msgs to send on one open channel
  940. g_send_max_perdom - How many concurrent sessions allowed to another domain, default is 3
  941. g_send_max_rcpt - How many rcpt's to send per message when sending
  942. g_send_no_domain - Message to show when domain points to us but can't find user or domain
  943. g_send_nolimit - Don't apply g_max_perdom limit when sending to this domain
  944. g_send_nopoll - Use sleep loop instead of poll (debugging only)
  945. g_send_nosize - Don't send size with from envelope
  946. g_send_noskipslow - Don't remember hosts that are slow to open and avoid them
  947. g_send_onpopfetch - Only send outgoing while doing a popfetch (For dialup use)
  948. g_send_open_timeout - Timeout, in seconds when opening a link
  949. g_send_retry_550 - Retry on 550 responses (general failure)
  950. g_send_retry_552 - Retry on 552 responses (typically quota exceeded)
  951. g_send_rewrite - Rewrite envelope recipient at send stage, does not change destination server
  952. g_send_speed - Bytes per second to limit each outgoing channel to, default no limit, eg 10k
  953. g_send_sslheader - Add x-encrypted header when sending via ssl
  954. g_send_store_disable - Disable sendstore smtp extenstion
  955. g_send_strip - Headers to strip when sending
  956. g_send_timeout - Timeout, in seconds when sending, default is 540 (9 minutes)
  957. g_send_tolimit - Limit speed to send to one or more domains.
  958. g_sent_archive - Archive old messages to Archives/yyyy/Sent folder, age in days
  959. g_sent_nodup - Drop duplicates in Sent folder due to sent_store
  960. g_sent_store - Store all sent messages in IMAP folder if smtp authenticated
  961. g_server_name - SERVER_NAME to set for list of wildcard urls
  962. g_server_stamp - Replaces SurgeMail and version string in received headers
  963. g_setpassword_firstlogin - Accept any password on first POP login and set in database (EMERGENCY USE ONLY, requires nwauth -reasonfail parameter)
  964. g_sf_binary - Use Binary Network
  965. g_sf_disable - Smart Filter Disable
  966. g_sf_generate - Build local smart filter
  967. g_sf_ignore_users - Ignore user submissions just use automatic samples (obsolete)
  968. g_sf_limit - Limit range of self training
  969. g_sf_list - Use list mechanism for scoring
  970. g_sf_nnet - Use Neural Network (Experimental, ONLY FOR TESTING)
  971. g_sf_nosanity - Disables improved g_sf_binary with sanity checks
  972. g_sf_obey_users - Obey user submissions about non spam, usually not a good idea
  973. g_sf_rules - Use manual rules to improve scoring
  974. g_sf_saneonly - Sane score only
  975. g_sf_sanity2 - Enables improved sanity scoring
  976. g_sf_sanity_test - Experimental setting never use
  977. g_sf_test2 - Testing
  978. g_share_home - Allow sharing of home directory
  979. g_share_mail - Set true if mail area is shared (by nfs or other mechanism)
  980. g_share_quota - Do quota on disk (e.g. when using nfs shared spool)
  981. g_shutdown_slow - Add 20 second delay to shutdown for debugging
  982. g_slow_welcome - Add 30 second delay to welcome message for debugging
  983. g_smite_all - Add spamdetect and smitematch headers to all messages going past
  984. g_smite_gateway - Add spamdetect and smitematch headers to gatewayed/redirected messages
  985. g_smite_level - If smitematch score is above this drop message (just throw it away) e.g. 1
  986. g_smite_skip - Whitelist/Skip spam scanner (and spf) if from matches this wild card (Whitelist)
  987. g_smite_skip_auth - Skip spam scanner if user logged in
  988. g_smite_skip_from - Skip spam scanner if from header/env matches this wild card
  989. g_smite_skip_ip - Skip spam scanner if senders ip matches
  990. g_smite_skip_only - Skip spam scanner if to matches this wild card and no other recipients that 'don't' match...
  991. g_smite_skip_relay - Skip spam scanner if ip can relay
  992. g_smite_skip_to - Skip spam scanner if to matches this wild card
  993. g_smite_tag - Tag message with smitematch header if message is in spam database when read
  994. g_sms_forward - Specifies IP's which are allowed to forward to SMS gateways
  995. g_sms_gateway - Address and port of your sms gateway
  996. g_sms_gateway_force - Force sms notifications to go to g_sms_gateway
  997. g_sms_gateway_msgbytes - Maximum amount of message to send to g_sms_gatway (bytes)
  998. g_sms_gateway_subjbytes - Maximum length of subject in sms message
  999. g_smtp_allow_invalid - Allow messages with invalid headers
  1000. g_smtp_auth_debug - Auth Debug (do not use)
  1001. g_smtp_auth_ip - Ip Addresses to accept smtp authentication from
  1002. g_smtp_auth_off - Disable SMTP AUTH from unknown ip addresses (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  1003. g_smtp_big - Slow down incoming SMTP reads to get bigger packets (experimental)
  1004. g_smtp_bounce_nslow - Number of handles to use for doing slow rejections of smtp connections
  1005. g_smtp_cmd_timeout - Seconds to wait after getting a message for next command (sendmail bug)
  1006. g_smtp_cram_enable - Enable CRAM-MD5 authentication (requires nwauth 4.0h or greater) - Not Recommended
  1007. g_smtp_data_bug - Fail on incoming emails for debugging
  1008. g_smtp_data_timeout - Seconds for timeout for data input, default 540 (9 minutes)
  1009. g_smtp_delay - Seconds to wait before responding to rcpts, 1-20, this reduces load on bulk senders
  1010. g_smtp_delay_stamp - Stamp header if sender sends data before seeing welcome response (usually spam)
  1011. g_smtp_etrn_auth - Only do etrn processing if user is authenticated
  1012. g_smtp_fast_bounce - Reject bad connections immediately
  1013. g_smtp_fix_nohead - Accept messages with no headers and try and cope
  1014. g_smtp_help_disable - Disable help in SMTP (minor security issue)
  1015. g_smtp_log_protocol - If true log SMTP protocol to log file
  1016. g_smtp_log_size - Size of smtp.log file
  1017. g_smtp_max - Max concurrent incoming SMTP connections
  1018. g_smtp_max_nolimit - Ip addresses that don't have max smtp limit applied
  1019. g_smtp_max_reason - Reason to give to user if g_smtp_max is exceeded
  1020. g_smtp_maxbad - Max bad command per session before dropping smtp link, default no limit
  1021. g_smtp_no_brackets - Allow from/rcpt without angle brackets
  1022. g_smtp_noauth - Limit SMTP to just these addresses (not generally useful) always include
  1023. g_smtp_noauth_msg - Message given when sender is told to use authentication because of g_smtp_noauth
  1024. g_smtp_noauthm - Limit SMTP to just these addresses (not generally useful)
  1025. g_smtp_noclear - Disable smtp buffer clear after starttls command
  1026. g_smtp_plain_hide - Hide 'plain' from the ehlo response
  1027. g_smtp_port - SMTP port to listen on, default is 25 (needs restart)
  1028. g_smtp_portauth - SMTP ports which require smtp authentication, typically 587,465
  1029. g_smtp_portforce - Block logins for ports not listed in g_smtp_portauth
  1030. g_smtp_secure_port - SMTP SSL secure port to listen on, default is 465
  1031. g_smtp_thread - Use seperate thread for incoming SMTP connections
  1032. g_smtp_vrfy_allow - Allow vrfy from these addresses, not recommended
  1033. g_smtp_vrfy_msg - Change Response to VRFY, e.g. 252 Not telling
  1034. g_smtp_warning - Send manager warning if this many sessions reached (max 1 per hour)
  1035. g_smtp_welcome_delay - Seconds to delay welcome message, drop if we get data before we send welcome, recommend 1-3 seconds
  1036. g_spam_alias_any - User aliase string e.g. "++" if defined then strip suffix from emails - not advised!
  1037. g_spam_allbad - Auto blacklist from/ip/to combinations
  1038. g_spam_allow - IP Wild card exceptions to spam limits
  1039. g_spam_allow_disable - Disable allow bounce messages
  1040. g_spam_allow_known - Unblock IP address if we have received messages from it for 3 days (so it's not a transient spammer)
  1041. g_spam_allow_msg - Template for unblock messages, use ||reason|| and ||allow|| and maybe a url
  1042. g_spam_allow_rbl - Give unblock message to RBL bounces too
  1043. g_spam_allow_rdns - Trust ip name for spam checking, not recommended
  1044. g_spam_allow_recent - Skip spam rules if recent pop ip number
  1045. g_spam_aspam - Scale for aspam, default is 1.0, Valid range is zero to two
  1046. g_spam_autotrain - Auto train spam filter good messages based on first 1000 outgoing emails
  1047. g_spam_black_auto - Auto blacklist for user when isspam pressed
  1048. g_spam_black_tospam - Put blacklist matches in spam folder
  1049. g_spam_block - Block spam (as decided by spf etc), if not set then user or domain can set
  1050. g_spam_block_gateway - Block spam gatewayed messages too
  1051. g_spam_block_msg - Template for spf blocked message if allow is disabled
  1052. g_spam_body - If spamdetect score is above this, add spamdetect header at top of message body NOT RECOMMENDED e.g. 7
  1053. g_spam_body_more - Add more info to spam body (ip address, ptr address, reply to and bounce address)
  1054. g_spam_body_url - Text part of info to add to body, usually a url to your site
  1055. g_spam_bounce - If spamdetect score (number of '*'s) is above this, bounce message. Never set below 14
  1056. g_spam_bounce_all - If spamdetect score is above this, bounce message, applies to all messages regardless of user settings. e.g. 7 NEVER USE THIS
  1057. g_spam_bounce_store - If true store rejected spam in Spam_Rejected folder
  1058. g_spam_bounce_text - Error to return to user when message is bounced due to g_spam_bounce setting
  1059. g_spam_bounce_trusted - If spamdetect score is above this, bounce message if trusted (spam_allow or authenticated)
  1060. g_spam_catcher - Addresses on web pages that shouldn't get any email (robot bait)
  1061. g_spam_char - Character to use instead of '*' for smitespam headers (best left alone if possible)
  1062. g_spam_check_auth - Don't skip spam rules for authenticated users
  1063. g_spam_cmd - Command line spam checker, use $FILE$ in cmd parameters
  1064. g_spam_cmd_if - If internal spam rating is below this number, then run external filter
  1065. g_spam_cmd_reject - If external filter returns number larger than this reject
  1066. g_spam_cmd_skip - If internal spam rating is below this number, then skip external filter
  1067. g_spam_content_disable - Disable aspam_content.txt rules
  1068. g_spam_flag - Add X-SPAM-FLAG: Yes header if smite score is above this level
  1069. g_spam_folders - Train on any message dropped into the relevant folders
  1070. g_spam_folders_show - List the special folders for all users
  1071. g_spam_from_blacklist - Fetch list of bad domains to reject email from - not recommended
  1072. g_spam_from_max - Max outgoing messages per ipaddress/return path pair, 30 minutes, e.g. 5000
  1073. g_spam_grey - OBSOLETE DO NOT USE, Enable old greylisting for spf mechanism
  1074. g_spam_grey_bounce - Bounce if message was allowed due to grey listing, and spam score is above this, default 8 (was 4)
  1075. g_spam_grey_classc - Apply grey listing to x.x.x.*
  1076. g_spam_grey_dflt - Enable greylisting for spf default accept events (not recommended)
  1077. g_spam_grey_dflt_bad - Enable greylisting instead of allow in some cases (recommended for block or strict)
  1078. g_spam_grey_nofive - Skip 5-6 minute black window for these domains
  1079. g_spam_grey_nohard - Avoid hard spf bounces always try and do a grey list instead
  1080. g_spam_grey_nseen - Number of messages from an unknown host, default is 6
  1081. g_spam_grey_size - Size of grey listing table, default is 3000
  1082. g_spam_grey_verify - Skip grey listing if host was not listening
  1083. g_spam_grey_window - Window to block bad messages, typically 60 seconds
  1084. g_spam_header_trust_ip - List of IP addresses from which to trust/accept existing X-SpamDetect headers in emails
  1085. g_spam_hold_hide - Hide spam hold settings for end users and other held2pend user.cgi tweaks
  1086. g_spam_hold_keep - Number of days to store users spam hold messages - OBSOLETE see G_FRIENDS_PENDING_KEEP
  1087. g_spam_info - Info line and url to explain aspam system
  1088. g_spam_info_hide - Removes the x-spamdetect-info header line
  1089. g_spam_internal - Enable new 'internal' spam processing
  1090. g_spam_isspam_ignore - Don't block messages from ip addresses recorded as a spam source
  1091. g_spam_isspam_kind - Allow isspam from recent pop, gateway to etc
  1092. g_spam_nobounce - Remove old user held/vanish but after 5.2 will allow bounce
  1093. g_spam_nolang - Don't add header with a guess at body language
  1094. g_spam_notrain - Disable isspam and notspam addresses for user training
  1095. g_spam_notspam - Address that non authenticated users can send non spam to.
  1096. g_spam_noupdate - Disable fetch of aspam filter rules etc from netwinsite
  1097. g_spam_phishing - Download list of known phishing addresses and block outgoing email to them
  1098. g_spam_phishing_ok - Allow to these addresses even if phishing database blocks them
  1099. g_spam_phrase - Enable auto spam phrase filter
  1100. g_spam_poly - Scale for poly word matching, default is 0.1, Valid range is zero to two, Use 1.0 to enable, EXPERIMENTAL
  1101. g_spam_poly_disable - Disable poly code.
  1102. g_spam_private - Enable users to define 'private' extensions user--STUFF@domain
  1103. g_spam_probe_enable - Probe suspect urls to find spammers - can cause RBL
  1104. g_spam_probe_friends - Probe even if email is from a friend
  1105. g_spam_probe_more - Probe even if email is from a known ip address
  1106. g_spam_probe_unknown - Probe any unknown url (dangerous)
  1107. g_spam_probe_whois - Do whois lookups on web pages found in probe
  1108. g_spam_share - Use and share some spam/aspam information with central server (netwin) experimental
  1109. g_spam_status_hour - Process all spam status messages at this time (disk io intensive)
  1110. g_spam_status_monthly - Send monthly spam status even if no messages pending
  1111. g_spam_subject - If score is above this, add spam rating to subject (Spam: ****) e.g. 8
  1112. g_spam_subject_dom - Destination domains to tag subject for
  1113. g_spam_subject_gateway - If true then spam_subject setting applies to gatewayed messages too
  1114. g_spam_subject_word - The word that gets added to subject, default is 'Spam', UCE is another good one
  1115. g_spam_url - Scale for url word matching, default is 1.0, Valid range is zero to two
  1116. g_spam_user_badto - Max bad recipients from authenticated user per 30 minutes, e.g. 50
  1117. g_spam_user_max - Max messages an authenticated user can send per 30 minutes, e.g. 5000
  1118. g_spam_user_skip - Users to skip g_spam_user_max limit for
  1119. g_spam_user_warn - Alert user when they send this many messages in one day, .8 to alert at 80% of max
  1120. g_spam_user_warn_msg - Message when user approaches send limit
  1121. g_spam_userconfig - Allow users to specify specific spam features
  1122. g_spam_vanish - If spamdetect score (number of '*'s) is above this, vanish message if local delivery. NEVER USE THIS
  1123. g_spam_vanish_all - If spamdetect score is above this, vanish message, applies to all messages regardless of user settings. NEVER USE THIS
  1124. g_spamdetect_some - Only show spamdetect header for bad scores
  1125. g_spawn_log - If true the spawns are logged to lib_spawn.log
  1126. g_speech_cmd - Command to convert sound file to text (append .txt to filename)
  1127. g_speech_from - Only attempt conversion if from this email address
  1128. g_speech_size - Default 10mb, will not convert larger files
  1129. g_spf_baddns_skip - If spf dns failure then allow message through (instead of giving retry error)
  1130. g_spf_byemail - Perform allow bounce confirmation via email.
  1131. g_spf_debug_log - Enable spf.log file
  1132. g_spf_default - (strict only) Default spf record if none found default 'mx/16 a ptr:%{d2} -all'
  1133. g_spf_default_noblock - (strict only) Only stamp headers if default spf record fails when no real spf header
  1134. g_spf_dns_timeout - Seconds to wait for dns lookups for spf, best not to change
  1135. g_spf_domain - Domain for SPF rewrite and allow messages (defaults to first domain on server)
  1136. g_spf_enforce - List of wildcard/domains to enforce spf for, e.g.,*bank*
  1137. g_spf_enforce_auto - Enforce spf for commonly forged domains,*bank*
  1138. g_spf_enforce_local - If spf fails and it's a local domain then skip grey listing and bounce
  1139. g_spf_enforce_real - Enforce spf for domains with strong spf entries
  1140. g_spf_header - Use g_verify_mx_skip and apply to resulting ip
  1141. g_spf_mode - Do SPF check and then perform action, stamp | block | strict, action is conditional on [g_]spam_block settings
  1142. g_spf_noallow - Give hard bounce (no allow message) for spf failures for these domains & ignore friends
  1143. g_spf_nocache - Disable SPF cache
  1144. g_spf_nofriend - Ignore friends for spf
  1145. g_spf_nogrey - Skip SPF grey listing for these domains (require allow response)
  1146. g_spf_norewrite - Exceptions to rewrite rule, e.g. *@my.domain,bob@this.domain
  1147. g_spf_required - Require an spf entry for these domains
  1148. g_spf_rev_skip - Skip SPF checks if reverse ip name matches in this list, e.g. *
  1149. g_spf_rewrite - Rewrite 'from' envelope in redirected mail (SRS)
  1150. g_spf_rewrite_gateway - Rewrite even if gateway rule applies
  1151. g_spf_rewrite_relay - Rewrite even if from ip is a host to relay for
  1152. g_spf_share - List of hosts to share allow ips with. Must all have same srs.secret file
  1153. g_spf_skip - Skip spf checks for these ip addresses, e.g. other mx hosts
  1154. g_spf_skip_from - Skip based on from, e.g. noreply@*,..., Also skips RBL
  1155. g_spf_skip_to - Skip based on rcpt to, also skips RBL rules,...
  1156. g_spf_timeout - Seconds to wait for all spf lookups to finish, default 48 seconds
  1157. g_spf_user_domain - Make allow bounces use destination user domain name
  1158. g_spf_very_strict - (strict only) Only give 'allow' option for default spf rule failures not real ones
  1159. g_spf_web_url - Specify full url for spf byweb commands
  1160. g_spflog_domains - Specify which domains should get spflog entries sent to them.
  1161. g_spflog_enable - Enable this if this server is a frontend for a SurgeMail server users log into.
  1162. g_spool_path - Scan this directory for *.msg files to send as emails
  1163. g_ssl_allow - IP Wild card list to allow SSL encryption from
  1164. g_ssl_allow_fix - Disable incoming ssl on ssl failure from an ip
  1165. g_ssl_allow_imap - IP Wild card list to allow SSL encryption from for imap
  1166. g_ssl_auto - Generate letsencrpt ssl certificates automatically for all domains
  1167. g_ssl_ciphers - List permitted ciphers
  1168. g_ssl_ciphers_add - More permitted ciphers (added to g_ssl_ciphers)
  1169. g_ssl_ciphers_web - List permitted ciphers for web
  1170. g_ssl_disable - Disable protocols tlsv1,tlsv1_1,tlsv1_2,sslv2,sslv3
  1171. g_ssl_disable_des - Disable DES ciphers, breaks outlook on XP
  1172. g_ssl_disable_port25 - Prevent ssl on port 25
  1173. g_ssl_disable_renegotiation - Disable SSL renegotiation.
  1174. g_ssl_disable_sslv2 - Obsolte, Disable ssl 2.0 support for enhanced security
  1175. g_ssl_disable_sslv3 - Obsolte, Disable ssl 3.0 support for enhanced security
  1176. g_ssl_disable_tlsv1 - Obsolte, Disable tls 1.0, not recommended
  1177. g_ssl_disable_tlsv1_1 - Obsolte, Disable tls 1.1 support, not recommended
  1178. g_ssl_disable_tlsv1_2 - Obsolte, Disable tls 1.2 support, not recommended
  1179. g_ssl_disable_web - Disable protocols for web only
  1180. g_ssl_dmalloc - Enable dmalloc tracking in ssl
  1181. g_ssl_fips - Enable FIPS mode crash if not available (DO NOT USE)
  1182. g_ssl_guess_domain - Guess domain using SSL hostname to allow login without
  1183. g_ssl_honor - Honor server cipher order
  1184. g_ssl_lets_exclude - Domains urls to not update, user must copy from ssl to lets folder
  1185. g_ssl_lets_path - Path to webservers /.well-known folder for letsencrypt
  1186. g_ssl_lets_slave - Run letsencrypt on SLAVE too
  1187. g_ssl_per_domain - Create/use an SSL certificate for each domain
  1188. g_ssl_perfect - Apply good SSL settings, best to remove g_ssl_ciphers setting too
  1189. g_ssl_require - IP Wild card list to require SSL encryption from
  1190. g_ssl_require_imap - IP Wild card list to require SSL encryption from for IMAP
  1191. g_ssl_require_in - Local domains that must only receive SSL messages
  1192. g_ssl_require_login - IP Wild card list to require SSL encryption for POP/IMAP/SMTP
  1193. g_ssl_require_out - Remote ip, remote domain for which we must send using SSL
  1194. g_ssl_require_smtp - If IP matches then require SSL for incoming SMTP message
  1195. g_ssl_require_web - Require https for most web features (excluding blogs file sharing and surgeplus)
  1196. g_ssl_retry_seconds - Second to try and establish ssl connection, default is 5
  1197. g_ssl_sha1_sign - Obsolete, sha256 is now always used
  1198. g_ssl_test_fail - Break ssl to test auto downgrade
  1199. g_ssl_try_from - Try and start ssl mode if from this user, e.g. *
  1200. g_ssl_try_not - Skip ssl for these hosts
  1201. g_ssl_try_out - Try and start ssl mode to these hosts
  1202. g_ssl_warn - Send users weekly reminder if they keep using non SSL logins
  1203. g_ssl_warn_ignore - Don't give warnings if user is from this trusted host
  1204. g_ssl_warn_text - Last line of email warning sent to user if SSL not used
  1205. g_sstat_disable - Disable netwin statistics gathering.
  1206. g_stack - For testing only, NEVER SET THIS
  1207. g_stack_imap - For testing only, NEVER SET THIS
  1208. g_startup_delay - Seconds to wait before starting surgemail
  1209. g_status_login - Require login for spam status actions
  1210. g_status_url - Specify default global url for status messages
  1211. g_status_view_html - Obsolete setting
  1212. g_store_dropped - Store upto 5000 bad bounces in the dropped directory
  1213. g_subject_blank - Subject header if one is missing
  1214. g_surbl - SURBL Spam URI Realtime Blocklists
  1215. g_surbl_from - Also check the return path
  1216. g_surbl_reject - Reject email with SURBL hits
  1217. g_surbl_skip - URL's to allow even if listed in surbl
  1218. g_surbl_skip_ip - Skip SURBL check if sender is from listed ip
  1219. g_surbl_whois - Also check whois info on suspect urls - not for busy servers!
  1220. g_surgeblog - Specialize SurgeMail as a Blog server
  1221. g_surgeplus_delay_tell_upgrade - Delay informing existing users about new SurgePlus versions for
  1222. g_surgeplus_delay_tell_upgrade_exempt - Users exempt from delayed new version informing
  1223. g_surgeplus_hide_client_downloads - Hide the links to download and install SurgePlus Windows client
  1224. g_surgeplus_links - Add web links to SurgePlus from other web interfaces (and vice versa) for users allowed to use SurgePlus.
  1225. g_surgeplus_log_level - SurgePlus log level. 'none', 'info', or 'debug'. Default is 'info'
  1226. g_surgeplus_online - Enable online tracking in surgeplus
  1227. g_surgeplus_pop_server_name - Default pop server to set SurgePlus client download to connect to.
  1228. g_surgeplus_port - SurgePlus port to listen on, default is 7110
  1229. g_surgeplus_secure_port - SurgePlus SSL secure port, default is 7995
  1230. g_surgeplus_smtp_server_name - Default smtp server to set SurgePlus client download to connect to.
  1231. g_surgeplus_web_port - SurgePlus web port to listen. Default is to use HTTP webmail port
  1232. g_surgeplus_web_url - Direct SurgePlus users to access shared files at this url
  1233. g_surgewall_ignore_error - Deliver even if some rule sais bounce
  1234. g_surgewall_redirect - Allow redirect/responder for surgewall
  1235. g_surgewall_split - Split up surgewall messages, one per recipient
  1236. g_surgeweb_backend_server - Backend machine to connect to
  1237. g_surgeweb_backend_web - Backend machine to connect to
  1238. g_surgeweb_benchmark - Log web request timing info for surgeweb benchmarking - matches ip addresses
  1239. g_surgeweb_cache_less - Reduce surgeweb caching
  1240. g_surgeweb_debug - Log surgeweb debug info - matches ip addresses or email addresses - avoid
  1241. g_surgeweb_disable - Disable access to SurgeWeb
  1242. g_surgeweb_forgot_show - Show forgot password link on surgeweb login page
  1243. g_surgeweb_ics - Surgeweb email/calendaring integration (ie ics file processing and sending)
  1244. g_surgeweb_idle_timeout - Idle timeout for surgeweb sessions (hours, default=48)
  1245. g_surgeweb_logall - For requests matching g_surgeweb_debug also leave all webio & temp files - avoid
  1246. g_surgeweb_path - Change surgeweb path
  1247. g_surgeweb_process - Run surgeweb in it's own process (beta)
  1248. g_surgeweb_remember_timeout - "Remember" timeout / max session length for surgeweb sessions (days, default=14)
  1249. g_surgeweb_restrict - Restrict surgeweb use to these accounts only
  1250. g_surgeweb_testing - NEVER USE
  1251. g_surgeweb_testrig - Disable session cache for testrig
  1252. g_surgeweb_work - Path to Surgeweb cache/work files
  1253. g_tarpit_badrcpt - Delay rejection of bad recipients (in seconds, default 4s)
  1254. g_tarpit_blackhole - Reject the email one recipient at a time
  1255. g_tarpit_drop - Drop link and ban for 1 hour if tarpit limits exceeded
  1256. g_tarpit_hacker - Slow DOS attacks in some situations
  1257. g_tarpit_max - Number of local recipients before slowing down per 30 minutes
  1258. g_tarpit_max_remote - Number of remote recipients before slowing down
  1259. g_tarpit_retry - Send retry error, 450 if tarpit limits exceeded
  1260. g_tarpit_skip - Skip tarpit limit for these destination users or domains, e.g. *
  1261. g_tarpit_skip_from - Skip tarpit limit for messages from these users e.g. *
  1262. g_tcp_bf_size - Set tcpip snd/rcv buffer sizes, best left blank
  1263. g_tcp_proxy_ip - Enable TCP proxy protocol for specific address
  1264. g_tcp_que_len - Length of listen queue for incoming connections
  1265. g_tcp_read_timeout - Timeout in 'seconds' on pop connections, do not adjust. (default 600)
  1266. g_tellmail_ip - Addresses to allow tellmail commands from (should never be *)
  1267. g_thread_max - Max threads allowed on this system (best not changed)
  1268. g_thread_pool - Keep all threads in a common pool
  1269. g_thread_reuse2 - Reuse threads - fixes unix bug - not implemented
  1270. g_thread_smooth - Throttle thread creation as max hit to reduce peaks
  1271. g_thread_spinlock - Spin more before sleeping when waiting for mutex
  1272. g_timeout_try_later - If timeout while waiting for message to arrive tell other end to retry
  1273. g_timezone - Places in timezone part of date string, e.g. +1200 NZT. Please leave blank!
  1274. g_timezone_force - Hours offset to local time, e.g. 5 (best left blank)
  1275. g_to_valid - Require an @ and dotted domain in all dest addresses
  1276. g_tohost_local - Authentication database tohost name entry to deliver locally (see g_proxy and g_route_by_tohost)
  1277. g_token_httponly - Use httponly flag, stop scripts using token, may break attachments
  1278. g_token_secure - Use secure flag for surgeweb, stops http access to token, so requires https to work
  1279. g_toscan_path - Path used for mime parts for virus scanner
  1280. g_train_store - Number of messages to store in each spam training directory (1000-5000)
  1281. g_uidl_big - Use random uidl if uidl not found
  1282. g_unique_name - A unique name for this server
  1283. g_url_alias - Allows translation from one url to another
  1284. g_url_enable - Enable widearea URL spam database
  1285. g_url_host_noscan - Disable the scan for url_host settings matching the domain in an incoming web request
  1286. g_url_master - Set if this is the central URL server (for netwin use only)
  1287. g_url_master_to - Central URL server email address (leave blank)
  1288. g_url_redirect - Sends http 301 redirect to tell browser resource has moved
  1289. g_user_access - User.cgi features granted to access groups
  1290. g_user_access_default - Default user.cgi features granted to users
  1291. g_user_access_from - When sending use from for useraccess rules
  1292. g_user_access_webonly - Means user_access rules only stop web interface not actual spam checking etc
  1293. g_user_alias - Number of aliases accounts can create
  1294. g_user_alias_file - User aliases configuration file
  1295. g_user_block_time - Block chrisp from pop access for this time period
  1296. g_user_blogs - Number of blogs accounts can create
  1297. g_user_cookies - Enable browser cookies for user self management
  1298. g_user_delete - Let users delete themselves
  1299. g_user_disable - Filename listing users to disable
  1300. g_user_domainlist - Who to show domain dropdown list to on user.cgi login page and 'user' pages
  1301. g_user_filter_early - Process user exceptions/accept filters before tagging message as spam
  1302. g_user_friends_domain_log_disable - Disable domain level friend.log file
  1303. g_user_friends_log_disable - Disable user level friend.log file
  1304. g_user_hide_security - Hide user level security.log access
  1305. g_user_list_quota - Number of mailing lists users can create
  1306. g_user_mail_view - Whether an admin/manager can view/display users inbox mail
  1307. g_user_mfilter - Mfilter to run for individual user delivery, some features not supported
  1308. g_user_pipe - Pipe run on file just before delivery to user, $USER$ available on command line
  1309. g_user_receive_rule - Define valid source addresses for users in a group
  1310. g_user_report - Daily,Weekly,Monthly, emailed to managers of each domain
  1311. g_user_send_all - Apply all g_user_send_rules that match
  1312. g_user_send_ip - Block any ip that sends more than this many emails per day
  1313. g_user_send_max - Maximum number of emails per day (requires SMTP AUTH)
  1314. g_user_send_rule - Define valid recipient addresses for users in a group (requires SMTP AUTH)
  1315. g_user_send_warning - Warn manager if any user sends more than this many messages per day, e.g. 5000
  1316. g_user_send_white - No limit for these ip addresses/users
  1317. g_user_sms_quota - Number of sms messages accounts can send
  1318. g_user_status_from - Send status with return address of the user
  1319. g_user_status_fromhdr - Send status with return address of this
  1320. g_user_status_send - Number of days after which to send user status messages (0 = never)
  1321. g_user_utoken_days - Number of days a user self management login token is valid for
  1322. g_user_utoken_expire - Length of time a user self management login token is valid for
  1323. g_user_utoken_idle - Length of time a user self management login token may remain idle for
  1324. g_user_virus_scan - Allow virus scans for specific users instead of all users
  1325. g_utf8_case_insensitive - Use case insensitive compare for surgeweb and imap searches
  1326. g_vanish_any_bounce - Vanish all bounces, requires g_vanish_bad_bounces
  1327. g_vanish_bad_bounces - Vanish suspected spam bounces (requires g_received_name)
  1328. g_vanish_relay - Vanish bad bounces before relaying email too
  1329. g_vanish_virus_bounces - Vanish suspected virus bounces (requires g_received_name)
  1330. g_verify_helo - Verify helo name translates to same network as sending system
  1331. g_verify_image_hard - Use extra difficult human verification image (used in blogs)
  1332. g_verify_mx - Verify MX records contain senders IP address (see g_verify_mx_skip)
  1333. g_verify_mx_skip - Use to define incoming mail gateway ips so the mx verify doesn't fail on them
  1334. g_verify_smtp2 - Verify we can talk back to the SMTP port on incoming ip address
  1335. g_verify_timeout - Seconds to wait for SMTP response, default is 10 seconds
  1336. g_vipre_enable - Enable vipre scanner on windows
  1337. g_virus_allow_unmonitorable - Allow unmonitorable content (avast antivirus)
  1338. g_virus_avast_attachments - Only scan messages with suspect attachments (windows only currently)
  1339. g_virus_avast_hour - Hour of day to update avast definitions, e.g. 9 = 9a.m.
  1340. g_virus_avast_old - Enable AVAST virus scanner integration, OBSOLETE, DO NOT USE
  1341. g_virus_cloud - Use cloud scanner, not recommended
  1342. g_virus_cloud_wild - File types to cloud scan *.exe,*.com
  1343. g_virus_cmd - Virus checker for mime parts, use $FILE$ in cmd
  1344. g_virus_cmd_body - Scan raw msg file too
  1345. g_virus_cmd_codes - List of return codes to bounce message, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5
  1346. g_virus_cmd_drop - Drop silently instead of reject at data stage - not recommended
  1347. g_virus_cmd_email - Set if scanner can understand email message files
  1348. g_virus_cmd_log - Log stdout of virus command line scanner to vcmd.log
  1349. g_virus_cmd_max - Max concurrent threads that should run this command, if exceeded messages are not checked
  1350. g_virus_cmd_nodel - Disables cleanup of scanned files, so you can test manually
  1351. g_virus_cmd_size - Max size of messages to scan
  1352. g_virus_cmd_sleep - Milli seconds to wait after g_virus_cmd incase delete is not immediate, e.g 500 = half a second
  1353. g_virus_cmd_test - Continue after virus found to compare scanners
  1354. g_virus_debug3 - Testing virus scanners do not use
  1355. g_virus_disable_local - Disable scanning for local trusted users
  1356. g_virus_disable_remote - Disable virus scans for non-local addresses
  1357. g_virus_filter - Virus checker which works like an authent module (talk to on stdin/stdout) - vpipe
  1358. g_virus_filter_require - If any g_virus_filter pipe fails bounce messages rather than allow to continue
  1359. g_virus_fprot - Port for FProt mail scanner (usually 11200)
  1360. g_virus_late - Run virus scan after most spam filter processing
  1361. g_virus_localhost - Don't skip virus checks for originating emails
  1362. g_virus_recent_skip - Skip virus recent cache which attempts to speed up virus scanners
  1363. g_virus_rename - Rename executables by changing '.' to '_' prevents many auto run viruses
  1364. g_virus_rename_skip - Skip rename for these from/to addresses
  1365. g_virus_rename_skipauth - Skip rename if user sending is authenticated local user
  1366. g_virus_report - Report detected viruses to someone
  1367. g_virus_report_all - Report every virus using g_virus_report
  1368. g_virus_report_user - Report virus to recipients
  1369. g_virus_restart - Restart vpipe virus scanners every this many items
  1370. g_virus_scanner_list - List of files to be virus scanned *.exe,*.bat,etc...
  1371. g_virus_simple - Enable internal simple virus scanner
  1372. g_virus_simple_list - List of dangerous file extensions, *.exe,*.bat,etc...
  1373. g_virus_simple_skip - Skip simple check for from/to addresses
  1374. g_virus_simple_skipauth - Skip simple virus if user sending is authenticated local user
  1375. g_virus_simple_test - Compare with avast results
  1376. g_virus_simple_zip - Check zip files for executables and block
  1377. g_virus_strangers - Use simple attachment filter for non friends, turn off g_virus_simple
  1378. g_vpipe_concurrent - Concurrent requests to vpipe process, default is 7, set to 1 to debug vpipe issues
  1379. g_vpipe_fail_crash - If virus scanner fails, crash surgemail (for debugging)
  1380. g_vpipe_notag - Disable headers showing vpipe results in messages
  1381. g_vpipe_skip - Skip scanner for this IP address (e.g. trusted mailing lists)
  1382. g_vpipe_timeout - Timeout if scanner takes this long to respond default 60 seconds
  1383. g_warning_to - Addresses to treat as local and send warning bounces to
  1384. g_web_access_grp - Restrict user groups to specific ports
  1385. g_web_access_ip - Restrict access to web ports based on ip
  1386. g_web_access_max - Maximum number of concurrent web logins for group
  1387. g_web_add - Add http headers
  1388. g_web_admin_max - Maximum number of concurrent web admin sessions
  1389. g_web_api_ip - Allow access to web based API for msg access
  1390. g_web_appsname - Apps url name on unified web interface
  1391. g_web_appsroot - Apply apps interface at web root ie /
  1392. g_web_charset - Charset for html pages
  1393. g_web_force_doctype_first_disable - Disable webserver behaviour to force doctype definitions to be displayed first.
  1394. g_web_forwarded_test - Fake the forwarded-for header
  1395. g_web_forwarded_uselast - Use last address in multiple item forwarded-for header
  1396. g_web_hide_source_names - Hide the name of the source template page in output web pages.
  1397. g_web_max - Max concurrent web connections, default is 100
  1398. g_web_max_perip - Max concurrent web connections per-ip, default is 60
  1399. g_web_noserver - Disable Server header in http responses
  1400. g_web_old_behaviour - Revert to old style webserver behaviour
  1401. g_web_php_exe - Path to php.exe
  1402. g_web_policy_disable - Disable obscure web policy security headers
  1403. g_web_ref_path_extension - Path extension to add to web page image/css references.
  1404. g_web_timeout - Timeout for web requests
  1405. g_web_title - Title to use on specified web page
  1406. g_web_trust_ip - Trust ip address from rev proxy web server X-Forwarded-For
  1407. g_web_url_path - Url to path translation with access specifier
  1408. g_web_utf8 - Make sure all user.cgi handling is done in UTF8
  1409. g_webdav_enable - Enable webdav access for users (do not use)
  1410. g_webdav_group - Only allow webdav if member of webdav access group
  1411. g_webdav_path - Root path for webdav storage
  1412. g_webdav_public - Enable non authenticated access to pub folder (readonly)
  1413. g_webmail_limit - Maximum number of concurrent webmail requests
  1414. g_webmail_popmode - Use POP3 instead of IMAP in WebMail.
  1415. g_webmail_port - HTTP Webmail port to listen on, default is 7080
  1416. g_webmail_save - Write surgehost.ini and other obsolete webmail config info
  1417. g_webmail_secret - Secret string used by webmail when sending the ip address of connecting users
  1418. g_webmail_secure_port - HTTPS secure WebMail port, default is https 7443
  1419. g_webmail_select_domain - Send select_domain instead of host in webmail autologins
  1420. g_webmail_timeout - Timeout for webmail or any cgi process (in seconds, default 360)
  1421. g_webmail_url - Url to the WebMail cgi
  1422. g_webmail_urladd - Url data to append to WebMail auto-login link
  1423. g_webmail_useip - Use the ip address in g_webmail_port setting
  1424. g_webmail_workarea - Path to WebMail workarea
  1425. g_winmail_fix - Replace winmail.dat with normal attachments, requires tnef installed first
  1426. g_work - Workarea for temp files
  1427. g_xauthuser_hide - Hide X-Authenticated-User header in processed mail
  1428. g_xfile_allow - Allow xfile & web upload features for users. Set to '*'
  1429. g_xrcpt_hide - Hide X-Rcpt-To header in locally delivered mail (not recommended)
  1430. g_xrcptoriginal_hide - Hide X-Rcpt-Original header in locally delivered mail
  1431. g_xserver_hide - Hide X-Server header in processed mail

WebMail settings

  1. see separate manual - further documentation to be completed